GPS-Tracking Platform for Business and Service Providers: Features, Benefits & Cost Covered

  • Published on : February 24, 2023

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GPS-Tracking Platform for Business and Service Providers: Features, Benefits & Cost Covered

Commuting to new areas has always been difficult and it becomes worse when you are not aware of the routes to your destination. Then how do you deal with such challenges coming your way?

GPS tracking app development is the solution. It is an app platform with multiple features and functionalities that helps in finding optimized routes by sidestepping heavy traffic.

The app will not only help in reducing the commute time but also resolves the hustle of asking for routes from the people around.

For these reasons, the GPS tracking solution has gained much popularity among both travelers and residents. After seeing the success stories and popularity of navigation apps, many other businesses are planning to invest in the development of navigation apps.

The blog will further cover the aspects like GPS tracking apps, their benefits, features, and the industries that benefitted from them.

Read on to gain a better understanding of the topic.

What Is A GPS Tracking App?

The common surveillance of any location or particular area using the GPS (Global Positioning System) that makes it easy to track any object or entity’s location remotely is known as a GPS tracking app. The platform also tells about the ground speed, longitude, latitude, and course direction of the target. The technology can be used via mobile phone to know customer visibility.

These GPS tracking solutions are widely used in the current times because they help in maintaining the efficiency, security, and productivity of the business.

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Businesses

GPS tracking app development tools are great ways that save business efficiency, security, and productivity and they ultimately act as a time saver and money saver for people. Here are the benefits of using GPS-tracking apps in businesses:

1. Eliminates Inappropriate Fuel Cost

Fuel costs in any organization are the major expense that is totally dependent on the driver’s behavior. The GPS tracking solutions allow fleet drivers to choose the easiest and shortest route which saves a lot of time, effort, and money.

Along with directions, the platform also instructs in managing speed and consistency which saves a huge amount of fuel. Moreover, the platform also gives tracking status of the driver’s behaviors which helps them in monitoring the drivers who are spending a lot of fuel and adding up to the highest fuel rates.

2. Supports in Theft Recovery

Theft is one of the common issues faced by businesses which creates severe financial complications.

However, integrating GPS tracking in business operations can help in eliminating situations like theft and also support in item recovery.

The employees can keep track of the company’s assets and ensure that they are in the right hands always. Information on unauthorized access can be immediately tracked and it can help in saving the cost of expensive assets and managing insurance claim costs. Additionally, GPS tracking simply monitors the asset location and helps in setting and preparing the calendar where it is expected to be used which showcases the unauthorized use of it.

3. Minimizes the Operational Cost

Building GPS tracking provides access to real-time business data which ultimately helps in making informed decisions and minimizes the overall operational cost.

The whole process of collecting data is digitalized by GPS trackers which ensures the collection of the right and useful information which is accessible at a centralized location for all.

The digitalized method of GPS tracking process also allows pre-trip inspections, and delivery fleet proofs and provides job dispatch of the fleet just to streamline and improve the administrative processes.

4. Improves Overall Labor Cost

GPS tracking app development provides a better ability to dispatch products to customers by optimizing the finest routes to reach. The system ensures smooth communication between the managers and employees who are working in the field.

Any updates can be received or sent to them using the online GPS portal. Also, the daily routine time sheet can be easily tracked which displays exact working hours and eliminates the manual entry of timesheets. Thus, employees do not skip their working hours which ultimately increases their productivity to a great level.

5. Enhances Safety

Employee or fleet safety is one of the major concerns of any organization and for which vehicles must be maintained well. But employee safety is also dependent on their driving behavior. However, integrating a GPS tracking system will allow organizations to manage drivers’ behaviors with an integrated accelerometer. Using such a system can help managers and drivers in getting alerts about harsh speeds, acceleration, and breaks.

Moreover, some GPS tracking platforms are integrated with AI-enabled dashcams which allow deeper visibility and help in distracted driving, red-light violations, and tailgating.

