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Transform your IT operations with DevOps Consulting! Our DevOps approach fosters collaboration, leading to quick IT delivery.

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Our DevOps Consulting Offerings

We offer DevOps consulting services to transform development pipeline, accelerate reliable software delivery and achieve operational goals.

DevOps Implementation Consulting

Automate your app lifecycle (development, testing, deployment) for seamless efficiency. We’ll implement infrastructure as code, containerization, CI/CD pipelines, automated testing, and monitoring to streamline development and accelerate delivery.

Managed DevOps Services & Outsourcing

Streamline your operations and accelerate innovation with our managed DevOps services. Our expert teams handle everything, from 24/7 monitoring and IaC/CI/CD pipelines to containerization, cloud infrastructure management (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc.).

DevOps Project Recovery Consulting

Is your DevOps project stalling? Our recovery experts will diagnose and fix collaboration issues, bridge tool/methodology gaps, and solve technical hurdles. We’ll optimize your CI/CD pipelines, refine automated testing, and get your project running smoothly again.

DevSecOps Consulting

Secure your apps with DevSecOps consulting! Our DevOps consulting team integrate robust security throughout your development pipeline for faster, safer deployments. Reduce vulnerabilities and ensure ongoing application health – all without sacrificing development speed.

Cloud DevOps Consulting

Leverage the power of the cloud with our Cloud DevOps Consulting! With Codiant, you can seamlessly integrate cloud infrastructure with your DevOps practices. We’ll help you leverage automation, containerization, and CI/CD pipelines for rapid deployments in the cloud.

DevOps Tech Consulting

Our consulting tackles both technology and talent. We’ll help you choose and configure the perfect DevOps tools to streamline your workflow. Plus, we’ll upskill your team in these powerful technologies, ensuring they’re equipped to maximize their efficiency and deliver exceptional results.

We Offer Strategic DevOps Consulting

We offer future-ready DevOps consulting services to help you streamline simple and complex business operations for better outcomes.

Deep Technical Expertise

Our DevOps experts help businesses to gain stability & rapid development by using cutting-edge tools & best practices.


Automation Proficiency

Our DevOps expert consulting professionals influence automation. It helps them to streamline workflows, reduce errors, and improve efficiency throughout the software delivery lifecycle.


Tool Optimization

We assess your existing tools and recommend, implement, and integrate best-in-class solutions for a seamless DevOps experience.


Our DevOps Consulting Team Expertise

We deliver end-to-end DevOps consultation. Our team follows standard DevOps consulting process to help you enhance your skillsets as per latest tech advancements.

Our DevOps experts work with your current tools and technologies and suggest superior functionality solutions to optimize your DevOps operations.

We establish a culture of continuous feedback and improvement. We leverage metrics and data to enhance your DevOps practices with time.

We integrate monitoring and observability tools to render real-time insights into app performance, infrastructure health, and possible issues.

Our DevOps strategy consulting focuses on concrete results that align with your business goals. It includes better software quality, faster time-to-market, and reduced operational costs.

We become a long-term DevOps consulting firm for your business. We give ongoing support and guidance to make your DevOps transformation successful.

Why Codiant for DevOps Consulting?

Codiant is one of your reliable DevOps consulting companies, empowering collaboration and efficiency in the entire DevOps cycle.

Faster Delivery & Updates

Streamline operational workflows for quicker software releases.

Automated Scalability

Gain on-demand resource management and cloud benefits.

Faster Development

Improve efficiency and speed up complex project adoption.

Enhanced Data Security

Secure your infrastructure with central monitoring and alerting options.

Our DevOps Consulting Stages

We put flexibility and full automation at the core of our DevOps approach. Our DevOps Consulting experts streamline development and operations to optimize performance.

  • Project Discovery

    Before development begins, our DevOps consultants accurately plan each new project, tailoring it to your specific needs.

  • Strategic Planning

    Our team drafts a consulting services plan. We identify your specific needs, assign specialized staff, and assess risks with solutions.

  • Roadmap Creation

    We create a roadmap to enhance IT operations. We include automation, script development, and infrastructure planning.

  • Process Execution

    We conduct quality checks on our DevOps consulting services, implementing selected technologies and strategies from the roadmap.

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Our DevOps consultants ensure the project’s success by meticulously selecting the optimal tools and technologies for businesses.


  • Bitbucket Bitbucket
  • Git Git
  • Github Github
  • Jenkins Jenkins
  • Chef Chef
  • Ansible Ansible
  • Puppet Puppet
  • Terraform Terraform


  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • SQL Server SQL Server
  • Postgre SQL Postgre SQL
  • Cassandra Cassandra


  • Kubernetes Kubernetes
  • Docker Docker
  • Amazon ECS Amazon ECS

Cloud Platform

  • Azure Azure
  • Google Cloud Google Cloud

Web Server

  • Apache Apache
  • Nginx Nginx
  • Tomcat Tomcat


  • Apache JMeter Apache JMeter
  • Selenium Selenium
  • Cucumber Cucumber
  • QASymphony QASymphony
  • ReSharper ReSharper
  • Coverity Coverity


  • Datadog Datadog
  • CloudTrail CloudTrail
  • Stack driver Stack driver
  • Azure Monitor Azure Monitor

Frequently Asked Questions

DevOps consulting streamlines software development and operations. It helps boost collaboration, automation, and efficiency. It’s crucial for businesses aiming to accelerate delivery and improve product quality.

DevOps consulting tackles challenges like team silos, slow releases, manual processes, and cultural resistance. It streamlines development and operations and enables more reliable software delivery.

DevOps consulting starts with evaluating current practices, then making strategies, implementing tools, and providing ongoing support. Each step is tailored to fit the organization’s objectives.

The results from DevOps consulting appear at different times. It depends on factors like company size, process complexity, and cultural changes needed. Still, many organizations notice faster delivery, better quality, and improved efficiency within a few months of starting DevOps projects.

DevOps consulting boosts your organization in different manners. It helps cut time-to-market, improve software quality, foster collaboration, and enhance scalability and reliability. Ultimately, it drives business growth and innovation.

In DevOps consulting, you can measure success using metrics like how quickly changes are made, how often updates are deployed, how often changes cause problems, and how fast failures are fixed. We also consider customer satisfaction and business growth, like revenue and market share. These metrics show how well DevOps practices are working and help us reach business goals.