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How to Develop an On-demand Medicine Delivery App?

  • Published on : January 11, 2021

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The competition for health or pharmacy products online is soaring at breakneck speed. The trend will persist as the pandemic has turned the necessity of ordering online into a habit comforted with convenience and ease.

While sales in online pharmacy continue to flourish, entrepreneurs have tapped channel innovation and competitive pricing in their online medicine delivery app solution. They have started to increase their dollar spend on features that bind consumer’s motivations to purchase more.

Factors that heavily affect shopper’s behavior like convenience, product innovations, and assortments, and detailed product information and reviews that give value for customer’s money are taking center stage in providing a winning shopping experience to consumers.

Looking towards Australia, Pharmacy owners are embracing an integrated approach of online as well as offline to drive sales and keeping the customer engaged in-store as well as online.

The exhibit given below by Neilson presents the concept more clearly.

Key Drivers Of Pharmacy

Boarding our pitch on the same ideology of channel innovations, convenience, and customer motivations or preferences, we would take our discussion further on the following key points:

  1. How to Develop a Customer-Centric Online Medicine Delivery App?
  2. The Best Technology Standards To Choose
  3. Market-Oriented Tips and Tricks to Attract Sales
  4. Best Online Medicine Delivery App Development Company to Hire

How to Develop a Customer-Centric Online Medicine Delivery App?

When developing an on-demand medicine delivery app, consider that you need to develop an app for the following user roles for both platforms- Android and iOS:

  • Customer App/User App
  • Pharmacy Owner App
  • Delivery Boy App
  • Admin Panel (Web)

However, if you’re a startup with a tight budget, you can develop a single operating system. Moreover, you can also plan to launch the MVP of the app with basic features and target local audiences. If everything moves as planned, you can further enhance the app with advanced features.

Basic Features for Customer App

Features For Customer App

  • Registration and Login A seamless customer onboarding process helps in decreasing the app bounce rate. Customers must be easily able to sign up and login through mobile no, email id or social logins and password.Codiant Tip : Sign up should not be kept mandatory for customers. If they wish to order medicines without creating an account the app must allow doing so. This removes the barrier to checkout and increases more chances of customer retention.
  • User Profiles Allowing your users to create a profile helps both users as well as the brand. Users can be kept updated with in-app notifications while brands can get a complete hold on customer behavior and as per that they can develop engagement patterns and complete conversions.
  • How Does A User Profile Work? In a user profile creation, you can collect information like name, physical address, locality, country, age, email address, mobile number, general health issues, etc.
  • Upload Prescriptions Customers should be able to upload images of their prescription from their phone’s gallery and the same should be forwarded to pharmacist to review.
  • Search Medicines In the search tab, keep it easy to search medicines customers are looking for.Codiant Tip : Auto-complete suggestions as they type few characters will help in speeding up the human-app interaction.
  • Category Search For the customer, it should be easy to search for medications with the help of filters. You can categorize medicines like Fitness & Supplements (Weight Management, Protein Supplements, Nutritional Drinks, etc.), Diabetes, Healthcare Devices, Personal Care, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Health Conditions (Such as Stomach care, Respiratory care, Eyecare, Pain Relief, Cold & Cough) and so on.
  • Product Details Giving Product details of the drug/medicine educates the customer more about the product, builds trust in your brand, and help you reach your target audience.So, enrich your product detail page with information like benefits, ingredients, dosage, and frequency of use, storage instructions, how to use, price, combo price benefits, ratings, and reviews, etc.
  • Order Medicines After visiting the product detail page customers should be able to place an order for single or multiple medicines.
  • Add to CartCustomers should be able to add medicines to the cart and directly jump to the checkout page. From the cart page, they can also check their order history (if previously ordered).
  • In-App Payments Allow your customers to make online payments through all payment modes like credit/debit card, mobile wallet, net banking, and other popular modes of payments.
  • Push Notifications Once the customer places the order, notifications should be sent on order updates (like order packed, shipped, on the way, delivered), offers, cash prizes, coupons, etc.

Advanced Features of Customer App

  • Reviews and Ratings 82% of consumers say the content of a review has convinced them to make a purchase. Taking the product feedback from the customer helps in more conversions, increased trust, boosting app revenue. That said, your app should allow customers to view and post ratings and reviews of the products.
  • Lab Tests On-demand lab tests allow customers to take lab tests from the comfort of their homes. They can also visit a lab near them for visiting the pathology physically.
  • Ask a Doctor or On-demand Doctor Consultation Enable users to consult Doctors across all specialties over chat, video, and voice calls. This will give you dual benefits- a commission from Doctors and patients, second, you can deliver the medicines on-door as mentioned by the prescription given by the doctors.
  • Advanced Filters There are various other search filters to be used in on-demand medicine delivery app development. Few categories being: Search by brand, popular categories, combo deals, newly added products, deals of the day, etc.

