An On-Demand Trucking Delivery Application

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  • App Development

About Africa Cargo

Africa Cargo is an On-Demand Trucking Delivery Application where customers can place their order to deliver any product from one place to another place via booking a truck/vehicle. The driver receives the request for the delivery and can accept or reject the request, check the pickup and delivery location, and deliver that product to the requested destination.

The delivery partners are associated with the service delivery, where partners are having a web panel and can create the orders on behalf of their customers/for themselves. The customer can easily make payment from any of the integrated digital modes.

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    06 Months

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    Transport & Automation

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    UI/UX Design, Mobile App

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    Logistic and Transporter Business

Identify the Client Needs

There are invisible challenges faced by users looking to shift items/parcels with full safety from one place to another. The lag of finding right delivery partner, communication, delivery updates and security issues are still looming over a huge chunk of transportation industry.

To rectify the same, our client decided to launch an on-demand trucking delivery business model that on-boards local delivery service providers to widen their business needs and minimizes the customers’ hassle by helping them find the right one. With this on-demand trucking delivery application, the customer can explore multiple service providers in a single click and can place the order easily along with the status tracking.


Our Approach & Solutions

Our client aimed to design a platform that can offer value to both customers as well as truckers. He came up with the need to integrate both customers and trucker driver into a centralized platform. Considering these specifics, our client planned to build an on-demand trucking delivery application that engages with the following goals.

  • Finds the nearest and most suitable delivery service provider
  • Allows to quickly place order booking
  • Pick and deliver the order from the source address to the destination
  • Track order status in real-time
  • Avail multiple payment modes


Technologies Leveraged

  • box-img Laravel
  • box-img MySQL
  • box-img HTML5
  • box-img Native Android and iOS

High Fidelity Prototype

Once they get the client’s approval on the lo-fi wireframe, the designers exercised their advanced tools to create the high-quality app design. The designers ensure to present a remarkable design with a high-end interactive user interface with a smooth app flow. They infused the design with quality transitions, micro-interactions, colors, typography, animation and other features to present a hi-fi app prototype.



The development team initiated the app development phase, after having the finalized version of the hi-fi prototype. The developers very precisely developed the app for both the stakeholders i.e. Customer and Driver and integrated their working accurately.

Quick Onboarding

The customer can easily sign up/log in with an email id and password.

Manage Profile

Customer can update their profile details and address to fasten the order booking process.

Search Delivery Services

Customers can search all the service providers and based on services and availability can place their order booking.

Order Booking

Customer can book their order instantly by sharing order details and delivery address.

Make Payment

The customer can make a payment by selecting any of the available digital modes of payment.

Track Order

The customer can track the order delivery status by entering the unique order number.


The customer receives an in-app notification after every status update on the order.

All Orders

The customer can check all the orders placed and details to date.

Ratings & Reviews

The customer can submit their ratings and reviews based on the entire order delivery and tracking experience.

Sing Up/Log In

The driver can sign up/log in with an email id and password.

Accept/Reject Order

The driver can accept or reject the order based on his availability.

Manage Orders

The driver can keep track of all the accepted/rejected, successful/unsuccessful orders and other details.

Status Update

The driver can update the order status after completing each phase and location update.

Track Route

The driver can optimize the route on the map to find the best path and facilitate quick delivery.


The driver receives notification for all new order requests and other information.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

  • Africa Cargo is smoothing day-to-day delivery needs of users and making lives easier on road for truckers. Built on modern technologies, the app’s well-optimized features and no-brainer user interface are making it a most suitable platform for both customers and delivery service providers to streamline booking and delivery services.
    Especially, the customers are very happy with the value-added features like quick searching and booking of delivery partners, order tracking, and instant payments. This Uber-styled trucking app is removing all the longstanding hurdles that accounted for hassles like hiring drivers, uncertainty, safety issues, and other consequences of an opaque delivery system.

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