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  • Published on : August 13, 2020

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Bearing in mind the changing human nature to not want to visit hospitals or go to the doctor for non-acute conditions is pushing various health and wellness sector to launch a complete package of healthcare app including remote patient monitoring solutions.

And now as we face the current pandemic crisis it has become utterly crucial to develop an all-in-one solution for reaching doctors’ on-demand, online medicine delivery, health insurance, diagnosis, health tips and more.In this highly demanding times, online doctor search and medicine ordering healthcare platform Practo is gaining tremendous popularity to inspire health organizations to set foot in and lead with multiple vertical offerings under the umbrella of the healthcare app.

The immense number of searches for Doctors and hospitals, diagnostic centers, insurers and pharmaceutical companies by more than billions of users worldwide has strengthened this segment blanketing almost every health-based vertical. In this post, we will cover the entire feature list that Practo offers for Doctors as well as the Patient app and how much would it cost to develop an doctor on-demand app like Practo.

How to Develop a Healthcare App like Practo?

Among the features include onboarding, doctor searches, online consultations, appointment scheduling, drug ordering, and health advice. Costs vary based on features, complexities, and development company rates, ranging from 25,000 USD to 32,000 USD for basic functionalities.

app like Practo

Practo Features for Patients or Users

  • Easy Onboarding: Quick and easy registration and login through mobile no., OTP and password.
  • Find Doctors: Users can search and find Doctors based on areas, top specialties, and hospitals.
  • Online Chat: Users can privately consult doctors through online chat.
  • Book Appointments: Patients can take an online appointment as per Doctors’ availability.
  • Consultation: Users can take paid as well as free consultations with Doctors.
  • See Doctor Details: Users can look into the selected doctor’s qualifications, consultation fees, and general feedback or reviews from their patients.
  • Access Health-related Posts: Users can access exclusive health articles and health tips posted by Doctors and other health experts.
  • Order Medicines: This feature allows users to order medicines online and other health products.
  • Ask Questions: Users can raise health-related queries and get free answers from specialists.
  • Additional Features: Users can buy affordable family health plans, maintain digital health records.

Practo Pro Features for Doctors or Hospitals

  1. Registration : Doctors can register through mobile no and password.
  2. Profile Creation : Doctors can create a free profile on Practo by entering details like name, city, specialty, gender, education qualifications, registration details, and years of experience.
  3. Practo Reach : As the word goes this option helps Doctors in increasing the visibility of their profile amongst millions of patients registered on Practo. The relevant profile gets visible to patients seeking care through specialists.
  4. Patient Stories : Doctors can see the feedback of patients in the form of reviews and respond to them instantly.
  5. Online Consultation : Doctors can consult with patients online through online chat, file sharing, and boost their earnings.
  6. In-app Calling : Doctors can see the on screen if any patient rings with their name, image and profile and also can view the last appointment taken with them.
  7. Online Follow Up : Doctors can enable online follow up. And keep their patients coming back and monetize repeat interactions.
  8. Ques and Answer : This feature allows Doctors to answer patients’ questions for free this in turn can enhance their reputation and help them generate more leads to direct consultations.
  9. Track Performance : Doctors can track the performance of their practice through the interactive status bar.
  10. Health feed : Doctors can write insightful articles about their area of expertise, showcase their proficiency through it and stay connected with related patients even more.

Practo Ray Features for Doctors or Hospitals

Practo Ray is a comprehensive practice management software that helps doctors in automating appointments, creating electronic medical records (EMR), sharing EMR, instant billing and much more.

  1. Book Appointments : Doctors can book, view and manage new patient appointments or reschedule existing ones.
  2. Send Reminders : Doctors can send appointment confirmation and reminders to patients through SMS and Email. View and manage patient health information.
  3. Electronic Medical Record : Doctors can create, access and update patient’s health records and diagnostics reports.
  4. Account Settings : This feature allows Doctors to manage accounts, notifications and invite friends.

Additional Features

  • GPS : This live location access can help users reach the nearest doctor at the earliest by the route provided.
  • Push Notifications : Time-to-time in-app notifications allow patients to get appointment reminders, medicines follow-ups, offers and discounts, etc.
  • Loyalty Program : Users can access membership plans and get benefits on special days like birthday, anniversary and life-changing events.
  • Payment Gateways : Users can pay online for online consultation with doctors through cards, net banking, wallet, etc.

Technology Stack Required To Make an App like Practo

  • Programming languages : Kotlin, Java (Android), Swift (iOS)
  • Insurance verification : PokitDok
  • ePrescription : EazyScript
  • Video Conferencing : WebRTC
  • Chat : Twilio,
  • Database : MySQL, MongoDB, MailChimp Integration
  • APIs and frameworks : Stripe, EC2, S3

Total Cost To Develop An App Like Practo

Revealing the exact cost of developing an on-demand doctor appointment booking app is not possible. It entirely depends on the telemedicine app development company you hire. Since the hourly development rates vary company and country wise.

Additionally, irrespective of company and location while developing a healthcare app the mobile app development company calculates the cost based on factors like number of features, functionalities, third-party integration, and the complexities involved.

But still, to give a rough idea about the healthcare app development cost there is no harm in sharing a ballpark figure. The cost ranges between 25,000 USD to 32,000 USD (with basic features).

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