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Choose The Right Staff Augmentation Model For Your Business

  • Published on : June 20, 2023

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Choose The Right Staff Augmentation Model For Your Business

Recruiting new and skilled staff for your team is not at all a quick or cheap process in any manner. On average, hiring a skilled software engineer costs an organization about $4,000 and takes about 58 days.

The staff augmentation model can help businesses to minimize such upfront costs and fill the skilled-resources gap in the minimum time. Through the resource and staff augmentation model, businesses can easily hire short-term or long-term remote employees with different skill sets.

Before, implementing this model in your organization it is important to analyze your requirements and define your business processes accurately. This will help you to understand your resource gap and how to practice the staff augmentation model to stand out from the crowd.

Here is our in-depth to help you choose the suitable on-demand staff augmentation model for your business.

How To Determine Staff Augmentation Is The Right Model For Your Business?

1. When You Need To Reinforce Your Team

When you are having your in-house team, but need additional resources to improve your expertise or fasten the development process and product release. In this situation, you can easily add one or more specialized resources to your existing team from any part of the globe.

This type of staff reinforcement can be commonly seen in organizations that adopt a staff augmentation model to fulfil their urgent and short-term requirements.

2. When A Deadline Is Approaching

Recruiting an expert resource for your ongoing project is a costly and timely affair – if you are following a traditional advertising and hiring approach. Evidently, considering the project’s urgency you won’t possess such luxury of time and patience to fill the resource gap.

Thus, implementing an tech IT staff augmentation model in your project, can easily fulfill your urgent project demand and meet the project’s deadline. Based on the project’s requirement, it is needless to mention that you can hire the resource on a contract basis and for a short-term period.

With such flexibility, you can explore the global market and hire the right resource instantly and for a definite time to handle your ongoing project.

3. When You Need Specific Skilled Resource

Resource and staff augmentation can help to fill an IT skilled or software development requirement by infusing additional staff with the required skills to complete the specific project or task. With this technical staff augmentation model, you can easily expand your team size in no time just by introducing specialized techies or engineers. It includes Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance Engineers, DevOps, and others.

Apart from that, you can also hire an especially skilled resource for your team to streamline the project processes and train the team to achieve the targets. Such resources are not considered as part or extension of the team, rather they are the support or manager of the team for a definite period.

4. When You Need Resource As A Bridge Before Permanent Recruitment

Adopting a staff augmentation model for your ongoing or urgent project can help you onboard software developers to meet your instant requirements while allowing you ample amount of time to recruit skilled full-time employees.

Moreover, this allows you to bridge your resource gap to keep your project on track and equip you with a sizeable window to recruit full-time employees through the traditional recruitment process.

Points To Consider While Choosing The Right Resource Augmentation Service

1. Assess Your Resource Requirements

It is a must for any organization to analyze and even predict the current and future requirements of specialized and non-specialized resources. It is necessary for an organization to define its requirements before seeking the market to fill the specific skill gaps.

But the point is, not all departments are going to have the common requirement or demand for outsourced IT resources at each hour. Therefore, to understand the specifics, it is suggested that HRs should be in regular communication with project managers and the team leads to figure out their needs and plan the future requirements simultaneously.

Such, interaction with the teams will allow the recruitment officer a decent amount of time to introduce the right resource with specific skill sets in the organization, as well as on a project-by-project basis.

2. Evaluate Contract Processes

When you are associating with a staff augmentation service provider to fulfill your organization’s resource demand, then it is important to have a transparent contract with detailed terms and conditions enlisted into it. Such transparency will help you to tackle challenges in a simplified manner for the betterment of your company.

Having a detailed contract or going with a tailored agreement on mutual understanding with the staff augmentation service provider will help you define your business requirements and achieve the organization’s goal with ease.

Likewise, such a cordial relationship with the development team and the staff augmentation service providers will ensure you avail of exceptional technical talent whenever your team and organization need the most.

3. Clear Understanding Of Technical Skills

While adopting a staff augmentation model, companies should have a clear understanding of the project’s nature or industry they are having expertise. This will allow them to analyze the upcoming requirement for additional resources or new resources for the proposed projects.

