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On-Demand Babysitting App Development Cost & Features in 2023

  • Published on : January 6, 2023

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On-Demand Babysitting App Development Cost & Features in 2023

Working parents often have a tough time maintaining a balance between their personal and professional life. As taking care of a baby is itself a full-time job and being in a job it becomes quite overwhelming to play both roles with ease. To cover up this gap and do their jobs without any stress, nowadays parents often seek a good babysitter or a nanny that can take care of their child in their absence.

However, manually finding such a good and affordable babysitter gives nightmares to parents, which generated the demand for an on-demand babysitting app platform that can connect parents and babysitters to fulfill their requirements.

If you are an entrepreneur, then you can avail the opportunity to resolve this pressing problem by introducing an on-demand babysitting mobile application in the market. For your assistance, in this blog, we are going to discuss in detail the on-demand babysitting app development cost and notable features that you must integrate into your app.

How Does an On-Demand Babysitting App Work?

How Does an On-Demand Babysitting App Works?

It is quite an easy application to operate with a streamlined and user-friendly UI/UX. The working of the app for the parent and the babysitter is slightly different but is interlinked to each other to reach out and deliver the services.

Steps of Parents App

  1. Download the app and register yourself with all the relevant and genuine details
  2. After registration, the parent can access the list of enlisted babysitters on the app
  3. Parents can filter and reach out to the babysitters through the app by analyzing them on different parameters, such as status, reviews, hourly charges, and more
  4. Connect one-on-one with the right respondents and finalize the hiring
  5. Make payment through the app or cash
  6. After service completion, parents can leave their reviews and feedback based on their experience.

Steps of Babysitter/Nanny App

  1. Download the app and register yourself with valid and accurate details, and get the details verified from the admin end.
  2. After successful details and background verification, the nanny can update the status as ‘Available’ or ‘Not Available’.
  3. Set alerts to the new job or connection request from the parent.
  4. Provide services at the discussed price and for the time duration.
  5. On successful job completion, babysitters can track earnings, along with past jobs, earnings, reviews and ratings from parents, and more.

This is how the on-demand babysitter’s app works and makes it convenient for parents to find a reliable nanny and do their jobs without worrying about their children.

On-Demand Babysitting App: Cost & Features 2023

Finding out how much it will cost to create an on-demand childcare service in 2023 would probably run you anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000. Quick sign-in, ID verification, live tracking, and in-app chat support are examples of essential features that improve user experience and make it easier for parents to choose trustworthy babysitters.

Vital Features to Integrate into Your On-Demand Babysitting App in 2023

Vital Features to Integrate into Your On-Demand Babysitting App in 2023

An on-demand app for babysitters comprises three stakeholders, namely the User/Parent App, Babysitter/Nanny App, and Admin Panel. All three stakeholders comprise many unique as well as similar features to maintain the app working smoothly.

1. Quick & Easy Sign In

Enable parents and babysitters to easily register on the platform with basic details and then let them fill in their details and requirements in detail.

Parents can find suitable nannies by filling their requirements accurately. Whereas, the babysitters can submit their details to get them verified and make the profile public for parents to find it easily.

2. ID Verification

ID verification is a crucial feature that you need to integrate into your babysitting app development. It builds trust between the platform and parents, such that they are leaving their child under the supervision of a safe and reliable nanny.

Being a reliable platform owner, you need to take the documents and ID of the babysitter and get all the details verified before allowing them to appear on the platform.

3. Filter & Search

Every parent looks for a desired babysitter that meets their particular needs like it can be age, timings, qualifications, experience, reviews, and ratings.

For such specific demands, the search & filter feature works accurately to reach the right resource. The parents can easily search the reliable and nearby babysitters and create a connection request to find the most suitable nanny for their child.

4. Push Notifications

Push Notifications is a great feature to integrate into your babysitting on-demand app development. It updates parents and nannies both on time for their duties and to explore new features or offers too.

Integrating this feature with your babysitting app development will keep parents as well as nannies engaged with the app and improve the app’s visibility.

5. In-App Chat Support

It is one of the most convenient and effective features of the on-demand babysitting mobile application. The in-app chat support provides a convenient platform for parents to communicate with their hired babysitter quickly.

Additionally, parents and babysitters both can look for professional support in case of any query or emergency. To make this possible, integrating an intelligent AI-enabled chatbot in the app can provide efficient support and a much-needed cordial experience to all users.

