How To Choose The Best iOS App Development Company in 2023?

  • Published on : August 27, 2023

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Why choose iOS app development?

Despite Android’s market dominance, iOS excels in quality, performance, and profitability. iOS users spend 80% more than Android users. Hiring a skilled iOS development team ensures expertise in Swift, Objective-C, UI/UX design, and robust testing, resulting in a top-notch, revenue-generating app.

The app development process goes through multiple phases and should be set on high priority, especially once you are confident with your idea. From those phases, the selection of an app development platform takes the first place on the list. Android and iOS are the two most popular app store platforms in the global market. Where a major market size is taken over by the android operating system when smartphones are considered.

Arguably, when a wider market area is occupied by Android, then what is the need for developing an iOS application and hiring an iphone app development firm to build the app?

As a matter of fact, the entire market has acknowledged the feature’s quality and technical competencies in iOS. The iOS app platform leads when it is compared on different parameters, such as quality, price, and performance level.

On the other end of the spectrum, iOS apps are more profitable as compared to Android, despite having less market share. iOS users are willing to spend almost 80% more than Android users – it is almost 1.8 times higher than Google Play Stores revenue.

Not only users but also developers too prefer iOS, not to mention due to various tech supports. It includes simplicity, better accessibility, bug-free nature, easy monetization, high standards, development-friendly nature are the few. Thus, making iOS app development the preferred choice among businesses and development companies, and developers.

Considering the acceptance and preference of iOS over Android in the market – to develop an iOS app, you require an expert team of iOS developers, who can develop an exceptional solution by leveraging the platform’s ability and can deliver a better solution than your expectations.

To hire the best iOS app development company or the right team of iOS developers, below we have prepared the checklist for your assistance with a detailed skill-set requirement.

Skills to Consider Before Hiring an iOS App Development Company or Developer

Multiple aspects should be considered to hire an iOS apps development company, such as experience, expertise, tech proficiency, market image, domain proficiency, previous works, client feedback, and user experience & feedback will help you to identify the right tech partner.

Before finalizing the company’s name for iOS app development, it is important to understand if the team fulfills all the aforementioned benchmarks.

a) Hard Skills

Over a period of time, an experienced iOS developer explores his skills in multiple domains. Thus, there is a great possibility that the developers have worked on numerous domains, like healthcare, banking, transportation& logistics, retail market, e-commerce, and many more. This demonstrates his versatility and will definitely be a positive point for you to work with such an expert and experienced developer.

Some of the mandatory hard skills that you must verify before hiring an iOS app development company are as follows;

  • Proficient with two crucial iOS programming languages i.e. Objective-C and Swift
  • Knowledge and working experience of Apple’s Integrated Development Environment i.e. XcodeIDE
  • Aware of Apple’s design guidelines and user interface rules
  • Standard knowledge of layout designing, UI/UX designing, and information hierarchy
  • Proficient in advanced code-writing tools
  • Knowledge of Metal and OpenGL
  • Working expertise with Realm or Core Data
  • Skilled in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • Understands APIs and API Integration expertise
  • Expertise in using iOS SDK, APNS, Core Data, GCD
  • Basic knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Application testing and debugging

These are some basic yet necessary hard skills that one must possess before hiring an iOS app development company. Apart from that, the iOS developers also have a working knowledge of ARKit 3 and Reality Kit. All these skills in a developer will help to infuse next-gen experiences, like AR/VR user experience.

b) Soft Skills

Before finalizing an iOS, developer based on his hard skills; an efficient developer also possesses soft skills. This will make him culturally fit for your organization. Proper etiquette and a professional attitude are also responsible factors to influence the success or failure of the project.

Hence, when you are planning to hire an iOS app development company, consider the following soft skills that developers and the entire team must possess apart from their technical expertise and experience.

  • Critical thinker
  • Easily approachable
  • Actively participates and contributes to the group
  • To maintain efficiency, ensure to maintain the deadline
  • Self-presentable and negotiation skills
  • Good leadership skills

How to Judge the App Development Company Will Fulfil Your Requirements

The goals and targets of each app development company are different. Based on that, you have to find the right partner that can fulfill your requirements. Hence, check the following attributes of a company before hiring them as your app development partner.

1. Custom Development

According to Statista, it is predicted that the annual number of app downloads worldwide will be 299 billion, against 247 billion app downloads in 2020. It’s a huge figure, despite that the competition will remain very tough. Because not only a few or just you are the only ones who are aiming at their target audience.

The first and most important rule that any app development company follows is to offer something unique to their customers. But, creating an app as per the client’s expectation is not possible for every app development company. Therefore, choose the one name who has prior experience in fulfilling the client’s expectations by deploying tailor-made solutions. Customized iOS app development demands expert developers that possess’ hard skills and soft skills both in a balanced form.

2. Web-based Design

In this rapidly evolving and tech-reliant world, the differentiation between mobile and web apps is getting blurred. The expert web app development firms’s development team has the skills to build a web-based design.

This means the app should be user-friendly and have a cross-platform design that allows users to seamlessly access the app and perform all the activities on a mobile app and web or desktop app as well. Such apps have multiple benefits as well to provide a much-needed smooth user experience, along with quick loading speed and less memory consumption.

