How AR-VR Is Taking Space in Education and Entertainment Industries?

  • Published on : June 5, 2023

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AR-VR in Education and Entertainment Industries Space

As AR-VR technologies continue to create a buzz in the market, industries like education and entertainment are also taking advantage of the new streams to engage a huge audience. These technologies have drastically reduced the necessity of traditional approaches.

Now, these industries are benefiting at a large scale by getting millions of opportunities to increase engagement, generate revenues, create better connections, and find other ways for growth.

According to Statista 2023, the global market of augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality has reached 29.26 billion US dollars in 2022 and it is expected to rise to over 100 billion US dollars by 2026.

This blog will look at some of the critical advancements that education and entertainment industry creators and media entertainment software are leveraging currently.

Augmented Reality

It is a term that is used to create an artificial environment using a perfect blend of the digital world and physical elements. In simple words, Augmented reality enhances real-world objects into perceptual information by using computer-generated high-quality sensors and cameras by AR-VR App Development.

There are four major elements that create superimposed images of the real-world environment i.e. camera and sensors, projection, processing, and reflection.

Example- Pokémon Go game is one of the best examples of AR technology where players are allowed to locate and capture characters who appear in the real world.

Virtual Reality

It is a fully immersive experience that turns a real-life environment into a simulated one. Virtual reality makes use of a headset that places an individual into a virtual universe that an individual can explore by themselves.

The VR works on the technology called head tracking which allows an individual to explore the environment by just moving their head.

For example- Hotels are using virtual reality to take their customers inside their properties to give them a real feel of the location.

AR-VR Revolution: Transforming Education and Entertainment

AR and VR technologies are changing the way that entertainment and education are delivered, producing immersive experiences, raising student interest, and completely changing advertising tactics. With a projected global market size of over $100 billion by 2026 and over $29 billion in 2022, these technologies present a plethora of chances for development and innovation across numerous industries.

Benefits of Augmented & Virtual Reality in Education

1. Improves Student Engagement

Schools and teachers generally face the challenge of low student engagement which is smartly managed by using AR-VR technology. Teachers can include immersive and interactive content i.e. images and visual scenarios to engage children. Using such interactive elements, it becomes easy to kindle child’s curiosity by securing their involvement and providing them with the best practices to remember the acquired knowledge.

2. Better Understanding of Concepts

Giving a better understanding of the topic was not possible in the traditional teaching methods but it is now possible with AR/VR. Students get a clear 360-degree view of the images which makes it easy to understand and learn. VR supports conceptual learning methods by presenting dynamic visualization and representations.

3. Integrating Learning with Gamification

Using these technologies, students can emerge themselves in a fun and interactive learning process through multiple games. Providing students an opportunity to play where they can participate boost student learning and engagement and allow them to think beyond their imaginations. Moreover, the badges, points, and other awards through games generate intrinsic motivation among students of all ages.

4. Generates Multi-Sensory Experiences

By multi-sensory experience, we mean that all the senses of the students will be targeted parallelly. Unlike traditional learning methods, students do not just indulge in learning or reading experiences rather they are engaged through their hearing capability, vision, and touch. Such techniques excellently inspire and excite students to adopt concepts effectively. Examples- Using AR-VR, students can even hold the apple, feel it and even count the seeds inside the apple.

5. Offers Distraction Free Learning

AR VR creates a virtual environment that is distraction-free. In such an environment students can even concentrate, memorize and gain concepts in a better way. This is exactly what virtual reality can deliver to students and educators alike. Students who experience learning in VR have displayed higher scores on exams and tend to retain concepts better. Virtual reality has the potential to revolutionize the way the world knows.

With VR, students can explore a limitless world of knowledge, engaging with lessons interactively and memorably.

Benefits of Augmented & Virtual Reality in Entertainment

1. Easily Captures the Interest of the Audience

Virtual images offered by technology always captivate both adults’ and child’s attention. It is always guaranteed that people will receive a favorable outcome whenever any entertaining activity is performed using virtual or augmented reality.

2. Aids in Creating Unique Promotional Strategies

Whether you are planning to launch a new product or promote your existing one, you can easily incorporate it with augmented or virtual reality. The great technology allows you to deliver exciting teasers. Such amazing experiences using AR/VR technology only allow you to fetch a win-win situation for the audience and a good engagement rate.

3. Supports in Boosting Business Sales

Entertainment events like movies, shows, concerts, events, etc. can be created with AR/VR technology that provides a different dimension to the entertainment world. The technology helps businesses to interact with individuals and create buzz around social media and other related platforms.

4. Allow Engaging Younger Audience Using Filters

Face filters are commonly used among Gen Z audiences. They not only help in engaging the audience but also increases brand popularity through word-of-mouth sharing. The most popular example is cricket event filters where sunglasses of different IPL teams are used with funky designs and different colors to increase awareness among younger audiences.

5. Stand-In an Abiding Connection with Your Audience

Every individual is interested in knowing more about the products and services they are using. The AR/VR technology allows the audience to provide a single link including info like origin, bio, making, ingredients, etc. The more the audience knows about the product, the better they will be able to connect with you.

Summing Up!

Technologies are having a dynamic impact on industries and AR-VR is on top of the list today. Leaders in education and entertainment are accelerating their promotional activities to achieve targeted growth. They can easily provide a better visual supplement that helps the audience to grasp a topic or gain a comprehensive experience of the scenario.

Therefore, more and more organizations and companies must start incorporating AR-VR into their businesses to not only focus on better business performance but to create a strong social impact among society.

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