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How to Create a Compelling On-Demand Laundry App?

  • Published on : April 28, 2022

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How To Create A Compelling On-Demand Laundry App?

This fast-paced, evolving, and highly competitive lifestyle has absorbed people so much that dedicating a specific time to laundry seems a daunting task for such individuals. The shortage of time and demand for easing people’s daily life has gradually popularized the trend of on-demand laundry app services. In fact, it’s not only the demand that has soared but also the number of service providers that is climbing up.

In simple words, we can deduce that it is the most suitable time to get into the online laundry business to solve the issues of such people. There are a variety of on-demand apps that exists in the market but when it rolls down to laundry app development, the market lacks awareness. As a matter of fact, while considering the ongoing trend, we can anticipate that there is a good scope for entrepreneurs to enter with a bang into the on-demand laundry services market.

If you are planning to get into the laundry business or want to take your traditional business online to widen your client base, then this is the right time to invest in developing a compelling on-demand laundry app solution. For such business seekers, this blog would be a great learning process to build a feature-rich, revenue-generating app, along with the average development cost of the laundry app solution.

Global Market of On-Demand Laundry Services

The customer’s lifestyle is evolving and inclining towards luxurious and comfortable surroundings. The laundry services played a great role in doing so for decades and have been growing significantly. The introduction of on-demand laundry apps in the market has positively influenced sales and shot up the demand for laundry services.

  • The on-demand laundry service market in the year 2019 was valued at $30.2 billion. It is expected to reach $343.4 billion by 2027, at a CAGR growth of 35.5%.
  • In global market competition, the United States generated the maximum revenue of $28,808 Million in 2021.

Business Model for On-Demand Laundry Apps

Considering the sharp spike, the increasing demand for laundry apps is propelling the need for on-demand laundry app development. However, it is not as easy as it appears to get into the on-demand sector. Different business models make app development quite easy. Here are the three different business models that define the main purpose of the app and dictate the app development accordingly.

1. In-Site Model

  • In this model, the company installs multiple laundry stations in a specific area.
  • No pickup agents are involved in this on-demand laundry model.
  • The customer had to drop their clothes with specific instructions, if any, at the designated laundry station.
  • After cleaning, a lot of clothes are home-delivered to each customer.

In this model, all the assets of the laundry station belong to the business owner, which results in higher investment in establishing the same setup at multiple sites.

2. On-Site Model

  • It is a business scaling up a model where established companies set up their laundry outlet.
  • The company picks up the laundry from the location and delivers it to the customer on their convenient time schedule.

In this model, the company requires professional and trained staff that can give excellent customer service. In the on-site business model, the company attracts the opportunity of gaining new customers and retaining the existing ones with more quick and advanced on-demand laundry services.

3. Marketplace/Aggregator Model

  • It is a business model that provides a platform for numerous similar businesses to create a marketplace.
  • The startups, who don’t have their physical presence or assets, likely involve numerous small businesses to expand their business reach.
  • The listing of such small businesses on the online platform is chargeable or requires some fees. After that, they may or may not have to pay additional charges which solely rely on the marketing strategy of the business owner.

The admin handles all the transactions. Apart from that, they can introduce some additional charges on each transaction of businesses associated with the platform.

Significant Benefits of Laundry App Development

1. Saves Time

The on-demand laundry services save customers time, as they don’t have to dedicate their time to do on their own, or don’t have to pick and drop clothes to get them cleaned. Customers can simply reach the nearest laundry station or can request home pickup and delivery with specific instructions and time schedules.

2. Safe and Secure Services

As people are growing more cautious about their safety due to social distancing norms in the pandemic. These on-demand laundry apps follow such instructions and consider customers’ safety and the security of their belongings. The pick and drop service forbade customers to move outside to do their laundry. Whereas, these platforms take all the safety measures and sanitization to maintain high-end safety without hampering customer services.

3. Easy Management

The on-demand laundry app solution lets the user manage and keep track of their orders or laundry slots without any customer assistance service or visiting the laundry site. Apart from that, the customer can handle their online account and profile and effectively manage their orders, order instructions, services, payments, track laundry status, etc. Additionally, can earn some offers or referrals occasionally.

4. Earn Offers & Discounts and Generate Revenue

The platform facilitates its users by offering some rewards or discounts and can attract more customers as well with lucrative offers. Whereas, the platform owner can generate good revenues by delivering quality customer services, which automatically results in an increase in customer counts and generates more commission from their service platform.

5. Top Customer Service

An on-demand laundry app provides instant service to the customer, ranging from laundry pickup to delivery. These apps update the customer on each step that at what cleaning phase their clothes are, such as in-line, washing, cleaning, drying, out for delivery, and delivered. Such app services focus on reducing customers’ work and load by providing a detailed laundry service.

Revenue Model of On-demand Laundry Apps

1. Featured Listing

It is one of the effective and widely-preferred methods for these types of businesses to generate revenue with their mobile apps. In an on-demand laundry app, the business that likes to associate themselves with the platform to reach their customers through smartphones had to pay a nominal one-time payment or a periodic fee to use the platform for a specific time period.

2. Commission

The commission is another common monetization method that allows laundry app owners to charge a definite amount from the enlisted business on their placed orders. It is a brilliant mode of revenue generation that keeps the platform going and doesn’t impact registered businesses earning too much.

