M-commerce App Optimization : Tips to Increase Customer Engagement

  • Published on : March 16, 2021

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M-commerce App Optimization | Tips to Increase Engagement
Developing an M-commerce app to launch a new business can woo anyone. But when it comes to capturing a quality lead and keeping the customers engaged with solid customer engagement and retention strategy, the drive demands knowledge. Your M-commerce app development journey plays a key role in generating serious revenue and keep your customers coming back. Also known as customer journey optimization, here in this post we will run through a heap of technical aspects that can help you retain your customers while keeping them motivated and happy.

Create An Enjoyable Onboarding Experience

Customer satisfaction has always been a staple to a successful eCommerce business so we need not question its power. We just need to ensure that our M-commerce app development company creates a smoother and enjoyable customer onboarding that familiarizes the customer with the product or service instead of quickly jumping to billing and payments. Features like social logins, browsing products with filters, product details with description, pictures and other time-sensitive information (like no. of products left, out of stock, when it will be back, etc.), customer reviews and ratings can enable them to gain confidence on product and stay satisfied while making a purchase. However, in the digital shopping realm we also have marketing automation tools that can enhance the customer experience by providing personalized outreach to customers. One example can be of email automation program that triggers a mail sequence to keep customers educated with the help of tutorials, blogs, and other intuitive content making them learn to use the service smoothly. Related Reading: eCommerce Development : A Digital Transformation and Modernization Guide to Help Your Business Outshine

Keep Your Customers Educated With Product Updates

The most crucial tip to save your customers slipping away to your competitors- “keep them informed”- of new innovations, product updates, and services. Just leaving your customers as soon as the product is sold is not a good practice. You never know if they’re facing some problems, experiencing pain points, or are uninformed if there is something new in the market that can make their daily routines easier. This vacant communication can likely influence your customers to go to your competitors. To keep your customers in loop, Push notifications can play a great role. Notifying customers all together by catchy subject lines can help them stay updated, plus, gain trust in your brand.

Invest in Customer Nurturing Program

Customer nurturing programs are not just for generating new leads. But also for keeping those customers engaged who keep investing in your M-commerce app. This is the way to create customer loyalty, build a stronger relationship, and boost revenue by making repeat business, differentiate yourself from competitors, encourage word-of-mouth marketing and ultimately drive customers’ satisfaction. However, the question is HOW? How do they work? Here are a few ways to nurture, inspire and connect with customers:

  • Sending thank you or welcoming mails when a customer onboard.
  • Celebrating anniversary, milestone, festivals with big offers and promotions.
  • Launching and announcing new products and services.
  • Generate customer loyalty programs like subscription-based, points-based, spend-based or gaming based.

Personalized Marketing Based on Customers’ Current Sentiments

Understanding customer reactions, behavior, and opinions towards your products or services are known as sentiment analysis. Big eCommerce giants use this analysis to increase their customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention rate. Marketing automation tools and several other brand monitoring techniques help you know the most used keywords, click-through rates and do customer segmentation based on product choices, price range, etc. This data helps you in making their next purchase journey smoother by erasing the pain points and increasing the choice pool that eases the decision-making process of buying. “A study by Mckinsey reveals that personalized marketing yields 5X8 ROI and around 10% significant increase in sales.”

Referral Programs Can Make Your Customers Your Brand Advocate

Brand advocates are the customers who are willing to refer and recommend your brand to others through word-of-mouth (offline) or apps (online) channels through natural passion. 76% of people say they’re more likely to trust content shared by their peers. This makes brand advocates a more credible form of advertisers as they give more credibility to your USPs and brand values and give an unforced recommendation to other prospects which are more likely to get converted as your customers. To set up a referral program follow these steps:

  1. Define your goal- whether it is for revenue generation or customer retention?
  2. Make a list of your brand advocates. They can be any- existing customers, past customers, vendors, or industry leaders.
  3. Do segmentation of your brand advocates by funneling down more intense advocates also known as the inner circle. These are the people who will refer your brand without any incentive.
  4. Reach out to these inner circle advocates and ask them to take part in your referral program.
  5. Identify the incentives you would like to give ‘cash or non-cash incentive’. While both play their role but a study found non-cash incentives are better than cash.
  6. Send alerts to your customers and remind them of the referral program through newsletters, blogs, CTAs, and product updates.
  7. Track the referred accounts by knowing who referred, when referred, did they convert and nurture the prospects by following them.
  8. At last, say thank you to the referrer for recommending and referral to join.

How Codiant Can Help You Optimize Your M-commerce App with Greater Customer Engagement Campaigns?

Codiant has everything you need to take off for the successful launch of your M-commerce project. From idea validation, market research to M-commerce app development and customer marketing campaigns, we provide you end-to-end support. Our M-commerce app solution is a set of right tools, techniques and strategies with easy-to-understand reports that help you cruise in the M-commerce segment with high profits and happy customers.

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