The Top 5 Free Push Notification Services to know in 2023

Published February 20, 2023

The Top 5 Free Push Notification Services to know in 2023

Do you also jump on to the website/app when you receive any exciting information or offers via push notifications?

Definitely yes!

And this is how push notifications are attracting a huge audience and allowing businesses to grow.

Today, push notifications are considered powerful marketing instruments benefitting the world beyond expectations. Marketers are using push notifications to upsurge their website’s engagement, traffic, and sales. But how about using this service for free?

Are you surprised? Well, don’t be!

There are a huge number of FREE push notification services floating in the market, you just need to figure out the right one for you.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 free push notification services that you can use to achieve your business and marketing goals.

List of Top 5 Free Push Notification Services

List of Top 5 Free Push Notification Services

1. PushEngage

PushEngage is one of the well-known and best notification services that allow its users to subscribe for a lifetime free plan. With a huge list of notification packages, this tool allows marketers to stay connected with their target audience even after the person has left the website.

It’s a unique feature to send multiple customized text notifications as per the customer needs helps in achieving business targets. However, the feature list of PushEngage is huge that will surely meet your expectations of achieving pre-decided business goals.

  • It can be easily set up by both beginners and other advanced users
  • It is more effective on HTTP and HTTPS sites
  • It offers a variety of options to create personalized messages
  • It helps in easy goal tracking and provides advanced analytics for further use
  • It offers an extensive list of automated push notifications campaign

2. VWO

VWO which was known by the name PushCrew offers a simple and super clean interface for its users and helps them in sending push notifications for any device i.e. desktop/mobile. The special feature that attracts users towards this tool is triggered push notifications i.e. the automated push notifications which are generated automatically as the subscriber takes any action on the site. The subscriber action includes activities like clicks or time spent on a particular product to check.

Some of the excellent features offered by VWO include:

  • It allows conducting A/B testing
  • It helps in setting up cart-abandonment campaigns
  • It ensures notification scheduling as per the subscriber’s timezone
  • It automatically adds CTA to the required push notifications
  • It takes custom dimensions while segmenting the audience

3. OneSignal

This is another popular platform that has almost similar features as PushEngage but the limited options make it different from others. The tool offers limited free plans which automatically turn up to paid plans i.e. notifications can be sent for only up to 10,000 subscribers with its limited list of optimization and personalization features. The starting amount of paid plans is $12 and it ends at 1000 subscribers.

Coming down to its features, it offers a variety of options:

  • It allows the creation of customized push notifications
  • It conducts A/B testing to get desired outcomes to find more effective results
  • It sends notifications based on visitors’ actions like their language, their frequency of visiting the site, or set other attributes as per your target choice
  • It ensures delivering real-time notifications and also shares analytics if the visitor is converted
  • It automatically sends a notification every time something is posted on your website

4. WebPushr

This platform looks like a combination of both VWO and PushEngage. It carries a simple interface like VWO and allows the integration of all essential features and functionalities like PushEngage. The platform is preferred by businesses because it offers a similar feature on every package which makes it unique and the only difference is the number of subscribers on multiple plans.

Listing down its unique features to give more understanding about the platform:

  • It ensures a high level of data privacy to keep users’ trust
  • It provides effortless migration i.e. once you integrate with WebPushr, the current subscribers automatically get transferred to the WebPushr
  • It helps you in sending target-segmented notifications based on your preferred location, time, demographic conditions, etc.
  • It can be simply integrated with the tools like ShopifyWordPress, Drupal, etc.
  • It offers highly flexible and easy-to-use APIs which allows for integrating applications in almost 5 minutes.

5. PushAssist

PushAssist is a new tool in the category but it supports the user’s business with all the essential and new features by allowing access to significant browsers. The ability to become a publisher partner just like PushEngage attracts more users.

The extensive feature list includes various functionalities like:

  • It supports all popular browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.
  • It offers a diverse list of templates to share personalized notifications as per subscriber needs.
  • It delivers real-time notifications to visitors.
  • It generates compelling text messages based on subscribers’ interests.
  • It sends actionable messages direct to the desired webpage and keeps the subscribers informed.

Summing Up!

Push notifications are a significant choice that every business owner must opt for to bring better engagement to their websites/apps. It is a smart and easy method to communicate essential aspects of the business that attracts more subscribers and maintains a level of trust.

But everything which is tried for the first time on the website i.e. any tool or approach looks appealing when it is offered with zero cost; the same concept is applicable to push notifications.

The top 5 Free Push Notification tools have been discussed above with their special features and functionalities.

Now is the time to take the right move. Analyze, plan, and strategize to craft your own way to deliver unique push notifications. Other important actions include delivering the original copy, including relevant media, and sending them on the most relevant time slots.

To know more detailed information about push notifications and their integration into your desired platforms, let’s plan a call.

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