How a Fashion eCommerce Mobile App can Boost Revenue?

  • Published on : November 9, 2022

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How a Fashion ecommerce mobile app can boost revenue

Usually, an eCommerce business aims to make good sales and increase revenue. But, it could be a tough nut to crack in a highly competitive fashion industry.

The fashion industry frequently gets exposed to new trends and styles, which gives ‘n’ numbers of options for customers to shop. Hence, for fashion eCommerce app stores it becomes complicated to stand out from the crowd and drive sales.

Considering the competitive market world, the fashion world is the largest B2C eCommerce segment. The fashion eCommerce app industry is expected to grow at a rate of 9.1% per year.

In 2020, the global fashion eCommerce industry was estimated at US$752.5 billion, and by the end of 2025, it is expected to touch the figure of US$1.164,7 billion.

Therefore, to sustain in this highly competitive world, businesses must acquire sensible strategies and tactics to not only sustain but also boost revenue. After understanding this pain point of eCommerce businesses, being a responsible eCommerce application development company, we have analysed some crucial strategies that can support your fashion eCommerce business app to boost revenue.

Top 10 Tips to Boost Revenue of a Fashion eCommerce Mobile App

  • Implement Effective SEO Strategies
  • Personalize Everything
  • Introduce Influencer Marketing
  • Integrate Advanced Technologies
  • Create Interesting, Engaging & Useful Content
  • Track Your Progress and Analyse Data Regularly
  • Easy and Convenient Return Policy
  • Partner with Complementary Brands
  • ReCommerce and Rental
  • Reduce Friction in the Checkout Process

1. Implement Effective SEO Strategies

For any business app or website, its presence in the competitive market is quite valuable and can be handled by following effective SEO practices. Platform optimization helps to rank your business higher in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

It is a crucial aspect and an important strategy for eCommerce app businesses to attract more organic traffic and ultimately boost revenue.

However, make sure to design an intelligent and business-specific search engine optimization strategy, relevant target keywords, produce high-quality content, manage website loading speed, provide good quality images, and many more.

2. Personalize Everything

According to reports, about 43% of user purchases on any fashion eCommerce app are influenced by tools like personalized recommendations or promotions.

Among them, almost 75% of customers prefer personalized messages, offers, and experiences from brands. Hence, the point to be considered is that customers are liking this and prefer personalization.

Therefore, you can also integrate personalized recommendation algorithms in your fashion eCommerce mobile app development. But, make sure you use it cautiously and intelligently because overdoing anything could harm your business too.

3. Introduce Influencer Marketing

Going with micro-influencers, especially those who are of your industry/niche can contribute a lot in engaging new customers and promoting revenue generation on a long-term scale. These influencers can instantly boost your brand and help to reach your target audience in a dramatic way.

The micro-influencers are very effective and budget-friendly for any online fashion retail store.

Influencer marketing is a very effective tool to increase conversion. In your eCommerce app, you can use unique links for each influencer and discount codes (if any) for a definite period. This will help you to easily track the sales that came through the influencer’s post.

4. Integrate Advanced Technologies

The fashion industry is brutal and leaves no opportunity to stand out from the competition. Due to this, most companies are heavily inclining toward digital changes and are embracing the latest trends, tools, and technologies to gain more customers.

In this reference, AI, AR, and VR are the highly adopted technology in the fashion industry.

In fashion eCommerce applications, AI is used for enhancing user experience and interaction with the platform through Chatbots, recommendations, etc. Whereas, AR and VR technologies are used to personalize the user experience and make it fun and interesting to interact with the digital store while making purchasing decisions easier.

5. Create Interesting, Engaging & Useful Content

Grabbing people’s attention with interesting yet meaningful content to purchase your product is a great way to attract organic traffic to your digital fashion store.

Content is a very effective mode of sharing authentic and valid information to grab the reader’s attention, which will position your fashion brand as an authoritative voice in your vertical.

The interesting stuff on social media platforms usually attracts the reader and can easily divert them to your digital eCommerce store.

So, maintain the post quality as your requirements evolve occasionally, this will definitely drive a potential customer to your fashion eCommerce app.

6. Track Your Progress and Analyse Data Regularly

For an intelligent eCommerce business owner, it is crucial to track your business activities, sales, web and app traffic and data analysis regularly to figure out your progress. It will help you to analyse whether all your implemented strategies are working as per your expectations or not.

The detailed data analysis will also help you to formulate strategies and implement necessary changes to achieve your sales target and boost revenue as well with external link like Microsoft dynamic 365.

7. Easy and Convenient Return Policy

To boost your fashion eCommerce mobile apps’ sales, businesses must follow an easy and convenient practice of return policy. Customers often experience misfit, color and other issues with their wearables and seek return or replacement for it, where they usually encounter rigid return policy to do so.

Such business practices make them most unlike and non-preferable among customers, as well as fails to attract repeated customers at a percentage.

But being a responsible and intelligent business person, you should integrate an easy return policy to let the customer feel valued and become a regular customer.

So, ease your return policy and let the customer feel important and heard. It will motivate them to return to your platform again and gradually become loyal customers.

8. Partner with Complementary Brands

With your fashion eCommerce app development promote your business scaling with cross-marketing i.e. partnering with other brands with a similar target audience, but a complementary product.

This partnership will help your businesses to reach new customers and a relevant too.

Your purpose for preferring cross-marketing could vary based on your business requirements and target audiences.

Partnering with a complementary brand is usually quite a challenge for any business. It requires a lot of research and detailed information about your brand, requirements and of the complementary brand as well.

It will help you easily reach a similar audience and ultimately boost the revenue of your fashion eCommerce store.

9. reCommerce and Rental

It is not at all a new concept; the fashion industry is following this concept for a long time. Likewise, being in the fashion world you can also adopt reCommerce or resale, which includes renting, reselling, or thrifting of apparel.

People can sell or donate their old apparel, whereas other people can buy or rent it at a cheap price and do a new look at each event.

Well, every good thing comes with a price and price do not capture all costs. There are drawbacks too. Similarly, renting luxury apparel and getting it returned in the same condition might be an issue and can be vulnerable to frauds and thefts.

Therefore, placing terms and conditions beforehand can save you from unwanted mishaps and help in dealing smoothly in streamlining your online consignment operations.

10. Reduce Friction in the Checkout Process

The checkout process is very crucial and final step of the customers’ shopping journey on your fashion eCommerce store.

Therefore, while developing a fashion eCommerce mobile application make sure to provide a smooth and easy checkout process for your customer to make their entire experience faster and friendlier with your fashion eCommerce store.

To improve the checkout process, ensure the eCommerce mobile application is optimized for all mobile devices, offers multiple payment options, provide clear order, payment and delivery instructions, and provide a progress indicator to help customer to figure out the order status at a glance.

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Boost Your Fashion E-Commerce Revenue with Codiant

Running an online fashion retail store is not at all a cakewalk in such a fierce and highly competitive industry. However, you can easily gain potential customers without spending big bucks or burdening yourself financially with the aforementioned methods.

You can also explore other methods to boost the revenue of your online fashion store as numerous strategies can be exercised.

So, don’t limit yourself to experimenting and attracting potential customers over various means.

The customer’s demands and sentiments change regularly and, in the future, you’ll have to revamp and facelift your eCommerce store as per consumer expectations to ensure the regular flow of revenue.

To achieve this, if you need any assistance in taking your eCommerce store online or scaling the app, then Codiant can be your reliable eCommerce app development company that can integrate advanced tools and technologies to boost your business revenue.

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