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Top Benefits of Hiring BigCommerce Developers

  • Published on : March 8, 2024

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Why Hire BigCommerce Developers-

Today, online presence plays a crucial role in improving sales and ROI. There are different platforms on which you can have your online store ready! You might have the question of choosing the best platform to build your e-commerce store and sell your products.

Among many e-commerce development platforms in the market, BigCommerce is gaining popularity these days. BigCommerce is a reliable platform that helps businesses sell their products and services online. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and enables you to run your e-commerce store without much technical knowledge.

Moreover, it’s a full-featured CMS that provides diverse features to render end-to-end solutions. You can enhance these solutions by third-party development and using more features and functionalities. Some of the BigCommerce platform features include-

  • Free templates
  • POS integrations
  • Shipping options
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Drag and drop page design tool
  • Payment gateways compatibility
  • Professional reporting
  • Countless user accounts

To influence the potential of this powerful platform, hiring an expert BigCommerce developer is essential. BigCommerce developers modify and customize websites according to your choice. They help you enhance your online presence, increase sales, or allow you to start selling online without giving more time and resources. Further, they can troubleshoot errors, add new features, and keep your store up-to-date with the modern industry trends.

Here in the blog, we have mentioned the benefits of hiring BigCommerce developers. Also, you will find how they will help you in growing your online business. Have a look-

Who are BigCommerce Developers?

Role of BigCommerce Developers

BigCommerce developers develop and manage client’s BigCommerce website. They personalize the website as per the client’s preference. They add new features and functionalities to ensure the website is working well. And, they are professionals with specialized knowledge and experience in working with the BigCommerce platform. Their primary goal is to enhance your online store’s performance, design, and functionality.

BigCommerce developers should have-

  • Deep knowledge of the BigCommerce platform.
  • Ability to tailor solutions to specific needs.
  • Familiarity with third-party integrations.
  • Focus on the finer aspects of development.
  • Expertise in troubleshooting and finding solutions.
  • Proficiency in creating mobile-friendly online stores.
  • Awareness of the latest BigCommerce features and trends.

Benefits to Hire BigCommerce Developers

1. Develop Custom Solutions
Hire BigCommerce developers to build a custom solution that matches your business essentials. To clarify, they understand that every business is unique and the one-size-fits-all method doesn’t cut it.

Additionally, these developers design online stores that hit your targeted audience and make your business stand at the top of the industry.

For example – Tupperware, a universal brand known for selling food storage and kitchen products uses BigCommerce to facilitate online sales. This provides a seamless shopping experience for customers. Also, it enables the brand to reach a broader audience.

2. Add BigCommerce Features
BigCommerce has tools and features that make it easy for people to use your website. These experts know how to set up the product pages, optimize checkout processes. Above all, they make sure to run your online store works without glitches.

3. Create An Attractive E-Commerce Store Design
When it comes to online stores, the design of an e-commerce store is fundamental to keep users on the site and make a purchase. This means, if users find that the design is not well or complex enough to navigate through pages, they might jump to another site to buy things online. BigCommerce developers design eye-catching and user-friendly interfaces. In addition, they create a design with an overall enhanced UX. And, it leads to higher conversion rates and a more satisfied consumer base.

4. Do Smooth Integration of Third-Party Tools
Third-party tools are used for added functionality in e-commerce stores. Be it a CRM system, payment gateway integration, or marketing tool, BigCommerce developers integrate these components and make sure that your online store runs effectively. Likewise, it provides a smooth experience for both your business as well as your customers.

5. Optimize the store to make it mobile-ready
69% of people use a phone for product research on an average. This is to say, they spend about 4-5 hours per day on mobile phones. Hence, mobile optimization has become a necessity. BigCommerce developers ensure that your online store is optimized for different devices. Although, it must provide a consistent shopping experience using tablets, PCs, phones, and desktops.

6. Enhance security measures to Protect Customer Data
Online security is the foremost in today’s digitized world. Therefore, it is needed that BigCommerce developers implement robust security measures that help protect your store’s data and consumer’s data.

Firstly, they take steps to prevent popular issues in websites including SQL injections, iFrame attacks, and brute force attacks. Secondly, they add secure payment gateways and SSL certificates to create a safe place doing online transactions. And, this ultimately helps develop confidence in your customers and loyalty to your brand.

After reading about the benefits of hiring BigCommerce developers, let’s focus next on what you can expect from these professionals.

