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Mobile Apps and Its Spellbinding Saga in Travel and Tourism Industry

Published February 12, 2016


With the advent of smartphone culture, no sooner was the day when the travel & tourism industry married their better-half-soul technology to push up the envelope of their trillion-dollar industry. The days of guidebooks, compasses, maps, and other printed stuff have been put back by mobile travel apps that come loaded with perceptive functionalities. With that relentless necessity of a super sleek travel app, nobody wants to goof up traveling without an intelligent robot in hand.

Do You Own a Travel & Tourism Business?

According To the GoodWorkLabs,

  • It is the 7th most downloaded app category
  • 85% use smartphones to plan their travel when on leisure tours
  • 72% people will post photos about their travel on social platforms like Facebook
  • 46% check-in via their smartphones when on holidays
  • 30% use mobile apps to find the best hotel deals
  • 29% use mobile apps to find the best flight deals
  • 15% users specifically download travel apps to plan a trip ahead

From the above facts, it can be comfortably held that the partnership of tourism and technology is incessantly everlasting. If you are in a tourism business or planning to invest into one, it’s imperative that you should make this technology investment.

The 7 Must-Include Feature In Mobile Apps Taking The Travel Industry By Storm

1. Travel Itinerary Generator

A quick go to route planner which automatically generates a route map for your destination and the covering distance on the trip.

2. Geolocaton Tracking Services

An intelligent feature that tracks your present location and quickly fetches the results which help tourists to find nearby hotels, restaurants, cafes and other places of interests!

3. Weather or Climate Forecasting

Real-time weather forecasting that helps the tourists in planning and making comfy arrangements for their tour like wrapping the outfits as per the current city weather.

4. Language Translator

A personal interpreter present in the pocket that is always there for you to give native feeling wherever you go thereby, breaking the language bondage.

5. Cab Service Integration

Make the to and fro movements from the airport to hotel or any other coveted place of your travel trip smoother with integrated cab services.

6. Integrated Social Feed or Messaging Service

An added bonus to keep the pace up with the real world time-to-time! Social channels like Twitter and Facebook let tourists interact with their friends and following by sharing snapshots, experiences.

7. Trip Reviews

Keep the visitors aware of your experiences with the services of the hotel, cafes, cabs, and other landing places that you have explored in your trip by trip review modules.

It’s your world- Explore it with super sleek and functionally rich travel apps build by Codiant software technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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