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Codiant Celebrates Its Annual Event “UTSAV 2016”

  • Published on : July 13, 2016

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Taking the bold steps towards scaling new heights of success Codiant Software technologies celebrated its annual gathering event “Utsav” on 9th July 2016. The company which strongly supports and believes in the motto of “Unity in Diversity” and employee engagement always walk an extra mile to enrich the employee interactions. Utsav was the direct culmination that stemmed to boost and infuse healthier and happier workplaces in the company’s ambiance.

“What you believe about employees comes out in how you treat them. And how you treat them ultimately determines how effectively you engage them, Utsav was a fun way to combine all ad hoc employee recognition and a perfect aura where the dignitaries and other gems of the company were acclaimed with a feather in their cap” says Vikrant Jain- CEO of Codiant software technologies.

The event- Utsav that was the company’s 1st event that held at Hotel Bee Town, Near IPS College, AB Road, Indore, and spanned from 5 PM- 10 PM IST. The event was inaugurated by the company’s CEO and director- Mr. and Mrs. Vikrant Jain where they signaled the beginning of celebration with Hindu’s traditional and auspicious ritual of “lamp lighting”. Then the event steered itself to soak up everyone towards the fun and celebrations part.

Opening the doors from a spanking fashion show then taking a turn towards solo singing and dance performances, Utsav screamed loud in the red and black theme hall where no one was supposed to sit ideal. Fun games, Balloon bellies, Potlucks and many more games to spring the moods of tech savvies were lined up back to back in the dignified presence of chief guests and guest of honors.





There were strings of awards for categories like Extra Mile Award, Pat on the back, Above and Beyond Performer, The Star Performer Award, The Most sincere employee award, The Energetic award and certificates for successful 4 years and 3 years completion of employees that left employees on tenterhooks.






Nonetheless, Codiant was very much peculiar about the honors, arrangements, and sequence of the blasts that took place back to back, leaving employees tickled with fun and excitement. After the strings of melodious songs, group dances and instrument plays, Award and certificate distribution, Utsav jazzed up everyone sitting around on the DJ beats and marked a departure with a scrumptious dinner of Bee Town’s kitchen.







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