What to Expect When You Hire BigCommerce Developers?

BigCommerce Project Development Cycle

You can expect a few things with the BigCommerce developers you have hired.

1. Initial Consultation and Planning
The BigCommerce developers talk with you initially. After that, they ask them about your business, their objectives, and particular e-commerce store requirements. This is the most important phase of your e-commerce store development. As in, the foundation of the success of your business depends on planning.

2. Customized Development
After planning the roadmap of developing a BigCommerce store, these developers start customizing the store. The development process involves developing and building tailored IT solutions. They also design visually appealing UI and make sure that all features are aligned according to your business goals.

3. Testing and QA
These experts perform thorough testing to identify and solve potential bugs. This makes sure that your website works seamlessly and provides a positive customer experience.

4. Ongoing Support and Maintenance
They provide ongoing support and maintenance services to make sure that your BigCommerce store remains up-to-date and secure. It must cater to the market demands and customer preferences.

Hiring BigCommerce professionals can be a clever move to boost your online store. But, they must have a specific set of skills that lead to quick and more effective web development.

Here we have listed some of the skills that BigCommerce developers should have. So, before you hire them, ask if they have these skill set.

Must-Have Skills in BigCommerce Developers

1. Experience
Hire developers having hands-on experience working with BigCommerce. They are well-familiar with the platforms and functionalities.

2. Tech Knowledge
Find developers who can integrate third-party applications and APIs seamlessly with BigCommerce. They should thoroughly test the website to find out errors before your BigCommerce website goes live.

3. Coding Proficiency
Consult BigCommerce developers who are well-versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are common languages used in BigCommerce development.

4. E-commerce Knowledge
Search for developers with a good understanding of e-commerce principles. Like, they should know how to do product management, implement checkout processes, and add online payment systems.

5. Customization Skills
BigCommerce developers should know how to customize BigCommerce themes and templates. This helps to cater to your branding and online visibility demands.

6. Problem-Solving Abilities
Ensure that BigCommerce developers should troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly. It ensures the smooth operation of your BigCommerce website.

7. Responsive Design Skills
Make sure that the developers can create responsive and mobile-friendly designs. To clarify, this gives a positive UX across different devices, screen sizes, and browsers.

8. Communication Skills
Find developers who can talk well and really get what your business needs. This makes building stuff go super easy.

Cost to Hire Big Commerce Developers

The cost to hire BigCommerce developers varies from $25 to $200 or more. However, the cost depends on different factors such as selected hiring model, location, complexity, and time constraints of development.

These are a few common pricing structure-

1. Hourly Rates
You can hire developers on an hourly basis if you have a particular task or small BigCommerce project. The hourly rates are confirmed as per the experience and location of the developers.

2. Project-Based Pricing
For large or complex projects, BigCommerce developers may provide a fixed price for the project. Certainly, the cost relies on the project scope and estimated time.

3. Monthly Rates
Some developers can be hired on a retainer or monthly basis. This involves a fixed monthly fee for a specified number of hours or ongoing support.

Where to Look for Dedicated BigCommerce Developers?

Finding dedicated BigCommerce developers is easy with various options. Like, you should search online for BigCommerce development agencies or freelancers. Accordingly, you can look for job listings on Indeed, Upwork, and Freelancer like job boards.

You can reach out to a trustworthy e-commerce development company such as Codiant to hire dedicated BigCommerce developers for your project. We have a team of smart tech experts ready to help with your special BigCommerce project. Apart from these, our team is there for you at every step as your e-commerce website gets built.

To Sum Up!

Hiring BigCommerce developers gives an enjoyable shopping experience to your consumers. From tailored solutions to ongoing support, they reform your online business. Most importantly, they create a website that meets your unmatched business needs.

Develop An Online Store, Seamless Transaction Awaits! Hire Our BigCommerce Developers.

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Codiant’s BigCommerce developers help add new features, improve UX, and make your business more competitive. They overall improve the functionality of your store.

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Check if you want to add new design elements, specific functions, or other technical factors. If yes, then you should hire a BigCommerce developer and do a makeover of your already existing website.

Hiring Codiant’s BigCommerce developers gives your small business the benefit of a user-friendly online presence, increased sales, and customer satisfaction.

When you are searching for BigCommerce developers, you can consider freelance portals, referrals, or agencies like Codiant. Look for reviews, portfolios, and discuss your project requirements.

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