3. UI/UX Design

Making an appealing app that gains users’ attention and selling the app, demands a well-defined and organized app design that can understand the user’s behavior. To gain all these things through your app, you need a highly creative and goal-oriented web and app designing company, that can easily understand your demands and study end users’ expectations simultaneously.

A poor UI/UX design leads to dissatisfied users, and negative market status, and also leads to app abandonment and loss of revenue. To avoid such situations, you require skillful and diligent mobile app developers having the ability to design an application that can provide an appealing design with a seamless user experience.

4. Mobile App Testing

Deploying software in the market without thorough testing is a huge risk and a severe blunder without a doubt. Therefore, it is vital to pick the right app development company that follows a rigorous testing process to ensure bug-free app deployment.

The proper testing process helps to find and correct any technical glitches, which may hamper the entire project if detected in the later stage or post-deployment. To avoid all the detectable issues, demand experience QAs, to find potential risks of app failure.

5. Mobile App Consultation

If you are not technically sound, then you need to pay extra precautions while looking for mobile app development services. Even if you know the tactics to succeed in the market, but wouldn’t be knowing what is required to make your application’s backend robust and everlasting.

So, to deal with such issues you need a web app development company, that can fill the gap between your mobile app idea and the working project. Only an expert and experienced team will figure out your specific needs and execute the idea in a guided manner.

Services You Will Get from an iOS App Development Company

1. Strategy Building

We offer iPhone app development services along with strategy building to streamline the entire process and implement effective business strategies.

2. iPhone App Development

For successful software, designing and exceptional user experience are the critical components. To achieve that, we ensure to maintain an outstanding and highly innovative team to offer our clients a high-quality design and streamlined user interface.

3. App Testing on the iPhone

We have a strong team of QA specialists that ensure to test the iPhone application and find any bugs or missing guidelines of the app. The testers maintain a proper structure to achieve the high performance of the application and offer the best solution to the end-user.

4. iPhone Game Development

We are one of the top iOS mobile app development companies, with an experienced team of game developers who provide high-performing, advanced tech-enabled mobile applications.

5. Business iOS App

Our expert team of iOS web and app developers possesses extensive experience in developing and deploying corporate solutions in the form of websites and mobile applications.

How to choose the best iOS app Development Company in 2023?

Focus on hard skills like proficiency in Objective-C and Swift, expertise in UI/UX design, and consider soft skills like critical thinking. Evaluate custom development capabilities, web-based design, UI/UX expertise, mobile app testing practices, and the ability to offer mobile app consultation. Check for recognition, domain expertise, adaptability, effective delivery management, and adherence to standard app designing. Consider the cost of iOS app development services, influenced by factors like app size, native or cross-platform approach, feature complexity, UI/UX design, and app testing. Codiant, with over a decade of experience, offers specialized iOS app development services catering to diverse industries.

Tips to Choose the Best iOS App Development Company in 2023

1. Analyze your Business Requirements

To define your business requirements, you need to identify, store, interpret, and document all the specifics of your key stakeholders and their requirements that are most critical. To deduce all these details, you can carry out interview sessions with your stakeholders, build prototypes, and use cases, and classify requirements under a specific label.

Analysis of a project on a superficial level won’t work, it also requires in-depth analysis to identify the requirements and involves some crucial steps;

  • Identify all key stakeholders
  • Extract all the requirements of each stakeholder
  • Categorize the stakeholder’s requirements
  • Analyze the feasibility of the requirement, and
  • Document and monitor those requirements

The in-depth analysis report in the form of business requirement documentation will work as a great foundation for the business’s success and land into the market with a right and proper introduction.

2. Analyze Technical Knowledge & Expertise

To develop an app, the technical expertise needs to be analyzed, which helps to perform a task. Basically, it is the practical knowledge that works as a foundation for iOS app development. Technical knowledge is very important to mark the project’s progress, for that, an iOS app developer must be fluent in two programming languages i.e., Swift and Objective-C.

You also need to look into multiple other factors to filter out the development company’s expertise, such as the quality of delivered products, delivery timeline, client feedback, and others. Additionally, interview the team leads of developers thoroughly before making any decision.

A detailed interview session will help you to understand their strength and weaknesses, and understand their knowledge and capabilities. Then make the final decision of hiring the iOS app development company or not.

3. Check Recognition and Recommendation

Go through the company’s portfolio and check what type and industry-related apps or websites they have deployed till now, along with the client’s feedback. This will help to learn about the quality of work the team is capable of delivering, and whom you are planning to hire.

Further, for more details, you can directly try to connect with the previous clients to seek their feedback and experience with that specific company. This practice will help to get transparent and unbiased feedback about the company. Moreover, you can also get to learn about their working methodologies and how they deliver their commitment.

Besides all this, you can also look into various business platforms, such as Clutch, Good Firms, Top Developers, Appfuture, etc. to check their ratings, awards, projects, companies, and accolades. Evidently, the years of industry work, experience, and recognition from past client recommendations will endorse and make it easier to decisions making and hire the right iOS app development company.

