Say Hello to Android O and Unveil the Updates

Published July 22, 2017

Say Hello to Android O and Unveil the Updates

You speculated it right! O will be Oreo, and it is.

The latest version of Android is officially here aka Android Oreo. Google has so far kept it a tradition to spread the joy (updates) using sweet treats and without breaking the institution for the name of its major Android releases, it launches the yet another sugary dessert ‘O’.

But this sweet confit missed out to grace the custom of getting borne on the grounds of Mountain View, California, headquarters, where a giant lollipop, ice cream sandwich and jelly beans were revealed. This is the first time Google has revealed the Android statue somewhere else.

Courtesy: techcrunch

What comes familiar with Oreo is a sweet cookie which comes in binge eating zone for every age group and we can’t deny it’s instantly recognizable.

But hold on this sandwiched dessert will not roll out over-the-air or in your 6 inches phone this soon says the company; but it confirms that builds for Pixel and Nexus 5X / 6P have entered carrier testing.

What New This Delectable Dessert Packs? Check The Updates:

1. Picture In Picture (PIP) Mode

The new update comes with a Picture-in-Picture feature that allows the user to see two apps simultaneously.

2. Faster Boot Times

The Oreo boasts of a two times faster boot speed, autofill option, and a longer battery life.

3. Contextual Press-to-Hold Options

No more juggling to copy an address and pasting it into Google Maps says Android O. The OS has got smarter enough by using machine learning which helps it to recognize which app is best for the string of characters you’re working with.

4. Notification Dots

Unlike iOS, Android O doesn’t screams to tell you how many alerts are pending but does a smart job through notification dots which when pressed pops out the notification at a glance without having to open the app.

5. New Emoji

Bottom up for rounded shaped emojis, Google has finally replaced the gumdrops emoji style. Have you looked into the starstruck? Charming enough! Well, fairy, mermaid, giraffe, wizard are more to be graced.

6. Restricted Background Activities

Android O comes with a handful of hours for your phone that means it de-prioritizes app functions running in the background which in turn saves your battery life and of course, lasts longer than it currently does on Android Nougat.

Furthermore, Android O also brings high-resolution audio support, alongside the new native Audio API. New connectivity features like Wi-Fi Aware are also being added, along with improved keyboard navigation, and enhanced WebView.

Android O now supports several new Java Language APIs, including the new java.time API. The Android Runtime is said to be much faster than before, with improvements of up to 2x on some application benchmarks.

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