And The Wait For iOS 11 is Finally Over… Meet The Empowered Siri

  • Published on : September 9, 2017

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It’s June! And it only means one thing for iOS developers and iOS app development community: WWDC aka Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference.

As the curtain falls of the most awaited WWDC 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook rolls out everything from the highly anticipated Siri speaker to the new iOS.

And here with the inception of iOS 11, Apple gives its superfans a lot to look forward. While the final version of iOS 11 won’t be available until later this year, here’s what Apple has in store for you with iOS 11.

Better Control Over Phone’s Storage

Apple is introducing a new feature in iOS 11 that will help users free up space on their iPhones by offering personalized recommendations about actions they can take to increase the available storage.

Though Apple didn’t detail how its new “free up storage” feature would work during its keynote at WWDC, a number of users have tweeted and blogged about the addition since.

Drag And Drop Comes into Our iOS Lives

Now zap the old tradition of Copy and Paste everything between apps. Now, you can simply drag the items you want to come into another app when in Split View.

Siri Becomes More Intelligent & Smarter

Siri as speculated will now use deep learning to offer more natural human voices- male and female.

Also, there is a new visual, Siri can understand your context better, and anything that Siri learns about you on one device will go on every device.

Stickers And iMessage Apps Gets A Shortcut Drawer

Yay, now there’s no need to tap multiple times to send a sticker.

Furthermore, now the conversations are automatically synchronized with iCloud and stay in sync. If you delete a message, it goes away everywhere.

Other Most Wanted Updates

Apart from the above, Unified lock screen and notifications center, a redesigned control center, and updates to Messages are like icing on the cake.

With these new features and capabilities iOS 11 offering to us, Open up and explore the limitless possibilities this giant is bringing for augmented reality in games and apps. Contact us for iOS app development. Because you worth much more!

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