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On-demand Tutor Finding App Development: Cost and Key Features

Published June 15, 2020

This year, 2022 takes over the digital reins of ocean-wide industries.We cannot agree more about how Covid-19 has underlined the weakness in systems across industries and highlighted the holes in the companies showing their lack of online resources to cope up with the unexpected times.The online education industry is no more untouched.The novel coronavirus has made history and provided many work settings a new norm. Where online tutor finder app development is one of the applications topping the charts.elearning app developmentThese days on-demand tutor app has seen a huge spike. Students across the world having a clear objective to topics they need more attention are enrolling for different courses and making their ways to opt for subject matter experts worldwide.While the self-directed eLearning was already on boom but the pandemic has prompted it as a voluntary compulsion rather than leaving as an option.Let’s look at some new facts and figures:

  • Time across online tutoring platforms has been increased by 54% since the outbreak.
  • The private tutoring market in the US alone will grow by $7.37 billion by 2023.
  • CAGR expected in these private tutoring programs in the US is almost 8%.

Features of On-demand Tutor Mobile App

Student App Features

  • Signup/Login : Students can login with their email id and password or alternatively use their social login details of Facebook.
  • Browse and Search Tutor : Students can select their preferred education field or subject and view the list of tutors and meet the subject expert of their choice, online or in-person.
  • View Tutor’s Profile : Students can view the tutor’s profile and the view details like teaching experience, course specifications, qualification, reviews, hourly rates, etc.
  • Post Requirement : As per the students’ requirements, they can post their flexible time to study, subjects they need the most attention, course they prefer to cover to find a suitable tutor.
  • Book Tutor : Students can book an online tutor and built competency in any skill or subject.
  • Chat/Message : Through this feature, students can chat and send a message to tutors. Discuss any concerns, time table, or negotiations.
  • Rate and review : Students can rate tutors for their teaching knack, subject skills, behavior, and professionalism.
  • Online Payment : Students can make online payments if they take online classes from the tutor through secured payment gateways.
  • Push Notifications : This feature allows students to receive notifications and alerts about classes, special offers, or events.

<h2″>Tutor App Features

  • Sign Up : Just like the user or student app, teachers can also sign up from their email id or social channel like Facebook.
  • Profile Creation : This feature allows tutors to create a dynamic profile where they can show their qualifications, teaching experience, skills and degrees and teaching time schedules.
  • Accept/Reject Bookings : Tutors can accept bookings and also reject bookings of students if in case the schedule or their post requirements does not match with them.
  • View Tuition Bookings : This feature enables tutors to view all their ongoing tuition details and edit their future bookings in case of any plan changes.
  • Check Earnings : Under this feature, tutors can check their total earnings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Whiteboard : Tutors can access whiteboard that lets them write, draw, graph functions, and share files if they are hired for online classes.
  • LIVE Video Call : Online video calling feature for seamless tutor and student communication.

Admin Panel Features

  • Dashboard : The dashboard gives a birds-eye view to admin where he can check the total number of registered students, tutors, total bookings, ongoing live classes, and total earnings.
  • Tutor Management : Admin can manage all tutors- add, update and edit details and activate or deactivate their accounts.
  • Student Management : Likewise, Admin can manage all students- add new students, update and edit their details and send them messages, books on their behalf.
  • Reports and Earnings : Admin can set commissions, check weekly and monthly reports of tutors’ earnings and streamline cash management processes.
  • Sending Messages : Admin can send in-app messages to students personally or broadcast to all those registered.
  • Push Notifications : This feature allows Admin can send alerts or notifications to students and tutors for any offers, events, discounts, etc.
  • Review Management : Admin can manage the reviews and ratings given by the students to the tutors.

Total Cost of Developing an On-demand Tutor App

The Factors That Regulates the On-demand Tutor App Development Cost are:

1. Hourly Rates of App Development Company

The hourly rates of the software companies depend on their team size and popularity that comes with their service portfolio and experience.

The general hourly rates of the companies range from:

  • Small companies with strength (11-50) – Hourly Rates $25-$49
  • Mid-size companies (51-200) — Hourly Rates $50 -$99
  • Large app development companies — Hourly Rates $100 -$149

2. Platforms and Devices

Do you want to develop the tutor finder app for both iOS and Android platforms? Different platform (native or hybrid) plays an important factor in deciding the cost of a mobile app. In case you want to develop a native app for both iOS and Android, different teams would be working for both platforms which double the development cost.

3. Features and Functionalities

The number of implemented features, functionalities, third party APIs, and the complexity involved in building them are the biggest cost drivers in any mobile app development.

The exact cost can be estimated only after the company discusses with you the scope of your project with detailed requirements.

4. UI/UX Design

The UI/UX designing includes various stages like app prototyping or wireframing, and testing, and then it goes for development. The more the no. of features, the higher would be the app designing task and so will the cost get affected.

5. Backend Integration & Testing

An important component that can reduce or increase the costs is the integration of a third-party service to enable a certain feature in the mobile app. One of the other key steps of developing an app is testing the app for any bugs and system errors.

6. App Maintenance

App maintenance includes code optimization, stability and performance improvement, continuous bug fixing and version updating. Mostly, the app maintenance cost may account for one-fifth of the original price of development.

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On demand Tutor App from Codiant

A Ballpark Figure

According to our estimation and developing similar kind of tutor apps with customized features for different organizations, the total cost for a tutor finder app development may land to $25,000-$40,000 and can go as high as $40,000-$70,000.

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