How Are Google Plus Codes Simplifying Last Mile Delivery?

Published April 9, 2019

How Are Google Plus Codes Simplifying Last Mile Delivery?

Google Maps or GPS navigation seems to be discounted by last mile delivery boys, logistics, e-Commerce or any other on-demand economy sitting on the edge to make precise deliveries on time. Around half of the world’s urban population is sitting unmarked or unnamed on Google Maps most of which is from developing or underdeveloped countries. -A World Bank estimation.

In the digitally obsessed world where the consumer’s strong craving of instant gratification is shifting mountains subscribes an intense urge to receive food, groceries, on-demand taxis, merchandise and much more in the speed of light.

But unfortunately, the delivery boy becomes helpless when it comes to tracing local addresses on maps. Faded house numbers, unnamed streets, no famous nearby locations, undefined postal codes accounts comes as a daunting task for last mile delivery boys. Nevertheless, the good news is that Google Plus code has a respite for them.

Google Plus Code – The Location-based Digital Addressing System

Google has developed a “simple and consistent addressing system that works across India and globally.” Called “Plus Codes,” It is designed for people with addresses that are not easily located through conventional descriptors like street names or house numbers. This open source solution is a composure of 10 characters that works offline and online. The formula is as followed:

  • Places that are close together share similar plus codes, while the system is identifiable by the “+” symbol in every address.
  • “This system is based on dividing the geographical surface of the Earth into tiny ’tiled areas,’ attributing a unique code to each of them,” reports Google.
  • This code comprises a ‘6-character + City’ format.

Where, the first four characters are the area code, describing a region of roughly 100 x 100 kilometers. The last six characters are the local code, describing the neighborhood or the building, an area of roughly 14 x 14 meters. Example

Google Plus Code

Benefits of Using Google Plus Codes

Benefits of Using Google Plus Codes

Image courtesy: Geospatial world

Use Cases of Plus Codes other than On-demand Delivery Business

Use Cases of Plus Codes

Image courtesy: Geospatial world Eventually, Google plus Codes are adding muscles to the last mile delivery arms thereby, increasing their efficiency in delivering chores at precise location.

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