#Recap2018: World on the Cusp of Technological Revolution

  • Published on : January 10, 2019

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World On The Cusp Of Technological Revolution

As we step closer at the end of 2018, we look back into how the software industry coped in terms of Mobile app development, technology trends, the digital transformation, and predictions for the forthcoming year.

Undoubtedly, with the innovation opportunities on the horizon, 2018 took the reins of valuable and timeless technology forces at work today. We saw major advances in sectors like on-demand space, cognitive and blockchain technologies, with IoT, AI & AR witnessing major leaps in terms of adoption and capabilities.

While some domain-specific verticals like healthcare, fitness, e-commerce, social networking, and others were potentially framing themselves in the most mandatory checklist of tech-savvy humans; forward technologies like deep learning, IoT, and Blockchain were busy in orchestrating a symphonic enterprise capability that could redefine the IT business for the coming decades.

Here are the technological trends having the greatest impact on organizations, according to global developers and C-suites, as of 2018-


On the other hand, although these technologies have matched the pace somewhere between the lines due to over-reliance on modern technology, applied science loses the pitch without the binding of creativity. The innovation quotient faces a big question until the base is not conducive to creativity.

Certainly, this is something traditionalists struggle with. To create groundbreaking work, not this year or next year, but the years to be followed, digital data and technology have to get married with creativity.

Codiant since its inception is a stimulus to the theory of idea generation and had led innovation juxtaposed with imagination as the key to pop out customer centric products. We split our roles into different nuances to create something new and unique.

Our clients love the way, how we make an extra effort to take a bigger leap of their faith and deliver them offbeat products which in turn helps them score an exemplary performance in the competitive market.

Clients believe in the POC (proof of concept) and of course, this approach works best as the client gets a better idea with adequate evidence. Supportively, we don’t get away with tall claims and twisted answers. Usually, we give the POC and exchange the understanding and requirements and then try our best to score high to their expectations.

2018 had been a great year! Full of exciting mobile app development, new ideas, new product launches, and incredible web projects across diverse domains and verticals.

We look forward to 2019 with high spirit, energy and efficiency and much greater challenges in the software development space.

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