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Why Businesses Should Adopt Angular for Web Development

  • Published on : July 8, 2022

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Businesses Should Adopt Angular for Web Development

Building a mobile-responsive online presence with website development has now become the new revenue generation method for businesses to step into the competitive market. It is no less than a business card that delivers brand details, working, products, and services at the same time. But, the major hurdle for building a successful web platform is selecting the right tech stack, which is a vital aspect to build a digital presence.

There are numerous technologies available in the market, but going with the low-level tech can lead to business failure or gives an inverse impact. However, going with one of the most reliable techs, like Angular for web development, which has proven efficiency, and having a bright future among all existing programming languages can be the most appropriate choice to make.

When it is about businesses or corporate app development, AngularJS is generating a great buzz in the market. More and more enterprises are leveraging Angular development as a viable option to build a new platform for revamping inefficient processes and solutions.

Let’s dive in! Understand the reasons and benefits why businesses should adopt angular for web development.

Business Benefits of Angular For Web Development

Angular is quite a beneficial framework for both web development and businesses perspective. It is a front-end framework that can work cordially with numerous back-end programming languages while integrating basic business UI and logic.

Let’s take a close look at what AngularJS has to offer to businesses to build an attractive and user-friendly web solution.

1. Automatic Synchronization with Two-way Data Binding

The two-way data binding is one of the most prominent AngularJS functionalities, unlike some other frameworks that offer one-way data binding. AngularJS can easily synchronize the data between the Model and the View.

Therefore, whenever the data is modified or updated, then both the components get automatically updated in real-time. If not so, then the developers would have to make manual changes and this will ask for additional efforts and time to make updates at each place and automatically influences the website development time and cost.

2. Code Consistency and Reusability

Code consistency lays the foundation for a strong development environment to be successful. The inconsistency in the codes not only increases the risk of delay in product marketing but also increases the development expense, which ultimately minimizes the efficiency of the end product. This is something an entrepreneur or a business owner would never like to experience.

In this respect, Angular can be the most beneficial and appropriate mobile and web app development framework. With Angular, the developers can maintain code consistency, which makes website development easier and quick by allowing the usage of templates or predefined code snippets.

3. Default Ivy Renderer

A rendered is an engine that takes the developer’s written instructions and translates them for DOM. DOM is a web page interface that enables to manage page content, style, and structure. In simple words, the rendered Ivy allows making the small bundles which enhances the application’s speed.

The Ivy renderer enables enterprises to experience instant debugging and have a user-friendly experience. Additionally, the AngularJS framework reduces the file size and makes it a feature-rich platform for web development.

4. Optimize Security

Security is the major concern of any entrepreneur. The entrepreneurs become hesitant to adopt any new technology when the applications’ security is the concern, and it may jeopardize all the critical data of the organization.

To avoid the data breach, the Angular uses RESTful API as an HTTPS interface, it allows to interact with the server data and protect the website or application from outside threats (such as viruses, Trojan horse, data breach, hacking, malware, etc.)

Hence, following the standard and existing security measures of the AngularJS framework makes web applications secured against malware attacks or any unauthorized access.

5. Declarative UI or User Interface

With AngularJS, HTML is used to define the user interface that creates flexible and intelligent UI. To make the portable Angular UI application, it includes Bootstrap 3 and Angular stage. Instead of using ordinary JavaScript for designing the interface, HTML as a declarative language is very intuitive and organized.

Hence the developers don’t have to spend unnecessary time on declaring programs flow and defining what should load first. The developers only have to describe what they require and Angular has it all done.

6. Single Page Application Development

Single Page Applications are dynamic apps, which means whenever the user navigates the app, no page reloading action takes place, as it simply loads the entire content of the site within a single page. AngularJS enables the development of a sophisticated new generation single-page app that functions like a desktop or mobile program.

In SPAs the data is received and sent back as in every usual system, but the app or website doesn’t load the new pages from a server whenever a user performs some action on the page.

7. TypeScript Compilation is Efficient

TypeScript is a strongly typed and the base language for Angular, it allows developers to keep the code neat and clean. Evidently, the cleaner the code, the better the application will perform. TypeScript helps to find the errors while writing the code. Most developers prefer Angular because of its TypeScript feature..

