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5 Crucial Mobile App Design & Development Hacks To Drive Leads

  • Published on : May 24, 2017

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5 Crucial Mobile App Design & Development Hacks

This means that mobile app design principles are now inseparable from business success strategies. We will present to you 11 of these core principles and how they are crucial for driving dollars your way.

A new kind of monetization for every business vying for increased customer engagement is the “Accompanying Mobile App (AMA)” – a planned move that acts as a booster in positively trekking the revenues and then reflecting in the balance sheets of the company.

A wrong move in the development and designing of Mobile apps and your business tends to shrink.

This brief and crisp blog by Codiant seeks to demonstrate the basic mobile app development principles you dodge while developing your lucrative business weapon. Take a sneak:

Your App Should Be Totally Relatable

The App name, its online description, its UX, its aesthetics, and each and every aspect of your app should relate to your business goal, its purpose, app existence, and of course cover target user problem in every respect.

Your App Should Nail It Right On The Head

By adhering to this principle, your app should comprehensively address all the solutions a user requires during its usage. Without a doubt, you should eliminate every chance of frustration and dissatisfaction before launching it.

As a result of following this approach, you can narrow down your competitors’ room for improvement and reduce the likelihood of your prospects being drawn away by them.

Indeed, it holds true that as long as users perceive value in YOUR app, they are unlikely to switch to a competitor unless they offer it for free.

Your Revenue Model Needs A Clear Purpose

The conviction that “the higher the app rank, the greater would be the income” should soon go into the trash. We repeat, be clear about the core of your strategies, app launching purpose, and most importantly revenue model.

Come into the knows:

Do you intend to generate ad revenue?

  • Your app should be free.
  • Solve a very routine problem
  • Feature ads in an unobtrusive way.

Will it have in-app purchases?

  • Put as much value as you can. It will compel them to make in-app purchases.

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The Psychological Mantra Behind Best-Selling App Design

UX – in short, aka User Experience is the lifeblood of an app that unequivocally retains the user stickiness.

The psychological mantra of colors, UI, and UX in the design, reckon on the shifting digital age but its rules are timeless in UI UX development.

The UI of the products depends on four basic fundamentals:

  1. Analysis of the competitors
  2. Analysis of the customer’s needs
  3. Product structure and strategy
  4. Content creation

Minimize The Cognitive Load To Maximize Learning

Secondly, the learnability of the product should be more than the UI. For that to happen, restrict the extra elements in the UI to those that are critical in prompting the user to take the next step—everything else is noise.

Avail it an Easiest App Navigation and Search

We repeat, your app should reflect ease, convenience, and simple navigation in each of its elements that pushes the user to take the very next step.


  • Are all the critical functions self-explanatory in itself?
  • Can users find them in a single swipe or touch?
  • Does your app have any intro tutorials, or convenient search bars in the app that directly prevent the user from getting lost?

It’s no wonder relevant Mobile App manifestation is the holy grail. Stick to these aforementioned points and increase your app success rate. And yes, don’t forget to create and share useful content and use mobile marketing to achieve better brand positioning and drive more targeted customers to your online business.

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