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Steps To Create A Killer Website Homepage Design

  • Published on : January 28, 2017

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5 Little Steps To Create A Killer Website Homepage Design

Hit back button! This is what you do when you ain’t like the website design. Being specific, the homepage design.

Homepage design, the virtual front door of your business. Eventually, turns the whole game.

Unfortunately, even today people judge the book by its cover.

Website development, in many ways, is an exercise of imagination, where you’ve to keep a balance between the beauty and the brain and forget all about the tempting elements of the design process that distracts you every other moment.

Here we’ll dive into 5 little, but sparking design tips that will frame your mind to think in a plausible direction and bestow kinetic energy to your website design efforts. Let’s dive in:

Welcome a design that clearly answers “Who I am, “What I do, “ and/or What all you (a visitor) can do here.”

First rule, “DON’T MAKE A VISITOR THINK.” We repeat, don’t make a visitor think “What you do?” “How you can help him with?”.

To sum up, make the learnability as lower as possible than the UI-UX development. The home page in itself should dictate the purpose of your existence without letting a visitor juggle on your website’s content.

Your Design Should Communicate A Compelling Value Proposition

User stickiness is the key. Create a design that compels a user to stick around. Nonetheless, the home page is your first impression, where you don’t get a second chance. So nail it right here and leave no stone unturned to hold your prospects on your land and not navigate to your competitors.

The Design Should Include Call-To-Action (CTAs)

Ultimately, what is the goal of our home page? To compel our visitors to dig deeper into the internal pages and finally land on a buying page? Right?

So, the obvious solution, is to effectively use primary and secondary calls-to-action to direct visitors to the next logical step without hunting much for your contact details or simply prompting them to take the next decisive action.

You may include CTAs like:

  • Discuss a Project
  • Request a free quote
  • Schedule a Demo
  • Buy Now
  • Learn more
  • Contact us right away

This way, you can turn your home page into a lead generating engine and not just a beautiful cover of the book.

Make Sure Your Design Is Highly Responsive

Design for Performance. Design for multiple devices.

Focus on details, clear information architecture, and new layout methods.

The mobile optimized site is not merely a choice, in today’s mobile world, but it has turned to be the lifeblood if you own a website.

Create simplest paths without distracting the user and give them a consistent mobile experience.

The Design Should Create A Equation In All Prospects

A good website homepage talks in a language your client likes. So it’s important to build trust, communicate value, and navigate the visitor to the next step.

Make an effective use of layout, CTA placement, white space, fonts, colors and other supporting elements.

Why the Design is Killer?

    • Modern UI/UX with strong vector images and pleasant colors calls for user stickiness with an easygoing vibe.
    • The emotionally connected user-centric taglines, directly resonate with the users’ mind and effortlessly reveal our services of mobile app development and web development. Purpose solved.
    • It also contains a simple, direct, and compelling call-to-action (“Discuss the project”) that contrasts with the header background and lands the user directly to Contact Us page.

How can you create a killer website homepage design?

To craft an impactful homepage, ensure clarity on your identity and purpose, communicate a compelling value proposition, integrate strategic call-to-action buttons, prioritize mobile responsiveness, and harmonize design elements for a seamless user experience. This killer design approach enhances user engagement and converts your homepage into a lead-generating powerhouse.

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