3. Advertising and Promotion

Advertising and Promotion are solely based on the will of the app’s owner but are a great source of revenue generation in minimum time. Under this revenue generation model, the app owner can provide a definite space and time to present or market someone else’s business among its existing customers. It might be possible that the advertisement could interest and engage visitors. Hence, the app owner can also generate a commission from every ad click.

Features of On-demand Laundry App Development

The features of on-demand laundry services can be categorized into general and advanced features and the platform holds four stakeholders. Let’s grab a look over the features of all the stakeholders’ apps.

General Features of On-Demand Laundry Apps

Customer App

  • User or Social Login and Register
  • Find nearby Laundry
  • Select laundry type
  • Cost Calculation
  • Place Order
  • Schedule Pickup
  • View Order Status
  • Track Delivery Time
  • Track Delivery Boy
  • Make Payment (Cash or Digital Mode)
  • Give Review & Feedback
Laundry App

  • Manage Customers Laundry
  • Manage Laundry Charges
  • Accept/Decline Order Request
  • View Daily Order (Current Orders)
  • View Previous Orders
  • Manage Referrals
  • View Laundry Status of Users
  • View Earnings and Commissions
  • View and Manage Customer Profile
  • Manage Orders and Status
  • Manage Offers and Discount
Delivery App

  • Sign Up or Log In to Delivery Boy
  • View Assigned Deliveries
  • View Order Status (Picked/Not Picked)
  • View Delivery Request (Urgency Request)
  • View Delivery & Pick-up History
  • In-App Navigation Route
  • View Commission and Earnings
  • Collect Cash on Delivery
Admin Panel

  • Admin Login/Sign Up
  • Order Category Management
  • Manage Customer & Employee Details
  • Manage Delivery Agents
  • Manage Payment & Commission
  • View Analytics
  • Run Marketing & Ad Campaigns
  • Sent Push Notification

Advanced Features of On-Demand Laundry Apps

  1. In-app Chat- The customer can chat with the service provider to make any request, such as instant delivery, special instructions for washing, etc. The delivery person can also reach the customer through chats to get location details or any assistance.
  2. In-app Calling- Customers can connect delivery services or customer assistance via in-app calling through the number masking feature.
  3. In-app Camera- The platform allows the customer to share images with their order to define the stains that require special attention.
  4. Push Notification- Customer will receive reminders and updates notifications of order and delivery status, offers & discounts, etc.
  5. Real-Time Delivery Tracking- Customer can track the real-time status of delivery, with GPS integrated technology.
  6. CRM Integration- The platform provides customer assistance where they can resolve customer queries as soon as possible.
  7. Reviews & Feedback- Customer can share their platform usage and service delivery experience in the form of reviews and feedback.
  8. CMS Integration- The platform content and the informative or educational posts can be managed by the app owner and laundry service provider.

How to Attract More Customers to Your On-Demand Laundry Services?

1. Eco-friendly Services

To attract more customers it is crucial to present your business USPs and market it effectively. Likewise, presenting such eco-friendly and toxic-free services can also motivate customers to be a part of this. Offer paraben-free detergents, promote wet cleaning to avoid usage of chemical solvents involved in dry cleaning, etc. All these, initiatives will let customers adopt healthy and environment-friendly habits.

2. User-friendly Apps UI/UX

A well-designed and planned user interface grabs customers’ attention quickly and lets them spend more time on the app. A rich user-friendly interface will also increase customer retention rate, navigation, and understanding of the app’s flow.

3. Pet Only Machines

To attract more customers to your on-demand laundry app- providing pet-only machine services could be a great business strategy. It will ease the job of pet owners to handle and keep their belongings clean. It will be an additional benefit for people who may have allergies to animals.

4. Offer Customized Packages

Analyzing the customers’ habits, such as laundry count, average monthly expense, pick-up and delivery time, payment mode, etc. will help you to formulate a strategy that can attract customers to avail of the offer and associate with the platform for a long. While considering the fact that you can’t provide a common offer to all of your customers.

Cost of Creating a Compelling On-Demand Laundry App

The app development is a multi-staged process with varied expenses and working hours at each stage. The overall development cost can be calculated with the total number of working hours multiplied by the cost per hour. Though, these expenses can be influenced by multiple factors, such as platform, laundry apps complexity, features, functionality, UI/UX, development team’s size and location, testing and QA analysis, etc.

The major factor that impacts the development cost is the location of the development company. It influences the working hours’ charges a lot, but we will analyze the average range of budget required for creating compelling on-demand laundry apps.

Considering all these factors, the overall development cost of an on-demand laundry app for a single platform would range from around $15,000 to $50,000 or more.

How Can Startups Or Enterprises Capitalize On The Growing Demand For Laundry Services Through On-Demand Laundry Apps?

Discover how to seize the burgeoning demand for laundry services by leveraging on-demand laundry apps, offering time-saving solutions, secure transactions, and revenue-generating opportunities. Explore various business models, revenue streams, essential features, and cost considerations to establish a successful online laundry business.


The on-demand laundry apps business is evolving with growing customer demand. If you are planning to get into the on-demand laundry business, then it could be the most appropriate time to grab customers’ attention and generate good revenues.

When the majority of traditional business practices are getting digitally advanced, then why not take your laundry business online as well to gain more customer reach. Well, if you are already planning to do so, and looking to hire an on-demand laundry app development company, then you can reach us to provide wings to your traditional business practice.

Take Your Laundry Business Online With On-Demand App Development Services

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