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40-Hour Week Myth vs Skilled Developers’ Reality

  • Published on : June 3, 2024

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How Skilled Developers Can Save You Time & Money

A few of the IT businesses believe that working more hours means more productivity and more money. But, this is not true! Now, 40-hours a week often feels like a thing of the past time! It doesn’t need a strict 40-hours working schedule to show the real efficiency and productivity of the team, challenging old working patterns. The future of developers might shift towards a result-oriented model and will break 40-hour week myth . This leads to a more productive and flexible work environment while maintaining the deadlines, complex project standards, and technological pace.

Let’s read the blog and explore 40-hours work week myth! Here, we have mentioned how hiring skilled developers boosts productivity and makes a difference using staff augmentation.

Getting Productivity 40 Hours Work Week Is Just A Myth!

The 40-hours work week has long been the standard for IT industries! The idea of the 40-hours workweek is the only way to define full-time work. It might not be entirely accurate (a myth!), and it is better to staff teams.

The success of software development is not calculated by the hours logged in the week but by the quality of software produced. All developers are not equally productive during 40-hours work week. After a specific number of hours, developers’ productivity dips and they might suffer more stress and less efficiency with excessive work hours.

When you hire skilled developers, they can make a huge difference in developing software. Skilled developers have the required experience to streamline the software development process, solve complex issues, and offer results in less time.

Skilled developers lead to-

  • Increased productivity and output.
  • Reduced project timelines and costs.
  • Fewer bugs and errors in the final product.
  • Potential for innovation and building robust systems.

Offering a Solution – Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is the process of hiring temporary or contract developers to save time and money. It offers flexibility to businesses to add resources to their team without high costs and long-term commitments. It works by bringing in talented developers whenever you need them, you will get the specialized skills without worrying about having too many people on board during slower periods.

Besides, augmented staff focus on specific tasks, improving productivity and speeding up time-to-market. In general, staff augmentation offers a flexible and cost-effective solution to meet your development needs efficiently.

Staff Augmentation Can Help Save You Time & Money

Compared with the traditional models of hiring, staff augmentation provides you the extra push to reach your goals in a limited time and budget. It provides instant access to skilled developers without the overhead of permanent hires. This approach allows you to quickly scale your team up or down as per project needs, avoiding long recruitment processes and training expenses. By bringing in specialized talent as needed, you ensure your projects stay on track and within budget.

Staff Augmentation Provides You A Extra Push

Below are the details mentioned

1. Rapid Scalability 

Nowadays, being able to adjust your team size quickly is significant.

Staff Augmentation: Staff augmentation lets you quickly add more developers to your team when you need them. This means the projects can be kept moving forward without waiting around for the slow process of hiring new full-time employees.

Traditional Model: To hire a full-time developer, you might require a few weeks or even months in the promoting, interviewing, and onboarding process.

2. Specific Expertise

Every project faces different challenges, and having skilled developers is key.

Staff Augmentation: With staff augmentation, you can choose developers who are experts in the exact skills you need. This means your projects get done well and up to the mark.

Traditional Model: You might need to hire a developer with a broader skillset even if you only need expertise in a specific area.

3. Better Productivity

It is essential to improve productivity to make your development project a huge success.

Staff Augmentation: Staff augmentation provides you with skilled developers who follow the best practices and automation tools to streamline the process. By augmenting your team with experienced professionals, you can work on project timelines and also, decrease the time-to-market. It results in better productivity across the board.

Traditional Model: New hires often require training and time to adjust to your company’s culture and workflow.

4. Cost-Effectiveness 

Hiring full-time developers can be expensive concerning salary, training, and other things.

Staff Augmentation: Staff augmentation optimizes your budget for project-specific talent. This saves huge money on overheads. It reduces the hassle of handling an in-house team all the time.

Traditional Model: You have to provide monthly salaries, benefits, and associated overhead costs to full-time working teams, even if there is very little work or no work conditions.

Strategic Benefits of Staff Augmentation

By utilizing staff augmentation, you can effectually meet your project needs and realize that productivity isn’t tangled to a strict 40-hour workweek schedule. Hiring talented developers through staff augmentation helps you to get several benefits.

Benefits Of Staff Augmentation

A few of the benefits include

  1. Meeting Tight Schedules: Overcome time constraints by quickly adding skilled developers to expedite project completion.
  2. Bringing Innovation: Access cutting-edge skills to explore new technologies and implement innovative solutions.
  3. Reducing Overhead: Avoid the expenses associated with full-time developers hiring, such as office infrastructure, devices, and ongoing training.
  4. Maintaining Focus: Free your core team from routine tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.

Numbers Tell Everything: The ROI of Staff Augmentation

A study by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals recommends that companies using staff augmentation note a 15% average cost saving. Let’s put some real numbers to this usage.

Think like you need a senior developer for a 6-month project at a rate of $100 per hour. Find the cost comparison below:

Cost for Full-Time Hire:

Salary (including benefits) = $80,000 (assuming a typical 1.5x salary overhead for benefits)
Total Cost (6 months) = $80,000

Cost for Staff Augmentation:

Developer rate = $100/hour
Estimated weekly hours = 40
Total project hours (24 weeks) = 960
Total Cost (960 hours x $100/hour) = $96,000

While the developer hired through staff augmentation appears more expensive at first glance, consider the following:

  1. Quick Integration: The augmented developer can become more productive in less time than a full-time hire, potentially decreasing the overall project timeline.
  2. No Overhead Costs: You don’t have to worry about paying taxes, benefits, or office infrastructure for a full-time employee.
  3. No Lasting Commitment: You don’t need to figure out how to fit the augmented developer into your permanent team.


The concept of a fixed 40-hours work week is blurring! Skilled developers can boost your business if used right by adding them to your team. These developers can help you perform better, spend less money, and launch products faster. If companies start seeing this differently, they can open up new chances for growing, being creative, and succeeding in a competitive market.

40-Hours Myth Is Costing You. Invest in Skilled Developers and See the Difference.


Frequently Asked Questions

For skilled developers, working exactly 40 hours a week to be productive is often not the case.

Skilled developers often work flexible hours. They focus on output rather than time spent. And, this leads to higher efficiency and better results.

Developers provided with staff augmentation often work in flexible schedules tailored to project demands. It prioritizes productivity over following a strict 40-hour workweek agenda.

The 40-hour workweek is seen as outdated due to technological advancements. Skilled developers can easily use modern tools, opt remote work culture, and take on project-based tasks to show their productivity rather than being bounded by the traditional hours.

Yes, augmented staff are often highly productive than full-time developers. They are typically experienced professionals who can seamlessly integrate into your existing team and contribute effectively from day one.

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