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Get an UBER-like Taxi Booking App : The Best Roadmap to Stack Up!

  • Published on : August 22, 2016

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Get an UBER-like Taxi Booking App : The Best Roadmap to Stack Up!

An open-source exploration of escalating Cab trips through the lens of Uber data

It was not too late when the global ride-hailing market was sparked by transportation giant Uber. It goes to nerves that a company whose only product cum asset is an app on your phone that hails taxis it doesn’t even own, pushed its valuation to $62.5 billion.

Uber’s business model which depends on a middleman between the taxi driver and the traveler and the transactions management on the app has scaled globally covering the majority of cities. Count the numbers here:

Uber data at glace

Taxi Booking Apps As An Extension Of Your Travel Business

Given the fast inflation of smartphone adoption globally, Uber’s breakthrough doesn’t come as a surprise. But for the one who thinks the competition has saturated and Uber’s playbook has multiplied its dominance internationally leaving no space to implement a similar model then please take a hiatus! Though Uber has become a byword for startups that doesn’t mean Uber has its own industry on rage.

There are arguably the most famous taxi apps that have sprung up with new business models of taxis and have spectacularly managed to stay in power in the long run. And just when you think there’s no more innovation to be had in the sector, run down to the following apps (business models for you), who have taken over the transport industry by reinventing the taxi apps with the best trucking and logistics app development.

  • Ola Cabs The most popular taxi app in India, started as an online cab aggregator in Mumbai and has since expanded into a full transportation service that includes shuttles, ridesharing and even rickshaw rides.
  • Lyft San Francisco-based peer-to-peer ridesharing mobile app that became the largest ridesharing program in the US lets you see available drivers live on a map and book, pay and rate them through your mobile phone. It also offers Lyft Plus for when there are six passengers and Lyft Line to share cabs with people going in the same direction.
  • Didi Chuxing The world’s largest mobile transportation platform, operating in 400 cities in China offers taxis, private cars, social ridesharing, carpooling, chauffeurs, buses and services for companies.
  • Kabbee An intelligent taxi-hailing company in London that curates and compares potential rides from the city’s many minicab firms to get travelers a good deal on a cab ride with a driver that’s as close as possible.
  • Grab An Uber-like service for Asia offers all sorts of cab services, from high-end cars on GrabCar+ in the Philippines to GrabBike motorcycle services.

Credits: Business of Apps

These ride-hailing start-ups have sparked a real competition to stack up against each other. When are you going to pitch yours?

White Label Taxi App Solution

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Monitor Everything With Smarter Approach

Codiant software technologies offer a top branded taxi booking app solution for Android and iOS mobile that is easy to use/ intuitive and customizable as per your business need and specifications, thus expanding your reach geographically.

The Six Taxi app that our programmers developed is a great example to showcase the winning features we include in our “Taxi App Development Services“. Crack down the list.

  • A well designed company name and logo
  • Maps and location implementation
  • Secure Authentication
  • Login using Social sites- Facebook
  • Select drop off location – set location on map view or set location manually
  • Address favorite for easy future bookings.
  • Search nearby taxis using GPS.
  • Notifications upon Taxi arrival.
  • See estimated time of taxi arrival.
  • One tap booking, Aesthetically appealing Cab booking user dashboard.
  • Auto fare estimation and calculation.
  • Payment system integration- Cash and Cards
  • Booking cancellation
  • Alerts – Push notification, email alerts, SMS alerts
  • View history and Invoices of your online taxi booking software
  • Cab driver app estimates fares
  • Rate a Driver
  • Multi language support

Taxi Booking Trends and Stats:

The taxi and cab services industry have coasted on clear roads during the past five years. As year on year, consumers are willing to spend on small yet convenient luxuries such as cabs, limousine rides and others; the business expense account for taxi industry has soared at a staggering rate. Additionally, the increasing demand from tourists, corporate travelers, and local households is expected to result in the continued recovery of the industry over the next five years.

Looking To Develop A Taxi Booking App Like Uber?

Start by identifying industry pain points, leveraging technological infrastructure, and taking incremental steps towards disruption. Codiant software technologies offer customizable solutions for Android and iOS, ensuring a seamless user experience and expanding your business reach.

Key Takeaways:

  • Start with small ownership model.
  • Choose any industry and jot down the most common problem it has. Find a solution and come to us with YOUR business idea and disrupt the existing business model through our technological infrastructure.
  • Think like a brainchild and take baby steps. Don’t rush to include everything in the first go.

Get in Touch For "Taxi Booking App Development" Services and Start Making Money Right Away!


Frequently Asked Questions

Start with understanding industry pain points, leveraging technology for solutions, and taking incremental steps towards disruption with Codiant Software Technologies.

Ensure a well-designed interface, secure authentication, map integration, social login, easy location selection, fare estimation, multiple payment options, booking history, driver ratings, and multi-language support.

Despite challenges, the industry shows continuous growth, fueled by consumer willingness to spend on convenience and increasing demand from tourists, corporate travelers, and local households.

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