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Discover The Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Trends For 2023 And The Future

  • Published on : October 17, 2023

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Did you know, the global app market revenue is estimated to reach 615 Billion USD by 2026?

Shocking right? But yes, these stats are real-time proof of how huge the mobile app industry is.

For instance, look around you…

From wake-up alarms and health tracking to food ordering and traveling, there’s an app for everything.

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic added fuel to the burning need and growth of mobile phone applications. This worldwide pandemic has greeted the mobile app market with new ultimatums and opportunities, resulting in escalating competition.

Therefore, it’s vital for businesses and developers to stay at the fore of the curve and tailor to the evolving market upfront.


In this blog, we will dive into the 10 most prominent trends in mobile apps. These mobile technology trends are going to rule the digital world in 2023 and the future.

Incorporation of AI & ML Technologies

Undoubtedly Artificial Intelligence has mesmerised every industry with its magic, and mobile app development is not left untouched. Though AI is not a new concept but has become a major mobile technology trend that opens up new possibilities.

With the help of AI, you can integrate machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies into mobile apps. The AI technology enables trending apps to provide a personalized user experience and automate tasks by reducing developers’ overlooked errors.

The AI market is estimated to reach 724 billion USD by 2028. AI makes the apps smarter and more intelligent than ever imagined before. AI and ML are the germinating future of mobile apps in providing customer services such as chatbots. They are the key drivers of technology developments in 2023 and further.

Fusing Cloud Technologies

No wonder, cloud technologies will forever continue to be crucial for the mobile app development sector. As cloud computing is enhancing its boundaries, developers can improve mobile app performance by infusing this technology.

Developers can leverage the cloud’s power to store data and process it more efficiently, lowering the burden on the devices. Eventually, this technology will make mobile apps faster and more efficient.

Especially if you are building a healthcare, social media, or e-learning platform app, cloud computing plays a vital role. This trend in mobile apps solves the problem of storage space and provides high-performance capabilities like speedy sharing of files in mobile apps.

AR & VR Integration

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are expected to be pivotal mobile app development trends in 2023. AR and VR technologies have revolutionized the user experience immensely and increased revenue. Estimation states that the combined AR/VR market revenue will reach 160 billion USD by the end of 2023.

AR and VR trends in mobile apps assist in exhibiting app products in real-life surroundings. For instance, IKEA uses this technology to help check users their products. By showcasing items like sofas or dining tables digitally into their homes through a phone camera giving an excavating experience.

Big companies such as Amazon and Snapchat have already infused AR technology into their apps. Whereas Google Earth VR uses satellite imagery to give users a complete 360-degree view of any location.

Wearable Apps

With the rise in demand for smart wearable devices, there’s an increase in demand for wearable app development. You can easily find wearables these days, from smartwatches and fitness bands to smart jewelry and AR/VR headsets.

The market size of wearable devices is estimated to reach 217 billion USD by 2032. Start today to become a part of this productive and money-making trend in mobile apps that can work with wearable devices.

Developers can create apps that can track health status & fitness data to provide users with a personalized, seamless, and satisfactory experience. These wearable devices have the potential to transform our way of living. People are lauding that these are game changers.

Foldable Device Apps

Earlier, foldable devices were considered a risk, but now when big companies began manufacturing foldable devices, the demand has risen. The first ever foldable smartphone was introduced by Samsung in 2019, after that there’s no looking back.

The developers need to adapt these device’s design structures and development processes to fulfill the foldable device demands. With the variation in screen sizes and flexible displays, the apps will need to provide an immersive and user-friendly environment.

This will require the trending app’s layout optimization and better UI to adapt to multiple screen sizes and ratios.

The research found that foldable devices market revenue might reach 105 billion USD by 2025. Hence, the good the user experience, the more chances of users preferring your app.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has undeniably gained significant attention in the past few years. Integration of blockchain has increased in 2023, offering multiple benefits in mobile app development services.

Blockchain is expected to reach 67.5 billion USD in revenue by the end of 2026. This technology is a major trendsetter, so its market is growing and expanding rapidly. This trend in mobile apps improves the reliability of mobile apps by enhancing security, traceability, and transparency for app developers.

From the app development perspective, blockchain offers a secure payment pathway for trending apps. It allows the transaction process to proceed quickly without any third-party integration. Among all industries, banking has the largest spending in blockchain, which is about 30% of the global market value.

IoT App Integration

Irrespective of where you are in the world, the Internet of Things is one way or another influencing your life. IoT devices are taking over the technology market with their modern and innovative invention daily.

IoT technology is undoubtedly one of the mobile technology trends that has changed the way you work, shop, and live. The global market revenue of IoT is estimated to reach 33.8 billion USD by 2027.

This technology trend enables to monitoring, management, and controlling of various connected devices in a go. It provides convenience and automation in numerous things of your lives, leading to innovative user experience.

Some IoT-integrated items that have already won millions of hearts are the Phillips lightning system, Alexa, Siri, August doorbell camera, etc.

The Super Apps

An all-in-one or multi-purpose task-handling app providing ample functions in the same place.

Super apps are like a mall where you can get everything, from food and clothes to footwear and accessories. Super apps simply consolidate various apps, they are an ecosystem of apps.

Some examples of super apps are Amazon, Rappi, Alipay, etc. A recently conducted survey estimated that the market revenue of Super apps could reach 722.4 billion USD by 2032.

Building Super apps will be a huge competitive thing yet it will be beneficial for mobile app development trends in the upcoming years.

5G Connectivity

With the evolution of 5G technology, mobile app development outlook has been revolutionized. Various countries have already adopted and implemented this technology in their devices. 5G is that innovative technology that created a buzz in the technological world.

Well, it is clear that the future of mobile app development is looking brighter and glorious with the adoption of 5G mobile technology. The 5G network increases the speed and bandwidth and provides the trending app users a faster, and more reliable experience.

Some common benefits of infusing 5G technology in apps are:

  • Quick loading of web pages
  • Fast download of files
  • Improved functionality of apps
  • Better video quality
  • Enhanced AR/VR performance
  • Better response time
  • Fast data transfer

Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology is yet another mobile app development trend to keep an eye on in 2023. This technology helps to track user behavior and then provide services as per their interests. Since its introduction in 2013, this technology has molded significantly to gain global recognition.

The implementation of beacon technology in mobile apps enables businesses to share location-based texts and notifications with users. This will provide users with relevant information about events, promotions, and sales. Beacon technology can be used for payment transactions in mobile and AR.

The estimations state that the global market revenue of beacon technology will reach 57 billion USD by 2026. App developers will be required to integrate this technology to provide users with a customized and personalized experience.

In A Nutshell

It is pivotal for businesses and developers to stay ahead of the newest mobile technology trends available in the market. These aforementioned mobile app development trends would without question grow the app industry enormously.

By leveraging these trends in mobile apps, you can create highly engaging, user-friendly, and innovative apps to outshine the market. Therefore, you should look after every trend before working on your app.

If you are a freshman in the mobile app industry, you might find the development process complex to articulate. But with extensively experienced industry experts, you could find your way to the right mobile app development trend for your app.

We can help you romp through. Our team always strives to keep updated and upgraded with the latest technical skills and trends. We can be that companion who can help you in implementing the above-mentioned mobile technology trends in your app idea. With proficiency in iOS and Android mobile app development, we serve a diverse range of other app development services.

Want to shape the future of your mobile app with the latest mobile app development trends? Unveil the potential of your Mobile App with Codiant.

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