Angular JS Framework : Why and When Should You Use?

  • Published on : January 5, 2023

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Angular JS Framework : Why and When Should You Use?

Angular JS is one of the most popular open-source JavaScript frameworks, developed by Google, and is used to build robust apps with top mobile apps and web applications companies. It can be freely used, modified and shared by everyone.

AngularJS provides an excellent framework for building interactive websites, single-phase applications and line of business applications.

Most standard groupings include:

Angular with Node.js, Angular with PHP, Angular with TypeScript, Angular with Django, Angular with Firebase, Angular with Java, Angular with MVC, Angular with .Net Core, and Angular with Python.

The Angular mobile framework is simple and interactive, scalable, and high-performance, and is used for developing applications across all platforms i.e. native mobile app, web, mobile web.

Benefits of Using AngularJS Over Other JavaScript Frameworks

Simplified MVC:

Unlike other JavaScript frameworks, in AngularJS development you do not have to write additional code to stitch your MVC i.e. model-view-controller components.

In AngularJS you just have to split your application code into MVC components and it automatically combines different MVC elements. Hence reducing your time to develop the code.

Two Way Data Binding:

Data binding in AngularJS is the synchronization between the model and the view. AngularJS uses two-way data binding for the synchronization of data automatically. In that way, changes in the application state will be automatically reflected in the view and vice-versa.

This saves time as Angular developers do not have to connect variables between the two layers.

Dependency Injection & Unit Testing:

Dependency Injection (DI) is a core concept of Angular 2+ and allows a class to receive dependencies from another class. The in-built dependency injection in AngularJS helps the developers to create, test, and understand the application easily. The framework divides the code into testing units so that the errors can be detected easily. Also, this simplifies the job of testers and saves their considerable time leading to reduced web development costs.

Dependency Injection & Unit Testing

Reusable Code:

AngularJS directives provide a good way to encapsulate and reuse functionality. The developers can reuse the same code developed before. This helps in saving extra time gone in developing the same code again, hence resulting in faster development time.


The Filters in the AngularJS framework simply filter out the data before it reaches the view or top layer of an application. They perform paginations, as well as filtering data arrays w.r.t existing parameters. The functions can be changed as per the ideal parameters in the system.

Turns Templates into Code:

AngularJS helps you build the perfect framework faster with ready-to-use, unique templates available with it.

The template is made of plain HTML, but you can extend to include instructions on how the model should look in the end view.

Businesses That Leverages Benefits of Angular Web Framework

  • Progressive Web Apps: Angular JS comes with inbuilt support for PWAs to make the process of building a progressive web app faster, with high performance, and less complicated.
  • Dynamic Applications: The platform can be used to build native dynamic mobile apps with strategies from Cordova, Ionic or NativeScript.
  • Enterprise Web Apps: The features like typescript, advanced refactoring, navigation auto-completion and more make AngularJS perfect for building large-scale applications.

Use Cases of Angular JS

  • On-demand video Streaming Apps like Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime as they are high-performance web apps.
  • Travel and itinerary Apps since these apps include dynamic features. This helps in creating robust, easy to use travel apps.
  • Weather Apps AngularJS allows the developers to develop an interactive, real-time activity app with optimized quality.
  • User Review App or user feedback app requires faster review handling. With AngularJS app development it is easy to develop.
  • eCommerce Apps development for enhancing buying and selling experience.

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