Everything You Should Know About Online Cannabis Delivery in the United States

  • Published on : December 19, 2019

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Online Cannabis Delivery in the United States


The growing legalization of online cannabis delivery in the United States has stirred up questions in all its aspects and wonders of increase rate of cannabis delivery app.

The global legal marijuana delivery market size was estimated at USD 13.8 billion in 2018 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 23.9% by 2025.

According to reports, a total of 33 states have legalized marijuana for medical use, 10 of which allow adults to legally use the drug for recreational use. And that number may continue to rise, as more people are accepting the idea of legalizing marijuana across the United States.

This blog is dedicated to medical cannabis providers, particularly those living in New York, Massachusetts and Canada where only medical cannabis delivery is allowed with the following regulatory structure.

California- Permission Granted For Recreational and Medical Cannabis Delivery

  • During delivery, the deliverer shouldn’t engage in any activity other than necessary rest, fuel and vehicle repairs. He/she should have a retailer’s license, govt. issued ID and badge by the employer.
  • Cannabis must be in secured storage and opaque.
  • Vehicles must be outfitted with a GPS tracking system attached to vehicle; licensee must own a dedicated GPS device used for delivery only.
  • No more than $10,000 value cannabis is allowed at any time.
  • Driver must maintain a log that includes all stops.
  • Delivery receipts must contain the details of the retailer, deliverer, employee who packed along with details like description of cannabis, date & time of delivery, customer signature, etc.

New York – Permission Granted Only For Medical Cannabis Delivery

  • A registered organization has to take a prior authorization from the New York State Department of Health (“Department”) to sell dispense or distribute approved medical marijuana products via a delivery service.
  • They will have to get approved the delivery service plan with written approval from the department.
  • Also, vehicles have to go through the approval and identification process including make, model, year, vehicle, vehicle identification number (VIN) and plate number.
  • Delivery organizations must secure the storage compartment of the vehicle and describe the precautions against any theft or accidental loss of marijuana.
  • No transport or delivery outside of New York State’s border, to any Native American reservations, or federally owned properties within New York State is allowed.
  • Organizations should have the method to validate the patient’s certification information and designated caregiver’s registry identification card.
  • Description of a clear process for receiving and fulfilling delivery requests from certified patients or designated caregivers only, including a method to validate only they will be available to personally accept delivery.
  • Transport vehicles must be staffed with a minimum of two agents, at least one of whom must remain with the vehicle at all times.

Massachusetts – Permission Granted Only For Medical Cannabis Delivery

– Must-Follow Regulatory Structure of New York + Below Mentioned Points

  • Delivery times and routes must be randomized.
  • The registered marijuana dispensary (RMD) must retain shipping manifests for at least one year.
  • Each vehicle used for transport must have a GPS monitoring device that is monitored by the RMD during transport.
  • Each delivery agent must have access to a secure form of communication with personnel at the sending site at all times.

Final Words:

Are you a registered organization or a registered marijuana dispensary (RMD) looking to develop an on-demand cannabis delivery app in California, New Mexico, New York, Massachusetts, Nevada, Canada and other legal cities in states?

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