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How To Make an App Like- Instagram Threads

  • Published on : July 7, 2023

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How To Make an App Like Instagram Threads

It’s time to tie the new social network threads through Instagram Threads.

Keeping up to date with current trends is normal for GenZ and social media plays a crucial role to update them. This is leading to an increase in demand for social media apps that are easy to use, efficient, multi-featured, and comprise Artificial Intelligence in it.

Do you know which social media platform reached 1 million users in the least time? Well, the recently launched app Threads by Instagram has conquered this number within 2 hours of its launch. Coping with well-established platforms these days is difficult, but Threads made history.

This blog will provide a brief on how to build compatible on-demand apps like Instagram Threads.

What is Instagram Threads App?

Threads is a unique captivating app that is launched by Meta, the parent company of Facebook. The primary aim of the app is to connect with a huge audience through real-time text updates and conversations. Instagram threads users can share their posts up to 500 characters and can include photos, videos up to 5 mins, and links.

It is shooting the marketing intending to rival Twitter.

How to Use Instagram Threads App- Step-By-Step Guide

Still, wondering how to use Threads App? Here is the step-by-step guide you can follow to use Threads.

  • Find it on App Store/ Play Store and download it.
  • Open the app to log in and press the button below “Login with Instagram”
  • Set up your profile by choosing “Import from Instagram”
  • Choose options to make your profile public/private
  • Select the number of Instagram followers you want to follow on threads
  • Once done with follower selection, tap on “Join Threads”

Making It Easy for You to Navigate- Instagram Threads

Here is the list of icons that you will see on the app to navigate throughout.

  • Check your Thread feeds using House Icon
  • Search people you want to follow by typing names on the Magnifying Glass Icon
  • Create a new thread using Pen and Paper Icon
  • Track your account activity using Heart Icon like followers, post mentions, etc.
  • Check your own thread profile and activity using Human Figure Icon

How can you build an app like Instagram Threads?

When developing an app that is similar to Instagram Threads, you should focus on key features including enhanced messaging, ad-free mode, media sharing, Instagram integration, character restrictions for postings, privacy settings, and user interaction management. Conduct a thorough market analysis, create wireframes, create an intuitive user interface, develop the program, test it thoroughly, release it, and oversee it. Costs might vary depending on the platform, location, features, and complexity.

Must-Have Features in Ideal Social Networking App Like Threads

Social networking app like Threads is built with a perspective to connect with a huge audience through the power of real-time text updates.

If you are looking to create a similar app then here is the list of features that you must consider.

1. Limit & Media Sharing

Threads which is a similar app to Twitter limits users to use up to 500 characters in a Thread post. This feature allows users to promote their ideas, thoughts, and relevant updates in a very concise manner.

Additionally, there is also an option to share images/photos just like Instagram and long videos of up to 5 minutes to help individuals engage with a huge like-minded audience.

2. Integration With Instagram

Threads provide a notable feature that allows users to integrate seamlessly with Instagram. Any user who already has an account can directly login to threads app with existing Instagram credentials.

As soon as the user downloads the app, the Instagram details automatically appear allowing users for the easy Threads login.

3. Ad- Free Setting

To provide an uninterrupted experience, Threads is presently not allowing any advertisements which is helping users to engage easily. However, with the expedited growth of the application, the company may introduce a new feature to allow ads.

But for now, it’s good news for users to enjoy Threads without any interruption.

4. Privacy Setting

As soon as the user login the app, the user gets the option to choose followers from their existing list of Instagram. So, either they can choose a few, all, or none of them, it totally depends on the user.

Also, users get an option to choose their profile’s privacy setting i.e., whether they want to make their account public or private.

5. User Control

Users can easily manage user interactions by limiting or allowing another followers’ activity i.e., who can mention them or reply to their thread posts.

Moreover, the user also gets the right to use specific filters where they can remove replies which don’t look suitable to them.

6. Enhanced Messaging

Similar to Twitter, the Threads app provides an interactive text-based interface where users can share short messages, like, and repost.

Also, users can even quote those text-based Threads just like retweets on Twitter.

How to Kickstart An App Development Like Threads?

If you are one such business owner, looking to build an app like Threads and vying for those unique features that others are still waiting for then congrats, you are in the right place.

Here we uncover the detailed process of developing robust social media apps like Threads.

Market Analysis

Before you begin with text-based app development, it is crucial to understand the market scenario and note down crucial stats both in value and volume. Try to find out essential factors like market competition, engagement patterns, regulations, barriers to market entry, user insights, user preferences, and trends.


Once you are done with the research part, begin to create a blueprint for your text-based app including visual structure and storyboard creation. Clearly define the app screen specifications, navigation, and feasibility to define user experience and interface.

UI/UX Design

After understanding all the major app components, the expert UI UX design team begins to give an attractive and user-friendly interface and look to help attract clients. A major focus of the designers is on the app’s usability and aligning the brand’s voice to make it visually appealing.

App Development

Once there is clarity on the design part, the project goes to the developers who decide the significant tech stack including programming languages and development frameworks. Developers work on building necessary components and integrating APIs, and server databases to ensure better usability, scalability, performance, and compatibility.

QA Testing

When you are launching a new app in the market it is inevitable to conduct multiple testing which helps in managing high quality at low cost. The testing is done to check the app’s compatibility, interface checks, performance, bugs, and other errors that can create issues in delivering a seamless user experience.

App Launch & Maintenance

Now, the app is ready to go live on multiple platforms with suitable app titles, descriptions, categories, keywords, launch icons, and app store screenshots. After deployment, developers keep an eye on the app’s performance, user feedback, bugs, relevant updates, and overall functioning of the app across all the platforms.

How Much Does A Social Media App Development Like Threads Cost?

The development cost of any mobile app is not fixed. There are always some of the influential factors that affect the pricing aspect which we are going to discuss further.

However, the ballpark figure of developing an app like Threads costs around $40,000 and goes on increasing as per the individual requirements including feature addition and more.

Some of the major factors that influence the development cost include:

1. App Complexity

When you include exclusive features, which includes the app’s complexity and adds up more cost to the development process.

2. Number of Features

With the increase in the number of app features, the overall app development time increases as it requires more resources which ultimately increases the development cost.

3. App Size

Variations in app size will have a huge impact on the development cost. If you go for an MVP development, then the development cost will be comparatively low than a full-fledged feature-rich app.

4. Development Platform

If you are developing an application that works on multiple platforms, then you would need a developer having platform specialization which again increases the cost.

5. Developer’s Location

It is not just about the development process; the developer’s location also plays a major role. So, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research on location-based charges.

Summing Up!

So, are you excited to launch such a thrilling app in the market? We are the tech experts to help you guide through the process of creating a popular app like Instagram-Threads. Don’t miss a chance to entice your target audience by allowing them to share daily thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

Now build a similar app and make it easier for your users to connect and communicate with the ones who mean the world to you using a game-changer app Instagram-Threads.

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