Industry 4.0: ‘5G+IoT+ AI’ Synergizing the Power of Technology to Create Future-Proof Solutions

  • Published on : October 1, 2019

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5G+IoT+AI to Create Future-Proof Solutions

From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to iOT sensors, wireless communication is driving the next industrial revolution where 5G is the glue binding them all together. 39th GITEX Technology Week in Dubai has its say on the dire need of5G technology in the manufacturing industry and their opinions on how a smooth transition can be coordinated for 5G!

Scheduled at 7th October Dr. Mohamed Madkour, VP Global Wireless Networks Marketing and Solutions – Huawei will cast light on it. Codiant an Enterprise Mobility company will also be the part of one of this biggest tech expos and exhibit its specialties in trending technologies like IoT and AI along with Mobile App and Web Development at Zabe’el Hall no. 6 Stand no. R25 and R29.

Industry 4.0 is desperately looking for measures to improve product quality, enhance safety and security and boost efficiency + profitability. No denies, only wireless cellular connectivity comes as their rescue. To stay competitive, automate operations and increase productivity manufacturing industries want a hardcore digitalization base and cutting-edge technologies to become more performance efficient. And for that enterprises are heavily depended upon fast, reliable and secured wireless connectivity solutions which is only possible by the evolution of 5G. 5G is the infrastructure that will reinforce a connected future.

Its alliance with trending technologies like AI and IoT would act as a mutual enabler and help them unleash their full capabilities. 5G’s extremely fast data speeds, the latency of a mere 1 millisecond and its ability to embrace up to 100 times more connected devices per unit area makes it more promising in the connected world. The upcoming technology 5G ensures a more IoT + AI friendly ecosystem and is all set to play a significant part in transforming the manufacturing industry.

AI+IoT Enabled Enterprise Solutions

Codiant offers Enterprise IT Business Partnering and services for manufacturing and other industries like healthcare & telemedicine, fitness, real estate, retail and more.

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