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Mobile Apps Investment – What might it mean for Startups?

  • Published on : December 27, 2016

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Mobile Apps Investment - What might it mean for Startups?

In the new age of digital, rapid change and swiftly climbing online experiences are constant forces pulling us to quickly adapt the early technology shifts at every level of our business development stage. There are simply too many startups of your niche, too many competitors, and too many options for consumers and users. It is needless to say, the intent of Mobile Apps investment by startup space plays a huge role in shaping their digital marketing success.

Simply put, mobile apps take away 90% of the emotional layer of consumer’s brain wires.

The data-driven design behind the carefully-crafted creation of mobile apps culminates the strong feeling of the brand’s DNA. When an early-stage startup comes up with a mobile application well designed, and something, that speaks more of their vertical, the brand feels empowered to drive delight, to drive sales and ultimately win the customers’ base.

Codiant software technologies through their past work, have made some observations that will perhaps make you understand, what delight a carefully-crafted mobile app can bring to your own business. Take a sneak peek.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

The smartphone has become an indispensable tool for people of every age today, and the mobile apps have become the fundamentals of that smartness, resting on that giant size phone. Mobile apps give you the potential to reach out geographically to global users and promote your products/services.

Moreover, an app is visible to customers all times. Even if they are not looking at your products every time, but regularly eyeing the smart and tactical push notifications about the event, sale, offers, updates or new features keep reminding them about your app and keep them in the funnel of your brand’s memory.

Build Loyalty

Mobile apps digitalize conventional loyalty program while trashing the obsolete old point-based systems. This gives your customers an added advantage to collect rewards with mobile apps resulting in return customers. Also, giving your customers a liberty to create their wishlist on their coveted items and then providing alerts when such items hook any discounts on them or boils down to completion.

Increased Customer Engagement

The Mobile app is the only grail that has the potential to rest on your customer’s palm every now and then. Consumers can interact with it at every moment while they are lurking around. It’s your forte to feed your app with best app marketing strategy and keep them engaged most of the times.

Escalated Sales

Only a strong intent to buy products or services from your brand can compel the customers to put an extra effort and visit your website and purchase the chores from there. Otherwise, although you have got a responsive website, consumers today never prefer to make those extra clicks and make their shopping journey way grueling.

On the flip side, mobile apps have made the sales easier than ever before. Your consumers have more options to make well-informed decisions and make the purchase swift with few clicks.

Maximize ROI

Startups always have a big juggled line running over their mind, bothering them of the intimidating development costs involved, but it is important to understand that escaping away from the fear of mobile app development costs is actually hampering their brand’s additional sales and interests, it could have yielded with mobile apps in the long run.

The Bottom Line

As consumers become more digitally empowered, mobile apps become the strongest array of digital experiences. If you want to play well amongst your competitors and further gain momentum as you start building up your positive word of mouth locally and globally, then the touchpoint to brace is “your own customized APP”!

You miss, You lose! Your brand’s conversions are in your hand.

How Codiant Can Help?

Mobile Apps built by Codiant are a true reflection of your brand’s DNA. Our developers’ amazing ability to quickly understand your product, processes and requirement help you measure success in the long run.

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