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Codiant is Now ISO Certified For Its Quality and Information Security Management System

Published July 25, 2016

Codiant is Now ISO Certified

Codiant gets awarded with a prestigious ISO 9001-2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification in Quality Management System & Information Security System. The certification recognizes the company’s commitment to quality management system used in the delivery of Website and Mobile Applications Development services to Codiant’s customers and also sets its stage high for the effectual management of handling confidential and sensitive data by the company.

This Quality Management System certification strongly reinforces the reliability and excellence of our services and boosts our global reputation and ensures that all the stringent quality measures are woven into and fully aligned with our organization’s strategy. Whereas, the Information Security Management System certification promises the organizations that their information assets entrusted to the company are highly secured.

The ISO 9001-2008 is by far the world’s most established quality framework, and sets the standard for quality management system (QMS) at Codiant. It governs all the processes of Software Development and Localization Services and ensures that stringent quality measures are firmly applied throughout the company. Like before, the zealous team of Codiant would strive to conform to the standards required for the continual improvements in quality of the products and services.

On this occasion, Codiant’s CEO Vikrant Jain said, “We take an immense pleasure in announcing that Codiant is now ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certified for its quality management and information security management system and we are proud to having this achievement, particularly as it demonstrates the highest quality products and services along with our commitment to providing them to our clients with full confidentiality. The certification is a Landmark for us and pushes us in our continual efforts to improve and signify our on-going investment in technology, development and process maturity”.

For customers this achievement will enhance their confidence in the high quality of Codiant’s services and will promise a more efficacious and effective business operation, increasing customer satisfaction and reliability on us. As quality is constantly measured and procedures ensure corrective actions are taken whenever defects occur, our clients will be benefited by an ever increasing excellent service.

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