Tech Dominance: The Top #5 Digital Trends to Shout in 2017

  • Published on : January 17, 2017

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Tech Dominance: The Top #5 Digital Trends to Shout in 2017

Proactive innovation is one of the best ways to disrupt in an evolving marketplace. Provided you ain’t axed from the learning curves that act as the wakeup calls for your internal business model.

As digital transformation reshapes, heights of technology inclusion soars in modern business strategy. And to feed you with the best of breed technology trends here are the top 5 central components of digital revolution that will certainly rule over 2017.

Big Data And Analytics will be the cornerstone

With the advent of digital technologies, almost everything can be measured. Where Big Data stands as the cornerstone of how businesses operate. Data Analytics drive business by giving you a core idea of how your customers think, what they want, and how the market views your brand. Every important decision can be derived from the application of data and analytics.

iOT will get increasingly attractive

It will be big! Security And Skills Will Temper Growth Of IoT”, predicts Forrester. It will be distributed across the edge and cloud, boosted by AI and containers. Vendors will offer a dizzying array of wireless tech to support IoT field use cases. There will be a large-scale IoT security breach. Vendors will vie for IoT certification attention. Industry-specific certifications will take hold.

On Demand Services Will Continue To Soar

Recap 2016, On demand services was the big fish in the market. And apparently it will keep pushing boundaries in 2017 too vying for some more attention. There will be plenty of services sitting on your door. Watch it out.

  • Beauty, Spa and Salon Appointment booking
  • Table Booking @Restaurant
  • Taxi Booking Services
  • Car Parking Space Booking
  • Online Classes Booking
  • Packers & Movers Service Booking
  • Food Order Booking
  • Doctor’s Appointment Booking

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Intelligent Apps and conversational Systems

Research shows Intelligent Apps like VPA (Virtual Personal Assistants) and VCA (Virtual Customer Assistant) will come under the limelight and take the center stage, since they have the excellent ability to transform the nature of work, and the way we deliver customer service, thereby improvising the employee engagement, retention and customer experience.

On the other side, conversational systems like chat bots, micro-phone enabled devices will come under the limelight and progressively meet the end points through which humans interact.

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Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Will Continue To Mature

AR and VR, the digital twins have dramatically transformed how people interact with software systems. The ballooned success of the Pokémon GO AR app, has already given many of us the flavor of stickiness towards Augmented Reality and since then, it has come on many company’s radar, as more and more consumers are seeking real life immersive experiences.

Get ready for hyper-personalization from relevant apps and services across multiple mobile, wearables, iot and sensor-rich environments that extend immersive applications beyond isolated and single-person experiences.

Fact check: IDC predicts by 2020, over a billion people worldwide will regularly access app content through AR and VR platform. Be that little tech birdie this year and squeeze your strongest business interest with these highly regarded digital trends.

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