For JavaScript, TypeScript is a SuperScript and has an inbuilt library. The developer can add functionality to the codes because of its backward compatibility support.

8. Component-based Architecture

AngularJS supports the writing of the applications with the MVC (Model-View-Controller) and MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) architecture, which enhances code reusability. The flexibility of the AngularJS framework with model-view pattern enables to build anything i.e. MVW (Model-View-Whatever).

The MVVM architecture provides a firm basis for app development, with a model representing the app’s data. View-Model supports the maintenance of specific views, whereas View is HTML. It exists when AngularJS compile and parse HTML to include binding and markups.

9. An Extensible Modular Platform

AngularJS supports the development of multiple modules for a single application. In the modular platform, each module relies on the other. One of the major benefits of the Angular framework is that it identifies the requirement of any additional module.

Hence, it can be associated with other existing modules to ensure the successful execution of the web application. It is one of the reasons why businesses adopt angular for web development.

10. Supported By Google

Angular is a Google-supported framework, initially used for their official websites and to resolve issues in the internal system of Google. In every six months, Angular updates are deployed by offering small changes for each version.

Still, Angular is going strong and is a continuously evolving framework. Expert developers of Google extend their Long-Term Support (LTS) for Angular to scale up the enterprise’s web application development.

Top Brands That Have Adopted Angular Framework

1. Forbes

One of the most renowned business magazines and is currently reaching more than 27 million global viewers every month through its website. To handle such a bulk of users, the magazine adopted Angular programming language for its web development.

Hence, the tech enables to update the stories and articles easily which are published for the subscribers. Angular provides a smart professional look with a highly responsive website that supports ease of reading and cross-platform usage.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft is a multinational technology corporation known for building computer software, electronics, personal computers, and other related services. It is the market ruling computer operating system and one of the largest revenue generators with software development.

The company prevalently uses and trusts AngularJS, till now has 365 web applications by effectively collaborating with tools and teams to build a strong base.

3. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is a multinational investment bank and financial services company. The company deals with a great number of online users on daily basis, thus to handle such heavy traffic at a time the company introduced their “developer portal” through AngularJS.

4. Gmail

Gmail is a single-page mailing platform available in the form of a website and mobile application. It supports about 1.5 million users every day. To handle such a huge number of users on daily basis, the organization infuses the goodness of the Angular framework.

It is a single-page HTML platform that renders data on the front-end in real-time whenever a new email or message is delivered. Thus, with the support of AngularJS web development, Gmail can deliver great performance despite handling heavy traffic.

5. Paypal

Paypal is a financial technology company that facilitates an online payment system to send and receive money safely and securely. The company has nearly 426 million users, enabling safe payment to make a purchase online. Hence, to ensure the handling of such a number of users, there is a library that is indirectly established on Paypal’s JavaScript. For checkout and payment systems, Paypal uses Angular 8 and Angular 10.

6. Upwork

Upwork is a popular freelancer’s platform, it has a thriving community of over 18 million users and 5 million registered clients. Hence, it becomes mandatory for Upwork to avoid any technical glitches. Therefore, to make responsive pages for its visitors and render the impeccably performing application, Upwork used Angular.

This is not it, there are many more renowned names in the list of businesses that adopted Angular for web development, and it includes YouTube TV, Samsung, Netflix, Mixer, Santander, Crunchbase, Xbox, GitHub Community, and many more.


A website for any business is the digital ecosystem that represents the brick and mortar business, and customer experience, quite similar to the perception the customer or website visitor makes while visiting the physical outlet.

To facilitate all such features and benefits, AngularJS is a great technology. Hence, it becomes vital to pick experts with excellent field and industry understanding. As a matter of fact, finding the angular developer is not a challenge where the developers can be found in abundance. But hiring the right angular development company is crucial for any business to build their online presence.

To beat the competing market, and find the trustable AngularJS development company, Codiant can be the most promising solution provider. We are the leading market name with top-notch development services, delivering the best customer experience, and more than a decade-long experience in diverse industries.

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