Features for Pharmacy Owner App

Features For Pharmacy Owner App

  • Store Details : A pharmacy owner must be able to add, change, update, and delete lists of medications and information.
  • Digital Prescriptions : The prescriptions sent by the customers must be ready to review for pharmacy owners with a quick option to accept or reject.
  • Receive Order Notifications : Pharmacy owners should receive order details placed by the customers with the ability to manage them in real-time on the go.
  • Order Management : Ability to streamline and automate order processing, returns, and refunds by the pharmacy staff.
  • Manage Discounts : Pharmacy owners can manage discounts, promo codes, and offers to raise customer loyalty.
  • Receiving Payments : Pharmacy should receive payments as directed by the app owner directly in the app.
  • Price Management : Pharmacy managers should be able to easily update prices for all medicines and health-related products given on the app/web app.
  • Order History : Pharmacy managers should be able to access the entire order history of customers.
  • Ratings and Reviews : Pharmacy staff should be able to view and manage users’ ratings and reviews.
  • Related Products : Pharmacy staff should be able to display related products of the medicine viewed by the user in real-time.

Features for in-house Delivery or Courier App

  • Real-time Request : The courier boy should be able to receive a delivery order notification. Upon reception, the delivery boy should have the freedom to accept/reject the delivery request.
  • View Delivery Details : Delivery boy can view details like customer address or delivery location when accepting the delivery request.
  • View Map : Delivery boy can view customer location on the map with an optimized route to reach the delivery destination on time.
  • Delivery History : The delivery boy can check the delivery history like total confirmed orders and canceled orders.
  • Payment History : Drivers can check the total payments received weekly and month wise.

Features for Admin Panel

Features For Admin Panel

  • Dashboard : A dashboard to have a god view on total orders received, total earnings, total users and suppliers with interactive graphs and charts.
  • Manage Suppliers : The admin should be able to manage (add, edit, update, delete) suppliers and manufacturers with ease.
  • Manage Users : The admin should be able to manage new and already registered users with the controls of add, edit, update, and delete their details.
  • Manage Delivery Boys : Admin can manage delivery boys, add, update, verify and activate/deactivate their profiles.
  • Manage Earnings : Admin should be able to check yearly, monthly, and weekly earnings made by the suppliers and the app in total.
  • Manage Commissions : Admins should be able to set commission rates with suppliers or pharmacy owners and enable payments.
  • Feedback Management : Admins should be able to view, respond, and manage feedback, or ratings and reviews given by the app users.
  • Reporting and Analytics : Admin can check analytics and reports of all sales, revenue, new customers, suppliers, etc. and plan next actions based on the reports.
  • Notifications Management : Admin can manage app notifications, messages, and emails sent to various stakeholders.
  • Inventory Management (Advance feature) : Admins should be able to track and manage inventory in real-time as well as order scheduling. This helps them eliminate situations where expired medicines sit on shelves for months on end. As per the seasonal demands and consumer buying habits, the system analyzes data and minimize screws up.

Tech Stack Of Online Medicine Delivery App

Market-Oriented Tips and Tricks to Attract Sales for On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

Market Oriented Tips And Tricks

  • Pricing And Acquisition The best way to earn money from an on-demand medicine delivery solution is by making a flexible pricing strategy for listed items. That price should range from MRP (as the highest) and offer price (variable).You can also reward your customers with a certain amount of cash prize that is valid till a particular time. And that cash prize can only be redeemed by shopping on your app with other conditions applied such as on shopping of $20, $1 can be redeemed. This strategy will attract customers to come back and shop more.
  • In-App Advertising In-app advertising is a no-brainer monetizing feature that attracts new customers as well as new pharmacy suppliers. By featuring your suppliers on the home page of the app you can help you gain some extra dollars other than the set commission.
  • Delivery Charges Charging delivery rates as per different areas of delivery location is another way to enhance your bottom line.
  • Loyalty Offers Loyalty program is another popular marketing strategy designed to encourage customers to keep shopping to earn a loyalty reward. These rewards are in a form of card or points and can be used for their future purchases from your app.

Best Online Medicine Delivery App Development Company to Hire

Codiant is one of the few online medicine delivery app development companies offering custom app designing, development, and customer engagement program with marketing strategies to its customers. We help our customers with complete customer acquisition and retention strategy and tools along with app development.

Our competency in on-demand app development across industries has helped more than a hundred brands and businesses earn a valuable spot in their local or national area.

Once you reach out to us, our business development manager will understand your requirements, budget, and timeline. As per that, we will send you a free quote with a flexible pricing structure in custom medicine delivery app development depending upon your needs.

Get Designed App Interactions, Build Capabilities and Set Strategy for Your Online Medicine Delivery App with Codiant


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