4. Domain Expertise

Domain expertise is the skill in any specific activity, profession, or discipline in which the target system operates. Considering the domain expertise will help you transfer your views easily to the team and they can implement those things easily as they are already exposed to such things or industry-specific terminologies. This will make it extremely valuable and effective for the end-users.

The niche market experts can easily integrate advanced technologies without any delay or demanding any additional research, which ensures building a tailor-made solution for your end-users to make a difference against competitors. Also, these experts have the advantage of domain and testing experience with a detailed understanding of handling complex problems.

Undoubtedly, the niche market expertise will help the development team to deliver a quality project while maintaining the deadline, quality, and efficiency at the same time.

5. Adaptable to the Environment

In this staff outsourcing world, there is a great percentage of employees working remotely, from different regions and locations too. The market demands and updates with the latest trends and technology also slightly vary. Hence, the ability to rapidly adapt and learn new skills and behavior in evolving environment is crucial. So, while hiring an iOS app developer or the development agency ensure that s/he is adaptable and socially fit with your working environment.

Despite being an expert professional, there might be scenarios when a developer fails to gel smoothly with your current project development team. There is no second thought that differences in the working environment can also cause confusion, miscommunication, or misunderstanding.

All these issues will definitely hinder the project’s progress and can lead to a goof-up with the project’s deadline. To avoid such situations and achieve your target on time, you need to hire a verified iOS app development company, that can seamlessly adapt to your company’s work process and deliver incredible output.

6. Effective Delivery Management

In terms of communication during project development, clients often experience or complain about poor coordination or untimely updates on the progress of the app development cycle. Such a communication barrier between both parties leads to poor project quality at the final delivery stage.

To get the desired product quality, it is necessary to maintain a regular and frequent communication channel to keep updated about the project’s progress. It also allows developers to take feedback from the client after each module rather than finishing the entire project and seeking updates – this maintains the project development pace, and quality and helps developers to maintain the delivery timeline as well.

It is suggested to prefer hiring a company that follows the Agile/Scrum Model. The scrum model allows a clear view of the project development progress and provides you a proper window to go through the small updates instantly and infuse any changes or updates.

7. Standard App Designing

The app design quality plays a vital role in the delivery of a successful tailor-made iOS application. An interactive and user-friendly UI design will ensure straightforward app navigation, which helps visitors/users to get their tasks done easily and in a hassle-free manner.

Hence, while hiring an iOS app development company ensure they understand your end-users context, and flow of tasks and fine-tune the most intuitive User Interface. To check out the developer’s and team’s sensibility and understanding of the design, you can go through their design portfolio. It will help you to learn about their skills and style, and analyze whether they follow the globally accepted design standards or not.

Cost of iOS App Development Services

The cost of the iOS app development service is often the crucial factor that determines the choice of a technical partner. Yet, it is understood that you will get what you pay for. So, don’t get the prey for the lowest price. As the project’s quality is the factor that can make or break you.

iPhone application development services is a tedious and a time taking process which only demands various experts from all the required fields and delivery of all the stages with perfection. However, the app development cost majorly depends on its features, functionalities, platform, technologies, design, and many other factors.

Moreover, define the pricing model you are fine with and the two common options are Fixed-price Model and Time & Resource Model. According to your requirements and preference for the project process, you can choose one of the models which suit you.

Some of the important factors that influence the cost of iOS app development services are;

  1. App Size: The size of the application can be small, medium, or large which directly influences the overall development charges. As the app size increase, its features also increase and resulting in an increase in development cost and time.
  2. Native or Cross-Platform: iOS app development follows two different approaches – native and cross-platform. Thus, the cost of the cross-platform app will be generally high because such apps are suitable for both Android and iOS platforms and can run effortlessly on both devices.
  3. Features Complexity: The complex features require more development time and experts’ hands to do so. It ultimately demands higher development charges to deliver the project quality as demanded by the client.
  4. UI/UX Cost: The app design also varies and is categorized as simple to complex, which leads to higher user interactivity and an appealing interface. All these micro-advancements demand utter precision, time, and subtle hands to do so. All these factors directly influence the iOS app development cost and hamper the overall budget.
  5. App Testing: Testing is another crucial aspect that defines the quality of the project and ensures the maintenance of an optimum performance level, security, and other factors. There are different types of iOS app testing methods, which influences the overall development cost.

To roughly estimate the development charges of an iOS app, the formula you can follow is;

iOS App Development Cost =

App Platform + UI/UX Development Hours + (Development Time X Developers Hourly Rate)

Why Should You Hire iOS App Developers From Codiant?

Codiant specializes in developing mobile applications for various platforms, such as iOS, Android, Hybrid, Swift and Cross-Platform app development.

For more than a decade Codiant is offering app development services and have successfully delivered diverse domain-based application. Till now, the expert and certified app developers of Codiant have successfully delivered 1000+ apps that are effectively running globally.

Till now, we have worked on a wide range of technologies to build a unique project with specific requirements that are catering varied industries. The industries we have served but not only confined to them are e-commerce, healthcare, on-demand delivery, real estate, finance, transportation, logistics, etc.

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