3 Top Tips Businesses Should Use To Successfully Navigate After COVID-19

  • Published on : May 10, 2021

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Tips Businesses Should Use To Successfully Navigate

COVID-19- the other name of disruption? An event that has reset the entire economy. An event that has transformed companies’ and investors’ needs; shifted the strategies, rules, and policies and made the economy and its operations chaotic.

There is a dire need for markets to embrace change, reimagine business models, and create frameworks that could help them to cure the dynamics and repercussions of COVID-19.

Here we discuss the three phases from the experiential notes of Goldman Sachs that happen to be most resilient in curing the disruption of COVID-19.


The rule for preservation is quite simple! The more financial reserves you have the more will be the future returns. Though the concept of preservation is not limited to financial assets, it is also concerned with digitally preserving business processes and services that ensure long-term continued access.

So, preserve what you have for a better tomorrow. This can include any underlying dependencies like technical infrastructure, hardware, or any other third-party services and information. It will help you to combat risks, chaos, uncertainty, and foster business continuity management with full resilience.


If you’re a company with a business model that is performing well in every stage in the uncertain times means you have separated yourself from the pack. Reason? This is the time where customers want their needs to be met immediately with full ease even if it is served by locals with a narrow supply chain.

In the consolidation phase, you need to know:

  • Which strategy is working which isn’t?
  • Will the supplier be able to supply things?
  • Which customer is still buying?

Companies like Amazon, and Zoom have tapped the trend of ordering from home and working from home.

Skype was an early entrant or say ahead of its time but Zoom nailed it well.

So, it’s all about consolidation and restructuring to existing technologies rather than reinventing the whole model.


In the innovation phase, everyone in the system will have to see things that work and will have to evaluate new needs and the new nature of the business. Then innovate.

This creates a greater opportunity to make disruption easier with bigger returns and capital. From an investment and innovation standpoint, the companies that fix the problem first can be the new entrants.

Summing Up

Companies need to determine the right growth opportunities and pick the right strategy to ensure they work with a competitive advantage. This can happen only if companies can successfully determine which product suites, software bundles, and services are best suited for their business.

Codiant’s comprehensive suite of Digital Research and Strategy Planning in digital transformation services assesses companies with strategy building, project roadmaps, and the right technology products, platforms, and channels.

We encourage innovation by helping our customers pull the right digital enablers like websites, mobile apps, and analytical platforms all supported by exclusive digital strategies that help businesses achieve the desired goals and milestones.

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