iOS 12 : Unveiling the Release Date, New Features, and Enhancements

  • Published on : July 6, 2018

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WWDC 2018: The annual refresh of Apple’s OS iOS 12 is here. Thanks to the WWDC 2018 keynote that didn’t keep us waiting for so long and announced the host of updates at the very start of the event.

YES, the iOS 12 developer beta is available to download now, however public beta is still under the wraps and needs a few more clock rounds to go (maybe later this month). Whereas, the final build of iOS 12 will release in September after the new iPhone X series for 2018 has been revealed.

This time around, Apple has unveiled an assortment of notable features and additions, including performance enhancements, AR improvements, Siri shortcuts and suggestions, and more. Here is list of the features, an array of fixes (that disappointed you so far) and worthy enhancements that are likely to make a big impact.

Performance Updates

Apple’s Craig Federighi who took the stage at WWDC says, iOS 12 is all about performance, as expected. Apps will launch 40% faster, the keyboard launches 50% faster, and even the camera comes a lot faster, up to 70% on older devices.



Siri welcomes a new feature called Shortcuts. It finds your lost items. It offers you automated suggestions on your lock screen based on your actions and lot more. So you might say, “Siri I am heading office” and the digital assistant will open your system, turn on the thermostat and check the traffic on your route to office.

3. SMS Autofill

Ease. A lot of ease. iOS 12 will recognize those verification codes in the text messages and will auto-fill them into the application that demands them, getting you authenticated and signed in much faster.

Password Manager Extension

iOS 12 features the Password Manager API which will allow developers to integrate these password managing apps and let them complete the fields.

Animoji and Memoji


Gave you butterflies last year! Apple decided to give it more, by adding a flurry of emoji upgrades. Amongst the one, you last have, welcome the new ones that have the faces of ghost, koala, tiger and t-rex, and you know what’s more tickling? They all include tongue-detection so you can wag your tongue to have your ghostly digital replica do the same.

Augmented Reality

Just know the significance of AR through the first major iOS 12. Apple worked with Pixar to create a brand new file format for AR called USDZ, which will work in multiple applications, including Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

The second version of ARKit 2 includes improved face track, better 3D object detection, and gives people an ability to experience the same virtual environment simultaneously.

Apart from this, there are many more little updates that are grabbing the attention and making a huge impact. Few of them includes Critical alerts for Do Not Disturb, Face ID rescans, Wink Detection, Portrait mode improvements, and more.

For latest technology trends and updates on iOS 12 stay tuned.

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