It could be a serious issue for companies who close the deal without having the right resource or analyzing the project’s requirements and work quality.

To eliminate such issues, it is suggested to establish regular communication with the team and senior staff members or project managers to figure out the technical availability and future demands. Apart from that can also discuss with the team leads regarding how they utilize and integrate the augmented resources to companies work culture.

4. Analyze Staffing Partner’s Experience and Expertise

After analyzing the contractual staffing service providers’ expertise and experience in a specific field will help you to figure out the deliverables of the augmentation agency that can fulfill your organization’s specific demands.

The timely availability of the required resources for your organization will help you handle the staffing challenges that may arise during the ongoing project. Hence, review and analyze your vendor’s professional credentials, client’s experience and work history. As you do the same when hiring a permanent employee.

Some important points that could be considered while onboarding the staff augmentation service providers are;

  • Carefully do the background check and connect with previous clients to learn about their experience and deliverables.
  • Ensure the augmentation agency has the experience in recruiting skilled staff under the specific field and especially that you demand.
  • Read reviews and testimonials about the vendor on reliable sources and third-party platforms, such as Clutch, Good Firm or Glassdoor.

5. Evaluate The Local & International Market Reach Of Your Provider’s

App and software development is sometimes a very unpredictable business, where you can’t expect to hear a unique or different demand from the client during the ongoing project, but he does. Interestingly, you can’t say no to that or couldn’t think of convincing the client to drop the idea, because you also know it is a unique and fascinating one.

Hence, you need to be prepared to implement varied staffing approaches to bridge the random resource demands. The demands could be for engineering or creative departments with rare expertise and skills to deal with algorithmic complexity in emerging technology.

To gain access to top-notch yet rare experts, you have to look into each small to large-scale platform, which is quite a tedious and time-consuming procedure for an organization. But, can do so easily with staff augmentation service providers who are having diverse connections, experience, and infrastructure in place to fulfill demands.

Thus, for such unique demands, you need to evaluate your service providers’ local and international reach to ensure the smooth flow of your project and meet the deadline.

6. Take Care Of Language And Cultural Barrier

Companies working with remote employees most often experience language and culture compatibility issues between the in-house and outsourced members. Therefore, before hiring talent from different parts of the globe, evaluate your compatibility and company background, who can easily deal with such issues and provide the suitable resources that can effectively work with the team.

If the cultural and communication differences are not addressed at the initial stage, can also lead to a compromised project outcome. It may hamper the organization’s credibility and lose clients as well.

To an extent, the cultural difference can be ignored but the communication barrier can not be ignored at any cost if the team is not equipped to communicate with that specific language. Hence, ensure the recruited staff or the service provider doesn’t have to experience too much difference in language and culture.

7. Assess Contract Types & Delivery Schedules

While engaging with a staff augmentation service-providing agency, ensure to have a transparent yet flexible agreement, that is open to provide you resources that can fulfill your custom requirements and help you the most when needed. To deliver such services on time, the agency must have access to the exceptional talent that you need the most.

It is also important to understand that the agency is capable of outsourcing your resource requirements with your products’ requirements or the pace of the project development schedule. An experienced outsourcing agency can deliver the right and skilled resources to the company in a minimum time frame.

Hence, always keep a close tab on the flexibility and type of contract you are engaging with the staff augmentation agency and study their past record to learn about their working styles. All such details will help you to understand their efficiency and make you confident in avoiding interruption during project progress due to the lack of resources.

Conclusion – Why Businesses Choose IT Staff Augmentation Agency

Building a team equipped with the right and skilled tech knowledge can help your organization to reach its goals swiftly. The companies who adopt the Staff Augmentation model: support them to stay ahead of the competition and meet the deadlines without much struggle.

In addition to that, the staff augmentation model serves various advantages, such as minimizing legal responsibilities, reducing operational expenses, minimizing paperwork and boosting flexibility. With all these benefits, the smooth integration of flexible team augmentation ensures the organization can have access to experienced resources at any time it’s needed.

We, at Codiant, are also a highly experienced, responsible, and efficient IT Staff Augmentation service provider to take care of our client’s short-term and long-term requirements and take the project to the next level. For any assistance or web and app development, you can contact us to hire qualified developers for your next project.

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