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Decoding The 3 Big Things Of UI & UX You Can’t Afford To Miss

  • Published on : January 28, 2017

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Decoding The 3 Big Things Of UI & UX You Can’t Afford To Miss

If you’re not paying attention to what’s going on in creative engineering, you should. When someone says, we are creating — wow user interface and experiences — you should know, what design roles draws the line between UI and UX.

Each discipline, defines the characteristics of their own. A caveat- you may stuck by the congruencies midway, but hopefully the ambiguity will be wiped off from these simple served oodles of differentiation.

Let’s make a smart attempt to distill the inherent meaning of the duo.


UX is not UI.

A misconception of common ‘U’ leaves u muddled. But, only till now.

UX or user experience design, comes as a result of exercising the pain points and needs of users. Following it, a rough prototype is laid on paper which meets a validation (or invalidation) through testing. When either of the value proposition and business model gets a successful validation, the product is built.

Here is an example project, manifesting a beautiful design wireframe, defining the UX touch.

ui wireframes menu

Example of an app’s screens created by one of our UX designer in Codiant.

Now, rolling the ball over UI or User interface. You can think of UI design like this:

User Interface Design = Visual Design + Interaction Design.

Unlike UX, the UI designs are the medley of visual design, i.e. the look and feel (or the personality) of the site (brand) and Interaction design i.e. the way people interact with the site.

UX vs UI

The job of UI designer is to ensure the UI visually communicates the path that a UX designer has laid out. For e.g. This button’s behavior changes in a noticeable way that lets us know we are upon it, it is clickable and hiding some options with it.

UI example

Spotted Congruency

Both UX and UI designers design interactions, but you can assume like UX designers are architects of macro interactions who attends the details while UI designers are the makers of micro interactions who makes the visual details (what the interface does after a user touches it).

UX Makes Interfaces Useful while UI Makes Interfaces Beautiful

The UX designers are the champions in meeting user’s needs. They go to the edges by doing a deep research on processes like competitive analysis, persona development, MVP minimum viable product to make a product perfect for targeted customer niche.

As soon as the product is validated by a testing team the design is then passed off to the UI designer. The UI designer filters those interactions by adding colors, effects, giving the user thoughtful clues to smoothly navigate on the next step.

Between this, the role of the UI designer is also to make the design aesthetically beautiful that delight the user with positive emotion, strong enough to make a personal connection.

UX Helps Users to reach the target while UI makes Emotional Connections

The expertise of UX boasts off when you’ve successfully taken your user to accomplish their task, giving them a glitch-free user experience till the end.

Whereas, the UI counts on emotional connections in a way- like- how does the user feel when they visit your site? Does your interface give them a cheery mood? Or Does it make them laugh?

Well, make these words count- a striking USER INTERFACE has the power to forgive dents or mini loopholes in your website and keep your audiences hooked for a long time.

The edge between UI and UX designers is fairly blurred and it is inevitably uncommon for companies influxing at a rapid pace relatively as a creative software designing company to opt to combine these roles.

If you’re on a serious hunt to find a design oriented software development company, who’ve sharp expertise in UI/UX then you found us!

We at Codiant software technologies pride ourselves in designing superlative user experiences and interfaces that’ve Silky navigation, comprehensive edge gripping enough to delight your workforce to achieve the essential tasks without being a sucker to exhaustive and lengthy multiple screens.

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