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What Makes On-Demand Taxi Business A Unicorn?

  • Published on : December 21, 2020

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What Makes On-Demand Taxi Business A Unicorn?

How taxi app companies can disrupt the way people travel? — From the Spectrum of Codiant

Codiant– A Yash Technologies Company, holds expertise in on-demand taxi mobility. The company serves taxi aggregators, and taxi fleet owners with on-demand taxi app development solutions on Android and iOS app platforms. Codiant has served a range of taxi app brands operating across 20+ countries, by developing value innovation channels, strategic logic, and radically customer-focused models.

Given the experience, the company has been a forefront runner as a “disruptor of an inefficient taxi industry”. In this post, we’ve conversed with creative directors, strategy makers, and business developers of Codiant to discuss: how Codiant served brands with their differentiated taxi app solutions, the action points where innovation lies, and how early-stage taxi startups can design their business model.

Converse 1: How You’ve Helped Taxi App Companies to Differentiate from Others?

Creative Director: The core of our taxi app solution is an online platform that allows users to map nearby taxis. Users are fascinated by the convenience of the platform, i.e. the foundation of ‘book, pay, & go’, and in a matter of time they become very loyal to it. (This is how it looks to others, laughs!)

Little do they know, users are attracted to the platform that provides them value, benefits, and an experience that makes them loyal to the brand.

The taxi app helps them identify quickly which taxis are available near them and which one is good for them (as we give the option to choose from the cab sizes- mini, micro, sedan, SUV), they can LIVE track the taxis on integrated maps in real-time. And if they’re in a hotel or resort they can order a taxi with a simple click of a button (known as Butler integration).

It’s also a breeze experience because users can get estimated fares based on locations, distance, and time, they can pre-book rides, and if in case, the driver cancels the ride at the last moment, our taxi app software will assign a new driver.

It’s a good innovation model for drivers, as well. Our taxi app solution channels more business to them and they increase their per day earnings.

Converse 2: What Are The Action Points Where Innovation Lies In Taxi App Industry?

Codiant Strategist: “Innovation works at its best when it disrupts what already exists.”

The key to innovation in almost every customer-centric industry not limited to transport or ride-hailing lies in action points that deliver state-of-the-art customer experiences.

What we have implemented in our taxi app development solution for our clients is the absorption of key ideas in the landscape. We’ve focused on customer journeys, rather than investing our efforts on touchpoints.

It’s probably not a stretch to say that today taxi companies operating their business online have forayed on the lesser or similar lines of top service providers or say rivals in the list like Uber, Lyft, GrabTaxi, Hailo, DidiChuxing, and so on. Down the line, by mediocre or early-stage startups, the copy didn’t come out as a copy or if it happened to be the same it didn’t work in their geographical areas.

To deliver great customer experiences, it is necessary to work on an interactive design that is more customer-centric. That said, a taxi app user could be as smart as a digital-savvy millennial and as low-skilled as a digitally contracted baby boomer (60+ persons).

We have aligned our taxi mobile app to deliver customer experiences that cover cognitive of all ages. Every time we board a new client comes with a dream to build an app like Uber or XYZ, we just don’t start to start.

The development behind the scenes process is more about re-scoping (the idea/project scope they present), and re-inventing (what’s already present)—all by presenting a template of breakthrough ideas for uncontested markets and customers.

Converse 3: How Early-Stage Taxi Startups Can Design Their Business Model?

Codiant Business Development Manager: “I will only say one thing- Startups should not hesitate in taking bold and unexpected moves”.

The stepping stone of a brand defines how it looks, thinks, and feels. This is the only time when customers and the market come to know you and see you from a different angle.

This is the time when you set your brand identity and the reason why the market should talk about you.

Such kind of mindset with transformative ideas may entail certain risks, manage to gain a good chunk of attention and consume monetary expenses with other resources. But if successful, the rewards are many. It will help:

  • Attract new customers
  • Secure competitive advantage
  • Stand as a differentiator
  • Increase market share
  • Unlock new sources of revenue

To be a game-changer, make sure you play your taxi app development game right. Bring ideas, and project scope well rooted with your brand value and growth plan that ensure high-impact results for the long term.

Key Takeaway:

  • Be an early adopter if you have an idea with a distinct advantage. This will help you gain a competitive edge.
  • Provide attractive offers, coupons, and deals to attract customers. This appeals to users and attracts them to install the app and avail of services.
  • Start locally and test within a geographical area. This will increase your influence firmly and empower you to make better decisions.
  • Do not limit. Penetrate to new markets using demand-generation marketing tactics.

Reinvent Your Taxi App Business with Codiant and Be On the Edge of Innovation

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