Features to Be Included in The GPS Tracking App

GPS tracking must be integrated with such features that help businesses and organizations in achieving the common goal.

1. Real-Time Mapping

Turn on the GPS tracker in your device to track the real-time location of the fleet. This feature not only provides the required information but also eliminates unnecessary communication between the managers and field staff. The features automatically provide the required whereabouts to both parties. Thus, it helps in reducing time and saving money.

2. Voice Navigation

The importance of this feature is clearly displayed while driving. Using this feature, the vehicle driver can easily listen to the voice navigations like turn right, continue straight, or how many meters left, etc.

In case, if you find the speech recognition distracting then you can also turn it off as per your wish.

3. Rerouting

A rerouting feature is introduced to ensure that drivers may continue on their path even when they are met with an accident or taken a wrong move. The feature then automatically suggests the best route and provides appropriate directions as needed. It is useful for the drivers because they do need not to set the destination again or wait for the app to analyze the route again.

4. Push Notifications

The push notifications feature is used to showcase the messages of the user attractively. As the driver enters a particular location, the message can be sent to their chat box, or via push notification just to ensure that the user is being informed about the app.

5. Vehicle Maintenance Alerts

Vehicle management is not just about connecting with the drivers but it also includes vehicle maintenance and it becomes quite difficult to manage them all manually. Some of the vehicle maintenance is done based on time period but some are done based on mileage. However, this feature automatically sends vehicle maintenance alerts and improves the whole logistics process of the organization.

6. Social Networking

Integration of social media accounts in the app helps in providing authentication and incentives. Almost every business prefers to integrate social media handles because they can easily enhance customer experience and reduces the risk of authentication. Also, users get the ease of signing in easily using social media credentials which reduces the task of creating a new user account.

7. In-App Chat

The in-app chat feature will allow the team members to connect and communicate easily with each other and they can easily share any query and issues related to the products and services offered. Using this feature, users can build a sense of trust and loyalty within the business.

8. Panic Button

The panic button can be added to the app just to ensure the security and safety of the employees. This button can be used by employees in the case when they feel that they are in a critical situation. The GPS tracking platform development will immediately send a message to the concerned person and they will get help immediately. This is generally useful for people who are frequently traveling for business purposes like security and delivery personnel.

What All Industries Can Benefit by Integrating Vehicle Tracking Solutions in The Business?

It is not just the travelers or local residents who make use of the GPS tracking app solution rather there is a list of industries that are pacing up with the trend.

  • Construction industry
  • Restaurants and catering services
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Mining
  • Emergency services
  • Cab aggregators and rental vehicles
  • Transport and Logistics

How Much Does It Cost to Build a GPS Tracking App?

The cost estimation of the vehicle tracking app development is quite difficult to predict because a list of factors is considered like fees/charges of a development company, the complexity of the program, variety of app features, etc.

One must always begin by developing something which is easy, smaller, and simpler. This will help in managing the development budget of the app. Developing MVP is one of the best ways of getting quick price estimation of the app.

MVP is known as a minimum viable product where the basic components are included which explains the sustainability, and product idea and helps in analyzing the overall performance of the application in the market. Though, the estimated cost of developing the GPS tracking will cost around $30,000 to $400,000. But you can get detailed information and more deep insights on the cost estimation and feature list by connecting with our business development experts.

Summing Up!

The Vehicle Tracking App Development has already taken the front seat in the market and still captivating a huge target audience across the world. Now, almost every person is aware of the benefits of the GPS tracking solution discussed above but is still confused about the decision of making investments.

However, this can be managed with the help of tech experts who clearly understand your targets and provides the best suitable solution.

Now, let everyone monitor their valuables and ensure better protection of the items, vehicles, and drivers. Also, enjoy rerouting your way when missed or failed just to take the next exit your way.

Are you curious about how you can improve work efficiency in your business area by just ensuring tracking activities or upgrading the overall management system? Connect with our experts.

Automate Your Business Processes and Enhance Productivity by Developing GPS Tracking Solution.

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