5G and Telemedicine: How will it shape healthcare? Unboxing the Challenges and Scope

  • Published on : September 26, 2019

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5G and Telemedicine: How will it shape healthcare?

The potential of 5G in healthcare, telemedicine and remote patient monitoring has been doing rounds of late as we draw closer to its launch dates.

We are optimistic about taking the future of remote monitoring and telemedicine with 5G. Excited with the same tempo 5G and Telemedicine and its impact on healthcare will be the key technology topic to be discussed in the 39th GITEX Technology Week, Dubai’s largest consumer computer and electronics trade show, exhibition, and conference.

The GITEX Technology Week, one of the biggest tech expos held in Dubai will be kicking off at Dubai World Trade Center for a five-day run bringing together nearly 4,800 global exhibitors from 97+ countries. At this year’s event, various keynote speakers would shed light on 5G and telemedicine and share their vision on the upcoming challenges and scope in the healthcare industry.

Codiant, leading healthcare, and telemedicine app development will also be the part of this coveted tech week and will exhibit its robust and customizable healthcare solutions. Companies visiting GITEX can meet us at Za’abeel Hall 6 stand R25 and R29. Before we begin our countdown for this discussion at Dubai, here we present to you ways 5G will transform healthcare:

  • According to a study by Market Research Future, the telemedicine market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.5% from 2017 to 2023. The reason for this hike stands out for an increase in demand for healthcare services in rural areas and a rise in government initiatives. Telemedicine demands a strong network that can support real-time high-quality video. With 5G, healthcare systems could unlock the full capabilities of the network like the combination of speed, responsiveness, and reach which can allow doctors, patients, and other staff members to collaborate and provide treatment more efficiently.
  • By the use of IoT devices, healthcare professionals can provide reliable and real-time Remote Patient Monitoring by gathering health information quickly that can be used to improve personalized care.
  • Several healthcare settings and clinicians are nowadays using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions to predict potential diagnoses and post-operative complications. AI technology requires lots of space to accommodate large amounts of data. 5G networks’ increased bandwidth i.e. faster speed and more space enables healthcare organizations to be more versatile and efficiently use AI tools.
  • It’s a well-known fact that Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) are hailed as a real conduits for surgery assistance, emergency navigation and Doctor consultation. By 5G enabled AR and VR, Doctors get the superpower to simplify complex medical conditions thereby, reducing the pain of patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Codiant is the frontrunner in developing safer, smarter and secure telemedicine app development and healthcare mobility solutions that optimize clinical workflows, reduce operating costs and advance the quality of care.

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