How AI Symptom Checker Is Improving Healthcare Diagnosis?

Published April 17, 2023

How AI Symptom Checker Is Improving Healthcare Diagnosis?

We all are living in the age of the internet where it’s quite obvious to switch to Mr. Google to resolve even the minute of queries and the same is applied to healthcare.

Today, people find it more reliable to ask Dr. Google about their general health issues rather than visiting the doctor at the clinic; especially at the initial stage. And this is because the patients get to know temporary solutions for their benign symptoms. However, this practice is not good in the long term.

Avoiding benign symptoms can really take an individual’s life at risk.

Then what could be the best action to cope with such life-threatening situations? AI symptom checker will be the answer!

It is an online platform that not only offers the convenience of tracking an individual’s symptoms but also offers ease of improving a patient’s diagnosis to medical practitioners.

In this blog, we will deeply understand the basics of an AI symptom checker, how it works, its significant benefits, reasons to use the symptom checker platform, and the factors to consider before launching a symptom checker in your healthcare business game.

Read on to know more.

Symptom Checker- Definition

It is an AI-based technology that is used to analyze patients’ data by their inputs or it extracts the required information from the electronic health records. The information or data on the patient’s health gets recorded & analyzed in pieces to provide suitable care suggestions, likely diagnosis, or both of them.

The database of symptom checkers includes information related to chronic conditions, treatment procedures, and other diseases.

There is a regular update on patient data followed by a continuous review from healthcare practitioners.

The major aim of the platform is not about eliminating or reducing doctor interaction. However, it supports patients by disclosing the root cause of the disease which helps in taking an informed course of action.

Working Process of a Symptom Checker Platform

Working Process of a Symptom Checker
With the Use of Natural Language Processing, The Symptom Checker App Works in Three Simple Stages:

1. Diagnose/Check Symptoms

To get details on symptoms, patients need to share the current medical data of their health including all the visible symptoms. The stored data is then diagnosed using machine learning algorithms to provide suitable care suggestions. The AI technology also considers other essential parameters like the patient’s medical history, sex, age, weight, etc.

Every solution suggested on the platform is unique as compared to other individuals. It also clearly detects the patient’s level of urgency and severity.

2. Get In-Depth Knowledge

Once the user is well aware of the type of symptoms, he/she can explore further information about the disease.

To begin with diagnosis, a person can first understand the criticality of the disease i.e. whether it can be cured with self-care or whether there is a need to check with virtual, specialty, or clinic care specialists.

The next step will be to check the list of prescribed treatment options by multiple healthcare practitioners. However, in case of some critical conditions, the platform immediately gives the alert and suggests emergency care actions to the patients.

3. Initiate a Chat with Doctor

After identifying all the symptoms of the disease, the patient can find a suitable doctor to connect with and share their personal health conditions.

Also, they can further interact to get better diagnoses, treatments, or opinions for better results.

Benefits of Symptom Checking App for Patients and Practitioners

Benefits of Symptom Checking App

Benefits for Patients

  • Informs patients about the disease ahead of time.
  • Minimizes patient’s risk of critical disease.
  • Increases the use of telemedicine services.
  • Prevents unnecessary visits of patients to the clinics or hospitals.
  • Connects patients to desired practitioners for personalized care services.
  • Enhances disease clarity and offers the convenience of the right care at the right time.

Benefits for Practitioners

  • Provides better analysis of emergency conditions
  • Offers authenticity to the gathered patient information and data
  • Acts as a convenient tool to check the severity of a patient’s disease
  • Saves a lot of time and cost on care that is poorly coordinated
  • Reduces unnecessary patient diagnosis appointments

Top Reasons to Opt for A Symptom Checker Platform

1. Provide Early Diagnosis of Critical Health Conditions

There are some illnesses or diseases that display benign symptoms.

But by using a symptom checker users can put all of them in the records and can easily find the severity of the disease.

For instance, if a user enters jaw pain, muscle pain, and feels dizzy most of the time then these symptoms may add up to a heart attack.

2. User Can Experience the Sense of Relief

If an individual is experiencing any symptoms that are giving tension and worry then it is not good for overall health.

However, unlike Google, symptom checker provides a solid solution based on pre-recorded patient data and activities.

The symptom checker platform provides users with the confidence that the disease can be cured by a doctor. Also, it motivates a person that he/she will get the right set of advice from doctors which will give the required relief.

3. Assists User’s Medical Trainer with New Directions to Diagnose

Sometimes, when an individual gets stuck in some emergency situation their medical practitioners don’t get much time to diagnose.

However, with a symptom checker, there will be a proper record of the reasons why and how the patient turned into a critical situation.

Thus, a potential set of actions can be taken quickly without missing out on any critical info.

4. Ensure Individuals Get the Right Treatment at The Right Place

Symptom checkers do not at all talk about switching the doctor you were consulting before rather it is more about checking the right set of symptoms to get the right directions.

A symptom checker may help in suggesting which medical specialist you must consult and what all medications are required to cure the particular disease.

5. Enhance Patient’s Consultations with Their Doctors

While patients are already in panic mode after figuring out the symptoms of the disease. Therefore, many times, patients fail to share a detailed explanation of what they are going through.

But symptom checker makes the consultation process better by disclosing every minute detail of the patient’s health condition.

In this process, the patient becomes more active and can ask about more probable challenges related to the same.

Check These Factors Before Including Symptom Checker in The Digital Health Game

1. Feed Users with General Info About Symptom Checker

Symptom checker is really a good concept to smartly deal with health issues but users might find it challenging to use especially at the initial stages. Also, there are chances that users may not accept its existence or may have second thoughts about the security and safety of their (patients’) personal data.

Therefore, it is advised to educate users with proper data and instructions which can be done in the form of blogs, banners, new sections, videos, and more.

2. Allow Unlimited Access to Use Symptom Checker for All

Limiting the use of a symptom checker for unregistered users is not good. Rather try to give them unlimited access to use along with a list of benefits that attracts them to use.

However, in the case of registered users, keep sending continuous motivation by displaying the benefits.

Also, encouraging them to invite their close ones for better health diagnosis. The multiple uses of symptom checkers can range from updating patients’ electronic records, setting doctor’s appointments, checking the criticality of the disease, and more.

3. Ensure the Availability of Symptom Checker in Multiple Languages

Sometimes, it becomes very challenging for regional migrants and minor communities to cope with the language barriers.

So, it is essential to ensure that the symptom checker is available in multiple languages. It will allow users to seamlessly share and maintain personal healthcare records.

When users get the advantage of saving their personal information in the native language then it enhances the communication between patients and provides an improved assessment of the patient’s needs.

Summing Up!

With the introduction of a symptom checker, one can easily diagnose their disease and start initial precautions, especially when visiting a doctor is not possible.

The above blog has clearly defined how an AI symptom checker can improve individual health conditions by just diagnosing the symptoms. The online platform has aided human life with a convenient tool that helps in determining health emergencies, getting an authentic informational source, the convenience of maintaining anonymity, and more.

If you are also looking to integrate the robust services of the symptom checker platform in your healthcare industry then, contact experts at Codiant to discuss more it.

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