Codiant Launches its WebRTC-Powered Video Chat Solution to iOS

Published July 8, 2016

Codiant Launches its WebRTC

Codiant, a full stack Web And Mobile App Development Company launched its new mobile SDK- ProRTC that brings the company’s services to developers, service providers and software vendors who want to leverage the WebRTC capabilities in IOS and unlock the potential of WebRTC in a simplified way.

WebRTC, which stands for web real-time communications, is an emerging standard for voice and video communications that is taking the telecommunications industry by storm. The open-source protocol enables video, audio, messaging and file-sharing through a standard web browser, hence eliminating the need for platform-specific software, plugins, or vendor lock-in that complicates and raises the cost of existing video-conferencing solutions.

Nonetheless, WebRTC is an interesting spot right now and has already bridged the cusp of becoming a mainstream technology for peer-to-peer (p2p) connections.

Application That Moves Beyond The Conventional Standards…

While the technology has started rolling out with its full-fledged functionalities, the company before catapulting ProRTC reached out to gauge what exactly is missing in the existing real time communication (RTC) standards that pulls it an inch back in building applications for the real-world?

Realizing that building applications call out for something more than a standard, Codiant delivered the hosted infrastructure, API, and SDKs to unfold the capabilities of WebRTC real-time video, voice and messaging for businesses of diverse verticals through the ProRTC platform.

If we outline the advantages that come tethered with the ProRTC mammoth yet simple standard is:

  • ProRTC is easy, simple and uncomplicated standard powered by WebRTC.
  • It enables superior selling opportunities and customer services since it makes the video as easy as web browsing, it opens the doors for ultra-personalized customer interactions, 4-way peer-to-peer calling using mesh topology and many more to discover.
  • Prortc nails the sweet spot for easy, rich communication hence improvising employee collaboration.
  • This one will win everyone…the cost of prortc is void i.e. it is totally free of cost which makes it one of the best reasons that startups should embrace this technology.

ProRTC makes sense today, and apparently, it is the future of real-time communication that you as a smart business can use without disruption and innovation.

Stay updated and stay ahead of the workplace chat competitors! For more information of ProRTC and to download the free SDK, please visit WebRTC App Development or mail us at

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