Rekindling The Fire: iPHONE 7 And All The Exclusive Official Updates

  • Published on : January 11, 2018

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Rekindling The Fire iPHONE 7

The curtain falls! And the much anticipated iPhone 7 updates that has kept prompting hysteria in recent weeks has finally cracked the speculations and tech rumor mill that has been running at fever pitch in its juggernaut Apple event held in San Francisco, California.

The Apple event which began with ‘Carpool Karaoke’ on the most awaited day of 7 September, 016 released its new stable of products i.e. iPhone 7, 7 plus and the Apple watch.

Starting from the elephant in the room, let’s unveil the seventh iteration of ever-popular iPhone’s new features, specifications and the untold speculations that made a sharp cut this time and of course, turned the tech giant world upside down.

APPLE Ditches 3.5mm Jack – Launches Wireless AirPods

RIP Headphone jack! Apple has done away by killing the traditional headphone socket and making the room for other components and promoted the use of wireless earphones, oops Airpods (make that habit!)

Cook says “It had taken courage to take the step”. Nevertheless, this would be the inspired decision for the rivals ahead.

All New Improvised Dual Camera

Optical image stabilization has made the punches this fall, where the resolution remains the same at 12 megapixels (marking no change from last year’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus) and the larger iPhone 7 Plus makes the amazing debut with two 12-megapixel cameras; one with a wide-angle lens and the other with a telephoto lens.

Stereo Speakers

A big cheer ran out for the stereo speakers, which can output 50% louder sound. One lies in the earpiece and the other on the bottom.

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Water And Dust Resistant

For the first time in the iPhone’s history, the new phones are “water and dust resistant,” up to IP67 (i.e., splashproof, not submersible) Good enough to be submerged in up to 3.2 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

Battery life

Biggest battery life that will raise the eyebrows! How does it come up? Up to 2 hours longer battery life than the iPhone 6S! My fingers were already crossed.

Overall, the changes are definitely incremental, draws cheers and the innovation though not surprising but dramatic enough to catch the pace of the rivals.

Digital Spotlight

Apple devotees, the world has all eyes set on iPhone7, with 384,000 followers the anticipation game is strong. How about launching an iOS App with the new version of iOS 10, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus on board?

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