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Six User Engagement Ways Those Are Rocking In Mobile App Development Space

Published January 7, 2016

Six User Engagement Ways In Mobile App Development

Over the course of this year, we’ve witnessed a lot of game-changing Mobile app engagement and mobile app retention strategies to attract the high engagement and retention. Were the ideas on these related metrics really a one-hit wonder? Well, the point where developing an engaging mobile app takes much more than a cool idea, the success of a mobile app is entirely determined by its technical finesse and powerful marketing campaign behind the launch.

In a gust to encourage the engagement, innovation, and longevity, of the mobile apps here are our must-follow top five picks that make the biggest impact in major app overhaul and user engagement. Take a sneak peek:

Smooth Onboarding Experience

The rule of thumb states that with onboarding, your goal should be to tempt the users to use your app on the first go. Make no mistake, “the first impression is the last impression”! Apart from ensuring users don’t abandon the app, effective onboarding increases user lifetime value by up to 500%.

So, how will you avert such a story line? Let’s see the most pertinent mobile app onboarding techniques that will propel your customers to a landing decision.

Benefits-Oriented Onboarding:

How a profit oriented app be like? Talking about perks and benefits everywhere! Right? So, don’t make a mentoring start outlining how to use the app in those precious opening screenshots. Instead prioritize to only showcasing the main benefits, take for an example, instafresh app, created by us where we simply introduced the value propositions of their app.

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Function Oriented Onboarding:

The center point of our app where we do not explain obvious functionality rather focus on helping the user get started.

Smart and Tactical Push Notifications

Typically, push notifications are used to uncover specific and important functions that apart from informing the users about the event, sale, offers, updates or new features keep reminding them that they have downloaded the app. Implemented effectively, it can compel inactive users to click on the notifications and explore it.

Create a Beautiful User Experience

What looks good, sell good! The average app loses 77 percent of its users in the first three days, if the app carries a stellar look (UI or UX). In order to succeed at creating a powerful user experience, A/B test rigorously and diversify tests before diving into micro-optimizations. Focus efforts on creating a wonderful app experience that is created keeping users behavior in mind and can easily entice users.

Use a Refined CRM System

A sophisticated CRM dramatically increases app utilization, purchases, email open rates and every other metrics of user engagement.

Use Mobile Deep Linking

Mobile deep linking decreases the numbers of actions users have to take to get to their target destination. Just like this ecommerce app does; it takes the users directly to the product, they are interested in without splurging time in navigating through content.


Present Fresh Content

Apps that provide obsolete content without constant updates seem mundane to the user and crack them down to uninstall the app. Fresh content will not only coerce them to keep coming back, but it can also spur them to share your app with others or leave new reviews.

The Final Words:

There is no rocket science to increase the user retention and app engagement rates. Given, you follow the above techniques at its best.

Our Company, Codiant, Has Experts That Take Customers Habits And Preferences In Consideration Along With Technical Finesse To Potentially Improve The App Engagement Numbers.

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