6. Live Tracking

The live tracking feature of a babysitter app generates a sense of relief and reliability in tracking the whereabouts of the hired nanny.

It will enable parents to remain calm and easy-going with their kids’ safety and the location at the same time.

7. Multiple Payment Integration

Every user seeks easy, secure, and convenient payment modes while availing of online services. The user can instantly book an appointment or avail of services online just by making the payments online while being in their comfort place.

Parents can avail of any of the available payment modes, which seems suitable for them to clear their babysitters’ dues in no time.

8. Multi-Language Support

We all live in a diverse society where different native language speakers can be found easily. And there are maximum chances that such people like to explore your app and services.

Thus, build an app that supports multiple languages and will bring more users without a doubt.

9. In-App Cam

In the babysitter finder app, an in-app cam is a very convenient feature for parents to connect with their babysitters directly through a video call in real-time, in case of any emergency or to enquire about ongoing situations.

10. Reports & Analytics

It is a great feature for the admin to collect and study all the data in an easily understandable form. The admin can analyze the trends on different metrics, such as new users, active/inactive users, user acquisition rate, babysitter with the highest rating, etc.

All these details and analytics help to understand the ongoing business trend and design strategies to improve business performance.

11. Geolocation

For safety concerns, it is a very helpful feature for parents through which they can locate their hired babysitter. Geolocation enables them to ensure that the nanny is at their home with the baby and hasn’t left the house.

Moreover, parents can even locate highly rated babysitters available near them without much struggle.

12. Payment Management

It is a very handy feature of the babysitting app development process for admin that enables them to track and monitor the service provider’s payments, revenue, and profit generated through the application.

All these handy payment details help admin to study their earnings and check out the success ratio of their services and implement suitable actions accordingly.

How Much Does An On-Demand Babysitting App Development Cost?

To develop any on-demand mobile application, there is no fixed cost for it. The price keeps on varying under multiple influential factors, which we’ll be discussing further.

However, the on-demand babysitting mobile app development cost will approximately range between USD $10,000 to $40,000 or more.

The following factors influence the development cost of the babysitter app:

  1. Features- The greater number of features included in the app will raise the development charges time and ultimately higher the charges.
  2. Complexity- The uncommon feature and functionality of the app define its complexity, which again adds more cost to the development process.
  3. Development Platform- Developing a single application suitable for multiple platforms demands platform-specialized developers and the team along with time, which again influences the development charges.
  4. App Size- The size of the app i.e. developing with basic features or an MVP or building an advanced or complex babysitting app, the size of such apps will vary and also increase. Similarly, the development time and development cost also increase without any doubt.
  5. Developer’s Location- Apart from the development process, the development team’s location plays an important role in defining the development charges. So, hiring the expert development team before analyzing the charges will be an intelligent call.

Let’s learn about the difference in the location-based charges, which will help you to pick the right market and hire the budget-friendly development team from the specific location.

Country iOS App Development Charges Per Hour Android App Development Charges Per Hour
Australia $80 to $120 $50 to $100
Western Europe $100 to $130 $50 to $110
North America $90 to $130 $30 to $90
Eastern Europe $110 to $150 $60 to $120
India $30 to $100 $20 to $80


These location-based per-hour development charges will help you to determine your selection for the babysitter app development within your budget. However, these charges may also be variable, so try to connect with a reputable company for a much more accurate budget definition.

Summing Up!

The market for such on-demand apps is growing each day. Likewise, with the inclining market trend, the demand for babysitting applications is becoming high. But to build such a mobile app, it is necessary to learn about the market demand, target audience, development process, cost, and other detailed research that could be helpful to take your app to the shop floor level.

To have a brief learning about the on-demand app development process and other details, you can also go through this on-demand marketplace app. Here you can get all the details about the development process, cost, and details of an on-demand application.

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With a vast portfolio in the on-demand industry, our apps have set the benchmark in the on-demand segment. So, why wait? Rely on our expert developer team to build custom solutions for any industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An on-demand app is a mobile application that facilitates the immediate provision of goods or services to users, connecting them with service providers in real-time.

Key features typically include user profiles, booking system, real-time location tracking, ratings and reviews, and secure payment processing.

Safety measures often include background checks for sitters, in-app messaging, emergency contact features, and user verification processes.

Factors include the complexity of features, platform choice (iOS, Android, or both), design sophistication, and integration of third-party services.

Revenue models often include commission on bookings, subscription fees for premium features, or advertising for related products and services.

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