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How to Choose the Right eLearning App Development Company?

  • Published on : November 10, 2022

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The rapid adoption of digitalization in the education industry has revolutionized the face of learning and knowledge. The learners are gaining access to global information on their smart gadgets at their convenient time and place. The growing demand for eLearning methods among learners of diverse age groups has pushed schools, colleges, and other educational institutes to come up with an e-learning app development solution to gain new and retain their learners at the same time.

The top eLearning mobile app development companies have already integrated many advanced technologies such as AI, VR, ML and others to enhance user experience and learnings with premium solutions. But, all this varies according to the project requirements. Therefore, before you plan to hire an eLearning app development company, it is highly recommended to first examine your project’s demands and requirements thoroughly.

That’s not it, there are various other aspects that you need to take care of before recruiting an eLearning software development company as per your custom requirements.

Factors to Consider while Selecting an eLearning App Development Company

1. Understand Companies Portfolio

An organization’s portfolio is their previous work with other clients. This will help you to analyze their technical expertise, project themes, business domains, client experiences and feedback, developers’ skillsets and other details of the eLearning mobile app development company.

If possible, have a discussion or interview with the company’s previous clients to understand the clear and real picture of what the company is claiming about their deliveries. Apart from that, perform a detailed study of the tasks completed by the eLearning software development company on that particular project building.

Last but not the least, also learn about the different types of eLearning projects and check their case studies and see how it is performing in the growth market landscape.

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2. NDA to Secure Your App Idea

Businesses and entrepreneurs often have nightmares about the security of their business idea and concepts from leakage. Because many cases are brimming around the market, such as low-quality clones or theft of app ideas before the original idea makes it into the market due to the loose security precautions exercised by the app development companies.

Being an entrepreneur and idea presenter, it is your responsibility to ensure the privacy of your idea. Therefore, why not legally bind the app development company with whom you are discussing your unique idea through a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure the concept and idea confidentiality.

3. Technical Expertise of Team

To develop an app, expertise in technology is a crucial aspect – especially when technology is evolving each day. Gaining expertise in all these new technologies is not an easy task for any developer.

Hence, interview the tech team experts to analyse their knowledge, experience and expertise, which will help you in decision-making on whether to hire the company for your eLearning app development or not.

During an interview session with tech experts, learn about their working skills with advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and AR/VR. Also, about their working knowledge on cross-platform development and the working style or interaction with the team members.

4. Analyse their Working Style and Process

Before onboarding, any app development company, figure out its development process and enquire about the workflow flexibility to handle and deliver the project’s requirements under a tight deadline.

Furthermore, extract information about the assets and resources that are used in a project. It will help you to figure out how effectively they follow the defined process and available resources.

Figure out their working approach, like what drives their solution development – learnings or pre-existed tools. And how this approach is yielding results for the client, whether it is delivering a positive impact to the business or not.

5. Communication Channel between the Involved Parties

While hiring an eLearning app development company, you must be aware of how the company collaborates or communicates with its clients and team as well. Additionally, learn about their working style and how they handle any challenge or bottleneck situation when the project is in progress. Make sure to figure out their communication effectiveness and collaboration during the process.

Being a client, it is crucial for you to always remain in the loop with the development team to be aware of every tiny update in the project. This is very crucial for you, as you will be able to track the project’s progress and can make valuable suggestions or feedback wherever it is required.

6. App Designing Compatibility with Market Standards

The user experience of a mobile application usually defines its quality and acceptability among visitors. An excellent user experience is the main deciding factor for the success and failure of the application. Thus, it is also important to be aware of the app development companies designing abilities. With the rising demand for mobile applications, users’ expectations are also very high. It includes easy navigation, quick loading time, high-quality images, informative but crisp content or message, and many more.

Delivering an outstanding user experience through the mobile application is an important part of your product strategy. As the EdTech app attracts global users, therefore it requires an extra cautious attitude and only expert hands to design the most subtle and appropriate user interface and navigation flow.

Being an expert eLearning mobile app development company, we suggest you, be watchful in terms of your app design.

7. Effective Delivery Management

Often clients experience miscommunication or no/least progress updates about their project. As a result, the end product is not up to the mark or turns out irrelevant to the client’s requirements. To avoid all these issues and build an effective and faultless product, the company must keep its clients updated with each progress.

To achieve the on-time delivery of the final product, it is important to follow a guided approach with effective delivery. Hence, study the company’s product management cycle and transparency policy.

Ensure the company follows an agile methodology, which can speed up the development process and boost communication between both parties.

8. Trusted QA and Testing Measures

It is a common practice to test anything or a product before purchasing it to understand its working and how receptive being a user you are to the product’s functioning. The same goes with a mobile application, perform testing on your own and with trusted sources along with a development company.

Regular interruptions in operating the app can annoy the users and lose their interest in using the app. So, make sure to deploy only an excellently designed and developed application for your end-users. It should be free of any technical glitches or defects before deploying the app on the app store.

Thus, when you hire an eLearning app development company, ensure they follow the most up-to-date automated and manual testing and quality assurance measures.

9. Maintaining and Customizing the App

Every application demands updation and marketing to serve its users with something new and interesting stuff every now and then. Trying to fix bugs and introducing other features to engage users regularly with your application requires a lot of effort and strategies.

With the evolving market demands and business strategies, you must customize your application and maintain it accordingly without hampering the existing processes. To present such updates, you can’t afford to hire a new team or developers separately.

So, if you have an existing team of developers, then it would be easier and safer for you and the project’s code as well. Because the developers would be aware of the codes and don’t need to speed extra time understanding the codes. This way they will write new codes without hampering the existing functionalities.

10. Development Charges and Pricing Model

Prior to hiring the eLearning app development company ask for their package cost and after-deployment charges. Get a brief idea of the project deadline as well, which will help you to figure out your average development budget and later on expenses as well.

Before you finalize the development company, discuss how they are going to influence the project’s functionality. In the initial phase, what you require is a basic version of the mobile application that prioritizes user and intuitiveness. You need not waste your money on not-so-important or useless features at the initial stage.


It requires a significant investment to hire the right eLearning app development company. Hence it is critical to find the most suitable one that ensures you’ve invested your money in the right place. So, before you invest, consider all the above-mentioned cautions to find the best eLearning app development company for your dream project.

Codiant is an expert and experienced EdTech app development company, and we understand an eLearning app development isn’t only about brainstorming, developing and deploying. It also requires round-the-clock support service and maintenance to infuse new features and updates in the application.

So, if you are aiming for a mobile-friendly, competitive and profitable eLearning mobile app development, then Codiant can be your most reliable and apt technical partner during your entire development journey.

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