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  • Published on : July 7, 2016

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iOS App Development Partner


It’s working! WWDC 2016 has already kicked off the biggest sleeper hits of iOS 10 that will zap most of the annoyances you had with the watch, iPad, iPod, and your inseparable iPhone.

The annual refresh of Apple’s operating system saw iOS 10 unveiled technically. When exactly? Will be out for public beta testing and iPhone app development partner on a staggered release date, maybe later this month.

This time around, the Apple iOS 10 update lives up to its milestone software version number and is expected to smoothly sail in the technical waters. How? The most prominent feature revolves around here and let’s break it down quickly…

A Massive Makeover On Lockscreen

Apple unveils the coolest iteration of its mobile software which packs a softer aesthetic, an incredibly interactive lock screen, and personalized home screen widgets. Not limited, read more…

  • 3D Touch-enabled iOS 10 notifications so that you can immediately respond to messages as soon as you pick up the phone.
  • No more lurking around the home screen and layers of app menus to check vital information.

A small but fairly significant update!

Swipe Away All Notifications in One Touch

Undeniably, the best change iOS 9 users kept speculating about i.e. the 3D touch ability to clear all your old notifications hence wiping off a time-consuming mess that kept you vexed in IOS 9.

It’s super easy to swipe away all the expired alerts with iOS 10.

Play Online Video On Safari On iPhone

Watch videos within Safari without being compelled into a full-screen video view. As a side point, apple is allowing a video that features disabled audio, or videos without audio tracks to begin playback automatically once the page loads.

Lyrics in The Music App

Cover up; cover down because now you have the lyrics in the music app. You can hide or show them right on the flyer.

The Power of 3d Touch

  • 3D Touch a folder to rename the folder
  • 3D Touch for Siri suggested apps
  • 3D Touch an in-progress download to cancel pause or resume the download
  • 3D Touch Folder with a notification shows the app with the notification

Accessibility Magnifier

Now you can use a magnifier to quickly zoom into any object in front of you and take the best shot.

Home App Shortcuts in The Control Center

The swipe-up-from-the-bottom Control Center overlay menu is revamped with a brand new look something Apple users have been asking for. It features four app shortcuts along the bottom viz. flashlight, stopwatch, camera, and calculator app, and moves the fifth to a newer, bigger spot while giving you more space in that bottom row.

Well, when combined, it’s over 100+ new features in iOS 10 alone. Let us keep that additional stuff veiled for you and other iOS app development companies to unveil and explore the limitless possibilities with it.

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