5 Promising Features Of IOS 13 Developers Need To Know About

  • Published on : August 13, 2019

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Unsurprisingly, Apple is known for breaking its records and no denies it has always kept its bar high and relentlessly made the user experience much more mesmerizing. Thanks to the incremental improvements.

And with iOS 13, it feels like Apple’s main focus is on quality-of-life updates. In developer lingo, it’s all about refinement. We all have gone through the list of iOS 13 updates no less than a whale, but when compared to previous versions of iOS, there is a line of lesser-known features that failed to make big headlines but are most sought after. Here is the promising list:

1. NFC Gets More Muscles

NFC which powers Apple Pay has got more powerful. As said in the WWDC conference, now apps will be able to write directly to blank tags, as well as interact with tags through native protocols instead of only allowing iPhone apps to read NFC tags. This opens up a range of new application possibilities for developers, including the ability to develop iOS apps that read passports and contactless smart cards and interact with NFC-enabled hardware.

NFC Gets More Muscles

2. Security and Privacy Got New Layers

Whoa! Unlike in the previous version now you will start to see reminders about apps that track your location. This new iteration will periodically remind you about apps that are tracking your location in the background. No wonder you can always limit the tracking. Not the end, the apps that annoyingly wanted access to Bluetooth now can be declined; second, the personal notes feature in users’ contacts is now totally personal (no app can see what’s in it). Last comes with sigh–you can remove the location data from a photo before sharing anywhere.

3. Photo Adjustments Takes A Step Forward

Another cool feature to shout out! Though other apps have had this feature for ages, having it in Apple is a new add-on. Now you can easily adjust perspectives in the photos meaning you got the ability to adjust the x-axis and y-axis skew for a photo.

Photo Adjustments Takes A Step Forward

4. Locating What’s Lost Got a Lot Easier

The Find My app becomes an umbrella app for both Find My Friends and the Find My iPhone apps. Now you can find whatever you need to find from a single app. Plus, it has a nifty feature to awe you- it allows you to find lost devices even when you don’t have a WiFi or LTE connection.

5. Keyboard Comes in Action with QuickPath

Apple finally added a new swipe keyboard option with iOS 13. The new gesture-based keyboard available directly from the system keyboard is smart enough to offer suggestions through the QuickType bar and help you auto-complete your sentences.

It’s a wrap! Stay tuned for more updates on iOS, in the next blog we’ll have a war of features between Android Q and iOS 13.

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