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Have A Million Dollar Mobile App Idea? Here Is The Next Step

Published May 7, 2017

Have A Million Dollar Mobile App Idea


If not wrong, not everyone is Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Page who just gets a Profitable Mobile app Idea in the mind!

And the one, who get is found digging the Google seeking the next step to follow.

Question that pops up in the fellow box of Google:

I have a mobile app idea. What should I do?

I have idea for mobile app, but don’t know how to develop. What can I do?

And the synonymous list is never ending….!!!

To give all those questions a thirst breaking answer, here is a material explanation. Head on.

Analyze Your Actual Goal

Jot down the reason or your actual goal to pitch the development of mobile app.

Is it for generating increased sales and ROI, Increasing Awareness, Positive User Sentiment or another metric?

Establishing goals and target before deciding the app concept will likely lead to huge success down the road.

So, just define your idea!

Which will take you to……

Market Research

Either can be the case with you:

  • Your App idea already exists in the market
  • You have an improved version of the app(s) that already exists.
  • OR there is no such app yet on the app store….? (You’ve won beforehand)

If there is a successful or several successful mobile apps in the store, much of your market research has already been done. There is market demand for your proposed solution.

Check out the public reviews and ratings:

You may be able to figure out what the potential customers feel about the app—what they are looking for? What are the problems that need to be fixed in the app?

Sometimes app developers miss out to address public’s pain points and needs- but the market tells you what it want, which can be subsequently added in the mobile app development stage.

Competition Evaluation

Look at “suggested searches” for additional ideas at how the market is searching for apps like yours.

Create a list of apps that are similar and appear across searches.

With this list you can get an idea of how, where and if your app idea is potentially feasible.

Now check the no. of ratings and reviews, no. of downloads these apps have…

Know the Key Performance Indicators

Track the metrics those are important to your client this will help you design a successful app, corresponding market plan, and follow-up monitoring efforts which in turn, will take your agency a notch higher.

App Marketing

The primary channels for mobile user acquisition are:

  • App Store Traffic (conversion using ASO (App Store Optimization)
  • Web Search Traffic (via content marketing, and traditional SEO)
  • Paid Advertising
  • Promotion on Social Media to existing fans and followers

In a nutshell, success of an app depends on why your users should care, what tactics you are following to get them to do so by downloading & interacting with, which essentially asserts- at the end of the day- everything depends on the way how wisely you take things forward.

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