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Codiant Secures First Position in Top Logistics App Developers of 2021

  • Published on : November 10, 2021

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Logistics, transportation, and the supply chain industry are not only the driving force and a bridge between national and international trade but, also the lifeline of small businesses, retailers, and wholesalers. Codiant secures its first position in the top list of logistics app developers of 2021 amid all the challenges of COVID-19.

This high-impact industry further inflated its significance in COVID times to help faster ‘reach to market’. To attain this swift mechanism, the industry faced a dire demand for technology up-gradation and digital transformation.

It was not too late when we at Codiant acknowledged that logistics mobile apps and fleet management software can act as a perfect lubricant to remove frictions in the operational management of fleets, supply chain, and logistics business cycle.

Our team of mobile app developers worked relentlessly to innovate a set of logistics management solutions that included:

  • On-demand trucking marketplace app to match carriers with shippers
  • Freight shipping app to connect truck fleet owners or cargo movers, drivers, and shippers
  • Fleet management app and web software to control and manage fleets in an optimized way
  • AI-based on-demand logistics software solution for price prediction, demand forecasting, and optimization of flows & processes

And this if the reason why we secured the first position in the list of top logistics app development companies in 2021 by TopDevelopers.

The press release that announced the list of Top Logistic App Developers emphasized how their acute vigilance in assessing the rank of top app developers depended solely on industry metrics and strict criteria.

Our mobile app solutions designed to promote seamless movement of goods provided an impetus to all sectors like pharma, agriculture, eCommerce, consumer packaged goods, and similar industries.

Top features that accelerated the quick movements in supporting logistics solutions with stakeholders, shippers, dispatchers, and admin panel comprised- Easy onboarding, the ability to see available vehicles, Schedule shipments, Send shipping requests, Push notifications Live vehicle tracking, Make payments, Rate carriers, Driver management & Reporting and analytics.

The goal of our transport and logistics solutions was to meet the needs of end-users and the demands of customers by helping them with better planning, control, and implementation of effective movement. Our strategized features and functionalities helped logistics businesses in:

  • Accurate tracking of shipments throughout the supply chain
  • Optimizing routes and delivery planning
  • Eliminating empty truck miles and keeping trucks fully loaded
  • Improving communications with customers and partners
  • Price prediction, demand forecasting, and reducing operating costs through AI-based forecasting solutions
  • Sending critical alerts to the system
  • Increasing efficiency and freeing up the time of human workers
  • Monitoring the performance of a vehicle and more

Apart from delivering cutting-edge solutions in trucking and logistics, we also assure our users are bestowed with the lowest prices and profitable exchanges. For more than 11 years, we are continually rendering impeccable services in mobile app and web development to varied industries. The list includes healthcare and fitness, eCommerce, on-demand mobility, transport, and taxi app, real estate and property, education & eLearning, BFSI, and more.

Visit our portfolio and case study here.

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Our main resources are our UI/UX designers, mobile app developers, web developers, project managers, quality analysts, and other marketers, strategists, and analysts- all having deep industry experience.

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